Eternal Martial Emperor Chapter 3032

On the way back to Daughter Island, Lin Yun thought of a question, that is, how did the people from the Exterminating Bureau enter the “Village of the Earth.”

According to the Juggernaut, when Lin Yun and the others entered the black vortex, the people from the Exterminator had already arrived.

But Xiao Wenhao seems to know how to open the “Twelve Earth Branches”, but he is on the way to prepare the blood of twelve creatures.

“Sect Master, you don’t need to take too seriously, but it’s the blood of twelve kinds of creatures, it’s not unusual.” Guixianren joked.

Lin Yun always found something strange, but not at all taking seriously, he returned directly to Daughter Island.

Nowadays, the island where the “Earth Village” is located has almost changed its appearance.

Looking far away, the entire island has become bare, and the middle part of it has been directly turned into a desert. After losing the protection of the array, the “West Mountain” and the “Eastern Mountain” are also “Demon Under the energy of “God destroys the world”, it is directly turned into ashes.

“This… this guy… how can we have such power…”

In the ruins, a silhouette of a bloody flesh and a completely deformed face lay on the ground. This person is Xiao Wenhao.

The formidable power of “Demon God” is so terrifying that it is not comparable to “Divine Dragon Fist”. Even the “Thunder and Lightning Armor” is imaginary in front of this energy.

Xiao Wenhao now finally understands why Lin Yun was able to kill Man Qingshui, and he also knew roughly why Jian Xiaoyao was able to defeat Lin Yun with no difficulty in Heavenly Martial Continent.

After all, the formidable power incomparable gigantic of “Demon God”, once it is implemented, I am afraid that the entire South Summer Kingom will suffer.

“This… asshole…”

Xiao Wenhao’s gnashing teeth, now the “Twelve Earthly Branches array” is no longer valid. There is no doubt that all the people he brought out this time must have died.

After this incident, Xiao Wenhao had a completely new view of Lin Yun.

Whether it’s Heaven Realm’s value, or Saint Domain Alliance’s hatred, [笔趣阁] always makes sense. Xiao Wenhao felt a great sense of threat in Lin Yun’s body. The others will grow up in the future, and their achievements are unimaginable.

And it’s hard to imagine that there is a trifling Martial Saint who can deal with so many Great Influences, such as the strongest power of Divine Realm, Heaven Realm, who favors Lin Yun, and looks like a tomb. The hidden organization, the hunt for Lin Yun.

In the eyes of anyone, this is undoubtedly mortal, but every time Lin Yun can survive safely.

“Wen Hao!”

At this moment, one silhouette was hovering in the sky, and after seeing Xiao Wenhao, he hurriedly shouted.

Xiao Wenhao looked up with difficulty. He turned out to be the third in command of the Exterminating Bureau and his friend, Chen Sichang.

Chen Sichang dropping from the sky, falling by Xiao Wenhao’s side, asked with a look of surprise: “Who hurt you like this? Are you from the underworld?”

“Lin Yun.” Xiao Wenhao confessed truthfully that this incident happened too fast, he just mentioned it to the Lord of Demon Slayer, he never told the Lord of Demon Slayer before leaving today Over.

“Lin Yun? That guy in the Peak Battle?” Chen Sichang showed an unbelievable expression. He had never seen Lin Yun’s true strength before, and Fang thought Xiao Wenhao was joking.

“Look around, this is what he left behind.” Xiao Wenhao said with a bitter smile. He hates Lin Yun, but he has to admit Lin Yun’s strength. This time, he really lost. But he didn’t want to understand how he failed.

“Go to the left and take a look. It seems that there is still a breath of array left behind. Help me see…what exactly did this guy transform into the “Twelve Earth Branches”! “Xiao Wenhao said weakly.

He wants to know what the shady scene, those black lights are, and how they defeated him and made him defeat so thoroughly.

“The twelve earthly formations? You mean, opening the “Village of the Earth” is the “twelve earthly formations”? “Chen Sichang was surprised and a little excited. He is also a Formation master of Divine Realm. He has a deeper knowledge of array than Sect Master Chen Meiming of the former Sacred Domain Alliance.

“It is indeed said, what is special about this array?” Xiao Wenhao curiously asked, he originally thought it was an ordinary array.

In fact, after capturing Mengka and getting the “Village of the Earth”, Xiao Wenhao and Chen Sichang visited the island, but not at all found a way to open the “Village of the Earth”.

“The array handed down in ancient times has long been lost for thousands of years…I have been searching for it, but I have never found it.” Chen Sichang looked around, looking for the breath of array, and said: “No wonder we came last time. I didn’t find a way to open it. I just heard the name of this array and I don’t know how to open it.”

“When I think about it, this guy seems to finally change this array to something like Yongye Array. If there is no Yongye Array, this guy is impossible to hurt me!” Xiaowenhao said fiercely angrily.

And this sentence made Chen Sichang even more excited.

“It is the Eternal Night Array! The ancient array with the same name as the Twelve Earth Branches, didn’t expect this Lin Yun, who knows how to arrange the ancient array.”

Chen Sichang is looking for the remaining breath of the array. Unfortunately, the formidable power of “Demon God” is too powerful, and nothing is left.

“Let him run away this time, how can I find him next time?” Chen Sichang was a little disappointed. He wanted to catch Lin Yun and let Lin Yun tell me how to arrange these ancient arrays.

“Don’t worry, he won’t be able to escape from my Five Fingers Mountain, next time… the deity will make him worse than death!”

After this, Xiao Wenhao was also taken back to the Exterminating Bureau by Chen Sichang.

It is conceivable that the action this time lost more than a dozen Martial Saints, more than 30 Martial Sovereigns, and 10,000 troops. Xiao Wenhao was severely punished by the Sovereign Lord.

At the same time, the Sovereign of Demon Slayer also issued an order so that his people could not distribute what happened in the “Village of the Earth”.

In the first place, it was Xiao Wenhao who said that he could master Lin Yun’s whereabouts, and the Sovereign of Demons wanted to enjoy all the secrets of Lin Yun alone.

Secondly, the elite of the dignified Demon Bureau, the second in command, was actually defeated by Lin Yun, and the whole army was wiped out. If this incident were to be spread, how could he still gain a foothold in the Five Demon Bureau? , How to gain a foothold in Divine Realm, this can not be laughed to death?

For various reasons, the “Village of the Earth” was not publicized.

Besides, that island was originally located on the Promise Ocean and was very remote. Even if there was a fierce battle, everyone at Divine Realm would not notice it.