Eternal Martial Emperor Chapter 3027

The appearance of Lan Fengyuan made the battlefield silent. Sea King sighed in relief. With Lan Fengyuan in relief, they didn’t need to worry too much.

However, Hai Wang still looked into the distance, wanting to see if Lin Yun would come back.

For a long time, there has been no energy fluctuation in the direction of Lin Yun and Xiao Wenhao’s fight just now.

Lan Fengyuan turned and looked at the silver light silhouette, his eyes were obviously a little surprised, curiously asked: “Are you the swordsman of Southern Territory?”

The silver light silhouette that shot and wounded the Sanjue Painting Saint was the famous swordsman in the Southern Territory when Lan Fengyuan and Lin Yun joined forces to go to the Southern Territory.

And the sword that just injured the wrist of the Sanjue Painting Saint is the “invisible blade” of the Juggernaut.

It’s just that Lan Fengyuan doesn’t know why he appeared here.

But when the people from the Exterminating Bureau entered the “Earth Village”, many people, I am afraid that neither he nor Lin Yun noticed that the Juggernaut would be in it.

“Lan Er…Blue Sect Master, I am the Sect Master…” The Sword Saint hurriedly responded. In this life, he will not forget the superpowers that Lin Yun and Lan Fengyuan showed when they were in the Southern Territory. .

At that time, after the First World War in the Southern Territory, he took the larks and the lark sacred bird, trekking across the mountains and water, hoping to find the place where Divine Sect was killed, and asked Lin Yun to save the lark sacred bird and the sacred girl.

However, the headquarters of Tu Divine Sect has always been mysterious, and even the Heaven Realm, Sacred Domain Alliance and other forces have not been able to find it, let alone him.

After this, something happened in [Pencil Novel].

“You’d better explain what is going on later.” Lan Fengyuan is coldly snorted, not at all, because of the help of Juggernaut, he has a good impression of him.

In his view, the Juggernaut is the one who destroys the Devil’s Bureau.

“Aquaman, leave this person to me.” Lan Fengyuan said confidently. Although he can only show the strength of Martial Saint now, it is not something that Sanjue Painting Saint can handle.

With the participation of Lan Fengyuan, coupled with the surrender of the Juggernaut, for a time, the people of the Exterminating Bureau were alarmed, and the situation will be reversed again.

At the same time, in Divine Realm, Xiao Wenhao’s “golden wings to cover the sun” is full of formidable power. After a long period of time, the sky gradually clears up with its rays of light.

But between Heaven and Earth, there is still a strong smoke of gunpowder.

Nowadays, except for the two mountains protected by the array formation, almost all of the several dozen li areas are completely gone, and the ground is full of electricity.

After a while, Xiao Wenhao’s silhouette appeared in the smoke.

He stared into the depths of the dense smoke. Through the dense smoke, he could also see Lin Yun’s silhouette.

The rib cage on Lin Yun’s body has almost no residue, and he is covered with blood, lying on the scorched ground.

After seeing this scene, Xiao Wenhao was a little dumbfounded. You know, “golden wings to cover the sun” is his Second Kill trick. The formidable power of this move is comparable to the full strength attack of Fifth Level Peak Martial Venerable. However, Lin Yun hasn’t died yet.

“How could you not be dead?” Xiao Wenhao’s eyes widened, he knew Lin Yun could hear him.

“Want to kill me…” Lin Yun trembled and slowly stood up.

Now his Divine Dragon bloodline within the body is almost exhausted, and the injuries on his body will not recover for a while.

Gradually, the energy of the Demon God nucleus crystal is again condense to the rib cage, which makes Xiao Wenhao startled.

But Lin Yun knew in his heart that this was the only energy left in the Demon God nucleus. If the rib cage was broken again, he would definitely not be able to open the fifth form of the Demon God nucleus again.

“You are not qualified enough. In my eyes, there is not much difference between you and Man Qingshui.” Lin Yun has a weak tone and a weak voice, but it sounds like thunder piercing the ear, which completely angers Xiao Xiao Wenhao.

The two people are looking at each other, and on the left and right sides are two high mountains, like two Revered Divinities.

The angry Xiao Wenhao didn’t realize that all the twelve white radiances emitted by the “Twelve Earth Branches” now turned into black rays of light.

This scene is like twelve black beams of light shooting in the same direction one after another, and that position is exactly between him and Lin Yun.

“Very good, the deity underestimated you, but the next move will completely end your life!”

Xiao Wenhao has forgotten all Heaven Realm and Sacred Domain alliances. He has nothing to do. Now he just wants to cut Lin Yun under the horse to prove his strength.

He wants to prove that he is not a man of pure water.

In an instant, every inch of Xiao Wenhao’s skin was sprayed with thunderbolt, which was very gorgeous.

Gradually, Xiao Wenhao is like the thunder of incarnation. With him as the center, the thunderbolt spreads around the ground, wherever it passes, it can scorch the earth and spread all over ten thousand meters.

“This sword is called “Wan Lei Shocking Heaven Sword.” “Xiao Wenhao said darkly: “Once upon a time, the deity used this sword to leapfrog the enemy and die under this sword. It is your honor! “

Tone barely fell, the thunderbolt with a radius of ten thousand meters suddenly rises into the sky, just like one after another thunderbolt.

In just one second, these thunderbolt criss-crossed, condensed with each other, turned into a giant sword that is 100 meters long and constructed entirely by thunderbolt.

This is not over yet!

The thunderbolt, originally blue and white, turned into golden in a very short time.

Seeing this scene, Lin Yun already knows how powerful this sword is.

If this sword hits oneself, not only the rib cage will be instantly destroyed, but also his own life will probably die here.

You need to know that only when the thunderbolt reaches a certain volt, its color will change from blue and white to golden.

Although the “golden wings to cover the sun” that Xiao Wenhao just displayed is also a golden thunderbolt, its formidable power is definitely not as big as this sword.

“Pay the price for your arrogance!”

With a sudden wave of Xiao Wenhao’s right hand, this golden thunderbolt giant sword, like a meteorite from outside the universe, moved towards Lin Yun directly.

The energy of the golden thunderbolt giant sword is so violent. Wherever it passes, there are bursts of cracks in the space. The excess power released by the thunderbolt can penetrate the ground directly to the depth of ten thousand meters. Place.

But facing this sword, Lin Yun didn’t even dodge, but quickly sealed his hands.

When this golden thunderbolt giant sword shuttled past ten thousand meters, Lin Yun’s eyes suddenly opened, bursting out two divine lights, which happened to fall on the twelve roads emitted by the “twelve earth branch array” At the condensation point of black light.

In this brief moment, these twelve black beams of light boiled like water in a hot oil pan.

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