Eternal Martial Emperor Chapter 3037

Huang Ye [51 Novel] In the desert, a battle is about to break out.

After the appearance of the earth spirit beasts, these immortal beasts seem to have self-awareness, just like the magnificent army with thousands of men and horses, they all turned their faces at Lin Yun and Lan Fengyuan.

In a dark night, hundreds of thousands are headed by Immortal Beast. These scenes are really scary.

“What does the abdomen… mean?” Lan Fengyuan hadn’t understood what Lin Yun said, with a dazed expression.

At the same time, the hoarse voice of the earth spirit beast sounded in the desert: “Ignorant humans, bury themselves in the desert…”

Following the order of the earth spirit beasts, this group of Immortal Beasts moved towards Lin Yun and Lan Fengyuan like a swarm.

In the process of running, Chu Immortal Beast gave birth to two long dry arms, like human arms, with ten fingers like hooks, glowing with a faint cold light under the moonlight.


Lin Yun shouted in a deep voice, and rushed to the sky in an instant. This group of Immortal Beasts are not independent lifeforms, but Avatars created by the earth spirit beasts with bloodline capabilities, so even if they kill more Unable to use the Demon God nucleus crystal to absorb its energy.

The earth spirit beast obviously underestimated Lin Yun and Lan Fengyuan, and did not do it himself, but planned to use the army of Immortal Beast to directly crush Lin Yun and Lan Fengyuan.

It was the first time that Lan Fengyuan came into contact with Chu Immortal Beast. He simply didn’t understand. Suddenly, hundreds of arms emerged from under Lan Fengyuan’s feet and launched an attack.

Such an attack caught Lan Fengyuan simply off guard. He tried his best to avoid, but he was inevitably caught by several dry arms.

In this brief moment, Lan Fengyuan only felt that his legs were sinking into a swamp, losing strength.

Looking down again, I discovered that when the Immortal Beast’s arms touched his legs, the energy of the Earth Element began to trigger.

I saw that Lan Fengyuan’s legs are starting to petrify, even the blood flowing within the body is affected by Earth Element.

Lan Fengyuan couldn’t help but suck in a cold breath of air. These Immortal Beasts have no Immortal Qi fluctuations. According to the truth, if you want to petrify him a half-step Martial Venerable, you need at least Martial Saint.

Lan Fengyuan did not dare to neglect, he raised his right hand and pulled out the sword.

This sword cut off, and directly cut off all the dry arms under his feet.

However, what makes Lan Fengyuan unable to believe is that these arms turned into yellow sand after being cut off, but in a blink of an eye, they once again condensed into dry arms and continued to move towards him.

If you observe carefully, you can also find that there is Immortal Qi pulling between these yellow sands.

“It’s useless! Chu Immortal Beast itself is made by Immortal Qi, if you beat them to pieces, they can also recover and attack their abdomen!”

Today Lin Yun is already surrounded by a group of Immortal Beasts. He has not turned on any form of Demon God’s nuclear crystal. He is in the middle of a group of Immortal Beasts. Come and go freely.

Lin Yun held the Netherworld sacred sword and every sword pierced out with great precision. It happened to pierce Chu Immortal Beast’s abdomen.

When Netherworld’s sacred sword penetrated Chu Immortal Beast’s abdomen, the sword wound on the abdomen was like a spring. A large amount of Immortal Qi was ejected from it, and Chu Immortal Beast’s own body was like a vent. Like an angry ball, it turned into a breeze, scattered ashes and smoke dispersed in a blink of an eye.

Looking at Lin Yun’s prowess among a group of Chu Immortal Beast, Lan Fengyuan could be considered as a reaction, and he also learned Lin Yun’s movements, following the same method, attacking Chu Immortal Beast’s abdomen.

Chu Immortal Beast was originally an earth spirit beast, created with bloodline ability, equivalent to an Avatar of earth spirit beast, but it doesn’t have much combat ability, only able to absorb the Earth Immortal Qi and Life Aura.

However, after they touch the target, they will petrify the target, and since the earth spirit beast itself contains the Earth Element nucleus crystal, its petrification ability is even more powerful, even like Lan Fengyuan The half-step Martial Venerable will also be hit.

The abdomen is the place where Immortal Beast stores Immortal Qi. As long as it is penetrated, Immortal Beast loses Immortal Qi and cannot continue to exist.

After gradually becoming familiar with Chu Immortal Beast’s weaknesses, Lan Fengyuan was able to kill Chu Immortal Beast faster and faster. After all, he himself possesses half-step Martial Venerable strength.

Lin Yun and Lan Fengyuan, with full firepower, shuttled through the barren night desert, destroying heads of Immortal Beast.

In a short period of time, tens of thousands of Immortal Beasts have been stored and died under the sword of the two.

The rich Immortal Qi spreads over the entire barren night desert, and even so rich that the Immortal Qi becomes a thin layer of mist, like Immortal Qi wrapped around the world.


Finally, at a certain moment, the earth spirit beast couldn’t bear it, and roared like Divine Thunder, which shocked Bahuang.

At the next moment, all the Immortal Beasts turned into endless yellow sand and gathered within the body of the earth spirit beasts.

Lin Yun and Lan Fengyuan stopped and stared at the earth spirit beasts together.

Chu Immortal Beast is responsible for collecting Earth Immortal energy for the earth spirit beasts. If Lin Yun and Lan Fengyuan kill too many, then it will not pay off.

And from the strength of Lin Yun and Lan Fengyuan just now, they already know the weaknesses of Chu Immortal Beast, even if there are more Chu Immortal Beast, they will still die under the hands of these two people.

“Interesting, you two humans, where do you come from?” The corners of the earth spirit animal’s mouth raised, although it was a contemptuous smile, but with its dry and hideous face, the smile appeared in the dark night Extremely scary.

Neither Lin Yun nor Lan Fengyuan responded. When the earth spirit beast saw it, he said his guess, saying: “The power of the hidden world? But the two of you don’t at all wear their clothes…”

“Or, from the Exterminating Bureau?”

The earth spirit beasts actually knew about the “Tomb” and the “Devil Extinguishing Bureau”, which surprised Lin Yun and Lan Fengyuan.

It seems that these two forces have sent people over to capture the earth spirit beasts.

This actually made Lan Fengyuan a little uneasy, and suspected that he could catch the earth spirit beast this time.

After all, even the “Tomb” and “Devil’s Bureau” have not been able to capture the earth spirit beasts. Can they rely on them?

“Okay, hurry up and use the ghost face.” Lin Yun said solemnly, and at the same time triggered the energy of the Demon God nuclear crystal within the body.

In an instant, Lin Yun’s body lit up with blue and white blazing lightning, and his body gradually changed.

In the blink of an eye, Lin Yun’s breath has skyrocketed. The fourth form of Demon God nucleus crystal, the 2nd stage of giants, and the Asura form are all three forms.

The violent aura that radiated from Lin Yun made Lan Fengyuan startled.

Because in his cognition, Lin Yun is able to fight Fifth Level Martial Venerable only after turning on the fifth form of Demon God.