Eternal Martial Emperor Chapter 3028


In just 1/10000th of a second, black light was everywhere, and a huge black screen was suddenly isolated between two high mountains, and its height was as high as ten thousand meters.


Xiao Wenhao showed an unbelievable look. He originally thought Lin Yun was closing the “Twelve Earth Branches”, but now it seems that is not the case.

Now this shady scene falls between the two mountains, like dividing the sky and the earth in two, and the scene is very spectacular.

The shady scene has an indescribable weirdness, like a black hole, like an eternal night, and like an endless abyss.

It’s too late to say, then soon!

The golden thunderbolt giant sword runs through the sky and directly pierces this shady scene.

Incredibly, this is almost equivalent to the thunderbolt giant sword of Fifth Level Peak Martial Venerable full strength attack. It falls on this shady screen, just like throw a stone and see it sink without trace in the sea. Can’t afford the slightest wave.

Immediately afterwards, this golden thunderbolt giant sword shortened and shattered rapidly at the speed visible to naked eye, and its energy turned into golden thunderbolt, continuously destroying this shady scene, but it was useless!

In the next second, because the earth couldn’t stand such strong energy, a one meter wide crack was directly torn out on the side facing Xiao Wenhao in the dark.

The crack is located between the two high mountains, and all the golden thunderbolt energy instantly flows along the crack into the ground.

A large amount of golden thunderbolt energy, it took a few seconds before it all poured into the ground.

“Not good!”

When the world returned to peace, Xiao Wenhao’s face became incredibly pale.


Suddenly, the whole island shook violently.

The thunderbolt energy that has poured into the ground is vented in the ground without reservation.

Such violent energy, how terrifying, I saw the half of the island where Xiao Wenhao was located, the ground was dry, and there appeared one after another a finger-wide crack.

Immediately afterwards, countless golden thunderbolts suddenly splashed from the crack, and Xiao Wenhao hurriedly avoided, but still couldn’t avoid it.

The terrifying energy directly triggered the volcanic eruption in the seabed.

On the sea, the waves were rough at first, and then the ten thousand zhang high waves were rolled up, and a lot of lava erupted from the seabed.

If you look down from the sky, the scene is even more incredible.

The shady will divide the entire island into two, half of which is the clear sky ten thousand li, and the other half is the golden thunderbolt ocean.

Half of the sea is calm, and half is stormy sea.

“bastard, the deity must kill you!” Xiao Wenhao’s roar resounded in the golden thunderbolt ocean. He looked very embarrassed, and there was almost no intact skin on his body. He was proud of Injured by the golden thunderbolt.

But when he fixed his eyes, he found that Lin Yun had already flown to the top of the shady scene and was looking at him condescendingly.

Lin Yun’s rib cage has disappeared, but between his hands, he drags a light ball that is more dazzling than the sun.

Feeling the energy of the light cluster in Lin Yun’s palm, Xiao Wenhao couldn’t help taking a sip of water. At this moment, he thought of escape.

“Since I have accepted “Wan Lei Shocking Heaven Sword”, you should also take this move. “Lin Yun said with a sneer, and then the divine sense moved, coldly shouted: “”Eternal Night Array·Binding”! “

Say what you say!

When Lin Yun tone barely fell, the huge shady under him suddenly turned away, and then twelve black beams of light were formed again.

The black beam of light keeps shrinking, turning into twelve black chains, and at an unimaginable speed, it instantly binds Xiao Wenhao’s body.

“How is it possible!”

Xiao Wenhao was afraid. These twelve black rays have the speed of light, and he can’t avoid them at all.

“Thunder and lightning armor!”

Xiao Wenhao can’t take care of other things now. The only thing he can do is to condense the “Thunder and Lightning Armor” to improve his defense to the extreme.

Fortunately, these twelve black rays only control him and cannot restrict the flow of Immortal Qi.

At the same time, Lin Yun’s palms have pushed the light group out.

Demon God Demon God!

In an instant, the light group was like an extinct beam of light, directly hitting Xiao Wenhao’s body at hundreds of times the speed of sound.

After a while, the light cluster completely exploded, forming a huge light cluster with a diameter of 10 li.

Immediately afterwards, the rays of light spread extremely, covering all things in a radius of a hundred miles.

Several millions of degrees of high temperature directly evaporates everything.

At the moment when the explosion sounded, Lin Yun jumped into the black vortex and returned to the “Village of the Earth”.

At the same time, Lin Yun also released an Immortal Qi, once again closing the “Twelve Earth Branches”.

“Lin Yun!”

Finally, with Xiao Wenhao’s screams, the formidable power of “Demon God” has been unscrupulously vented.

When Lin Yun reappears, he has already returned to the “Village of the Earth”.

“Fortunately, I have not forgotten the manufacturing method of the “Eternal Night Formation”…” Lin Yun has returned to normal, coughing out a mouthful of blood, his injury is also extremely serious, but it does not endanger him Life.

As early as the “Village of the Earth” was fighting with Xiao Wenhao, Lin Yun had already come to the “Twelve Earth Branch”.

The “Twelve Earth Branches” can last for ten thousand years and still be able to open up. The energy contained in it is naturally unimaginable.

And Lin Yun first left the “Village of the Earth” and transformed the boulders in the mountain road. It was precisely by changing the “Twelve Earth Branches” into the “Eternal Night Array”.

The so-called “Eternal Night Array” is actually not very familiar to Lin Yun. It is also an array as old as the “Twelve Earth Branches”.

According to the record, “Eternal Night Array” has three modes: “Eternal Night Shady”, “Eternal Night Bound” and “Eternal Night Swallowing”.

The shady scene of Yongye is the shady who blocked the “Shocking Heaven Sword” just now and can isolate all attacks.

Eternal Night Bound, the twelve black rays, like chains, can bind the target.

However, Lin Yun did not understand “Eternal Night Array”. According to rumors, “Eternal Night Bound” would have the effect of blocking Immortal Qi and causing a soul attack on the target. Unfortunately, Lin Yun didn’t know much about it, and time Urgent, it is impossible to make a full version of “Eternal Night Formation”.

As for “Eternal Night Devouring”, it is the only offensive mode in “Eternal Night Array”.

Lin Yun still remembered that he had seen documents about “Eternal Night Array” in his previous life. The power of creating “Eternal Night Array” was once convenient to use “Eternal Night Swallow” and killed two Martial Emperors of the same realm at the same time. , One can imagine how terrifying this “Eternal Night Devouring” is.

Unfortunately, in the literature at that time, there was not at all about how to use the “Eternal Night Devouring” method.

If there is any, Lin Yun does not need to use “Demon God to destroy the world”, just relying on “Eternal Night Swallowing” can directly let Xiao Wenhao scattered ashes and dispersed smoke.

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