Eternal Martial Emperor Chapter 3034

Xiao Yin took over the scroll in Lin Yun’s hands. The plan inside was extremely detailed. Part of it was about using some of the mineral resources obtained by Divine Sect today, and buying some cultivation resources in addition to the sale.

Part of it is to regularly assign some soldiers, Martial King and Martial Sect to the Flying Dragon Mountain Valley for training.

The last part is to let Sea King and the others take Nangong Prince, these younger generations of people, to seabed to fight against seabed’s Demonic beast for experience.

After all, Divine Realm is so big and unimaginable. The creatures in the seabed are not less than those on land, but the strength is not weak.

Daughter Island happens to be located on the ocean, and they will naturally not let it go if they have this opportunity to experience.


This is a good thing. Hai Wang and Xiao Yin did not refute, but followed Lin Yun’s orders to execute.

Two days later, Lin Yun will go to Dragon Tiger Mountain to meet Lan Fengyuan, and then embark on a journey to the Eastern Continent.

During these two days, Lin Yun was not idle, but chose to integrate Metal Element nuclei and crystals.

He had already obtained the Metal Element nucleus a few months ago, but there has been no time to fully integrate it.

The process of fusion of element nucleus crystals is the same. Lin Yun has already endured five times before the pain that should be endured.

Compared with other element nucleus crystals, Metal Element nucleus crystals have brought Lin Yun not much growth, because one of the methods of Metal Element nucleus crystals is to cover Lin Yun’s whole body in a short period of time. Metal is called “metal curing”.

Unfortunately, with the ability of Level 1 Metal Element nucleus, “metal solidification” can at most allow a martial artist’s defensive power to be upgraded to a level that can withstand the attack of the seventh level Martial Saint.

This is even lower than Lin Yun’s own defense coefficient today, and it doesn’t really have much effect on Lin Yun.

However, if the Metal Element nucleus can continue to grow in the future, then defensive power is naturally unimaginable.

Two days later, when Genius just cleared up, Lin Yun took the Dragon Phoenix beast to Dragon Tiger Mountain, not at all to alarm others, but Lin Yun took the Lark Sparrow into the “Silver Tower of the Town Demon” go with.

Dragon Tiger Mountain is not close to Daughter Island. It took some time before Lin Yun and Dragon Phoenix Beast arrived.

In order not to reveal his identity, Lin Yun deliberately used the giant queen bloodline to make a facelift for himself, and the Dragon Phoenix beast was also transformed into a human body.

The two were waiting here, and after a few hours, Lan Fengyuan also arrived as scheduled.

But what makes Lin Yun a little puzzled is that this time Lan Fengyuan did not come alone, but the Level 2 Martial Saint with the Ghost Face Sect, the creature Court Academecian.

“Sect Master Lin!”

Lan Fengyuan moved towards Lin Yun cupped the hands, while the creature Court Academecian moved towards Lin Yun gave a salute.

Lan Fengyuan knows that when he left Dragon Tiger Mountain last time, Lin Yun had instructed him to travel to the Eastern Continent this time, only Lan Fengyuan was required, but he brought the creature Court Academecian, which also made sense. of.

“Court Academecian has been to the “Desolate Night Desert” before, and has some understanding of the earth spirit beasts, so bringing him is also a good helper. “Lan Fengyuan paid said with a smile, mainly because he wanted to come, when Lin Yun dealt with the earth spirit beasts, he still needs someone to watch the wind.

On their way forward, if there are too many people and too many powerhouses, they will easily attract the attention of others. Level 2 Martial Saint Biology Court Academecian happens to have some understanding of “Desolate Night Desert” and is the best candidate .

“It’s not too late, let’s go.”

In the end, the group of three and Dragon Phoenix beasts left Dragon Tiger Mountain grandiose and headed to the Eastern Continent.

On the way, Lin Yun also made a detailed plan for this trip.

“If the record is correct, earth spirits and beasts generally only perform activities in the “barren night desert” at night. “Lin Yun said.

The Biological Court Academecian also echoed: “Sect Master Lin is right. The earth spirit beast is huge, but it is a nocturnal animal.”

“There is no danger in that desert during the day. There are many businessmen and travelers to-and-fro, but as long as night falls, there will be many Demonic beasts.”

“So people in the Eastern Continent say that the desert is the real desert at night, so they call it the “Desolate Night Desert.” “

Lin Yun can see that the biological Court Academecian has done enough homework, and the origin of the “barren night desert” is also the same as the biological Court Academecian said.

“But if that’s the case, then we only need to stay in the “Desolate Night Desert” at night, and we can’t catch it. Why bother with it? What about True Blood? Lan Fengyuan asked in confusion.

In his view, the earth spirit animal is nothing more than a Level 3 Martial Venerable animal. If it really comes out at night, the people from the Devil Bureau want to catch it, isn’t it with no difficulty?

Although the sacred animal is stronger than the martial artist of the same realm, with Xiao Wenhao’s ability, the earth spirit sacred animal is clearly not his opponent.

The “earth spirit animal body within the body contains the Earth Element nucleus crystal, and the entire “barren night desert” is under its control. Lin Yun explained: “As long as it is in the “Desolate Night Desert”, as long as we come forward, it can be felt even if we are a hundred miles away from it. “

“Besides, it’s not as simple as you think, not to mention Xiao Wenhao, I’m afraid that even the two Great Holy Lords of the Sacred Domain Alliance are here. Whether you can catch it is one thing, and it depends on whether you can Lead it out.”

Hearing this, the other three felt incredible.

The earth spirit beast is just a Level 3 Martial Venerable. Even the two Great Holy Lords can’t guarantee to catch it. This is incredible.

Lin Yun can’t explain too much. It takes time and seeing is believing.

In Lin Yun’s view, the Divine Realm is so big that it is not surprising. If these beasts with elemental nuclei crystals are so easy to catch, then the “Tomb” has already collected all eight elemental nuclei Done.

The journey from Dragon Tiger Mountain to the Eastern Continent is millions li away. All four of them have increased their speed to the extreme, and only a few days later, they reached the “wild desert”.

And a few days ago, Lin Yun had already notified the head of state of Guangming to keep his eyes on the actions of Heaven Realm. If his whereabouts in the “Desolate Night Desert” were exposed and caught the attention of Heaven Realm, he would also immediately Know.

As the saying goes, “the desert is lonely, and the river is setting the sun.” When Lin Yun and the four arrived in the “wilderness and desert”, it was already dusk.

In the endless desert, there are only a few pedestrians.

These pedestrians are all rushing on the road in a hurry, for no other reason, because night is about to fall, and the Demonic beast in the desert will come out for activities. This is an unwritten rule of “Desolate Night and Desert”: at night, Must leave.

“Hurry up.” Lin Yun took out four pillars cast from special materials from the storage ring.