Eternal Martial Emperor Chapter 3023

The world is awe-inspiring. In this area, even if Lin Yun intends to use “Demon God to destroy the world,” the success rate to defeat Xiao Wenhao is not high, and Lin Yun must find another way.

“Want to escape?” Xiao Wenhao waved his right hand and turned into a thunder sword. He laughed at Lin Yun and reminded him: “Don’t forget, the person who killed Divine Sect is still here Inside.”

The meaning of the words is naturally very obvious. If Lin Yun wants to escape, Xiao Wenhao will take the sea king and the others.

The so-called know yourself and know your enemy, emerge victorious in every battle.

Although the Extermination Bureau is not very interested in Lin Yun, this famous person still makes them have to do some investigations.

Judging from past deeds, Lin Yun is an affectionate and true person. At least in Divine Sect, many people have received his favor, and on many occasions, Lin Yun risked his mortal danger. Companion rescued.

For such a person, Xiao Wenhao did not think that Lin Yun would leave Sea King and the others behind and chose to escape alone, so he did not worry that Lin Yun would escape.

However, what Lin Yun is doing nowadays actually slaps Xiao Wenhao in the face fiercely.

I saw the blue and white flames and lightning on the rib cage, and it gradually became violent at this moment.

In an instant, Lin Yun turned into an afterimage, turned and moved towards the rear at hundreds of times the speed of sound, without turning his head back, and that direction was obviously not flying to the palace, but leaving “The Village of the Earth” “Direction.

Xiao Wenhao only felt hot on his face. He was solemnly vowed just now, and he was holding the winning ticket. He thought Lin Yun would not escape, but now Lin Yun turned around and ran away?

“you brat …”

Xiao Wenhao still doesn’t give up, thinking that this is some kind of conspiracy set up by Lin Yun.

But one second, two seconds…

Lin Yun was so fast that he disappeared at the end of the horizon in an instant, and even Xiao Wenhao couldn’t see Lin Yun at all.

In this brief moment, Xiao Wenhao only discovered that Lin Yun had really escaped!

“This deity is careless, you brat doesn’t speak martial arts!” Xiao Wenhao only feels like he has been taken by peoples acting monkeys. Hair stands up in anger, raising his speed to the extreme, moved towards Lin Yun chasing and go with.

He thought that even without Sea King and the others, with Lin Yun’s character, he would definitely fight him to death, but Lin Yun ran so neatly.

Lin Yun rode the wind. After breakthrough to Martial Saint, his speed has also been improved, and he has been able to compare with Xiao Wenhao.

Fortunately, Xiao Wenhao not at all reacted within a short period of time. The distance between the two has been opened. Xiao Wenhao’s desire to catch up with Lin Yun in the “Village of the Earth” is already impossible.

Lin Yun’s expression is solemn, he is not a cold and ruthless person, what Xiao Wenhao said is correct, Sea King and the others are still in the “Village of the Earth”, like a lamb in a tiger’s den, Lin Yun Naturally impossible to abandon them and leave.

But Lin Yun also knows that Xiao Wenhao’s goal is himself.

After just a fight, Xiao Wenhao was very addicted to his own power. After Lin Yun left this time, Xiao Wenhao will definitely catch up, because this is the best chance to seize himself, Xiao Wenhao will never Let it go.

A moment later, Lin Yun arrived at the border of “The Village of the Earth”, and a black whirlpool appeared in front of him.

As long as you pass through this vortex, you will return to Divine Realm.

“As expected, they really turned on…”

Lin Yun had previously doubted whether the Exterminating Bureau had entered the “Village of the Earth” through other means.

Judging from this black whirlpool, the people from the Exterminating Bureau did get here by opening the “Twelve Earth Branches”.

But Lin Yun clearly remembered that when they entered the “Twelve Earth Array”, he closed the array. Could it be that someone in the Exterminator Bureau can actually open the “Twelve Earth Array”?

At this moment, Lin Yun couldn’t take care of that many, and jumped straight into this black vortex.

“You stand still!”

Xiao Wenhao is now only 10 li away from Lin Yun. When he saw Lin Yun jump into the black whirlpool, the complexion greatly changed.

Because he knows that Lin Yun can open the “Twelve Earth Branches” and naturally close the “Twelve Earth Branches”.

If Lin Yun goes out first, then it is very likely that the array will be closed. When the time comes, the loss of Lin Yun will be a small thing. If all of them are trapped in it, then it will be a big deal.

“Did you ignore Neptune and the others!!”

Xiao Wenhao roared anxiously, trying to use Sea King and the others to involve Lin Yun.

However, Lin Yun still never looked back, and jumped directly into the black vortex.

“Damn it!”

Xiao Wenhao burned with anger, his feet kicked in the sky, and the thunderbolt exploded. He shot straight forward like a beam of light.

Gradually, only Lin Yun’s body can be seen in his retina being swallowed by the black vortex.

“A step late! Damn it…”

Xiao Wenhao roared, and there was nowhere to vent his anger, but a punch fiercely hit the ground.

In an instant, the ground of 1000 meters burst.

But at this moment, what Xiao Wenhao thought in his heart did not happen. He just thought that after Lin Yun entered the black vortex, the black vortex would definitely close.

Now that one second has passed, the black vortex is still floating in the sky.

“Good opportunity!”

Xiao Wenhao didn’t have time to think about it. Lin Yun didn’t have time to close the array, or the array could not be closed. He dashed on bravely with no thought of personal safety into the black vortex.

At the same time, Lin Yun slowly opened his eyes, and now he has returned to Divine Realm, between the two mountains.

“There is still some time…”

Leaving the “Village of the Earth” and returning to the familiar world, Lin Yun did not leave at all, but flew over the first mountain road directly moved towards the “Twelve Earth Branch”.

The mountain road is not long. At Lin Yun’s current speed, he quickly reached the end of the mountain road.

At the end, there is still the boulder, but it has not been restored.

Lin Yun is extremely certain that this must be the “Twelve Earth Branch” that the people from the Exterminating Bureau have opened.

Lin Yun didn’t hesitate, his right hand was sealed, and his left hand was immortal Qi, and he manipulated [笔趣阁] with the skull arm and waved on the boulder.

With the waving of the skull arm, the rays of light of this huge boulder that turned into a mouse gradually dimmed, from the white light of at first to the black light.

After the white light of this huge boulder was completely transformed into black light, Lin Yun turned and left the mountain road again and came to the second mountain road.

During this period of time, Lin Yun worked like the law to go in all the eight mountain roads, turning all the white light emitted by the mountain road boulders into black light.

Lin Yun knows that with Xiao Wenhao’s strength, even if “Demon God Demon God” can successfully perform and hit him, Xiao Wenhao has powerful ultimate moves to resist.

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