Eternal Martial Emperor Chapter 3038

Now, with only three forms, Lin Yun’s breath is almost approaching Level 2 Martial Venerable.

“Resolve it as soon as possible!” Lan Fengyuan’s Immortal Qi burst out all over his face, forming a bone mask, covering his face completely.

The breath of Lin Yun and Lan Fengyuan in this brief moment has reached the category of Martial Venerable.

In this scene, if from the eyes of the rest of the beasts, they would definitely be frightened. However, the earth spirit beasts still have that calm and disdainful expression, which seems to be not particularly great for the soaring of Lin Yun’s breath. Reaction.

Lin Yun and Lan Fengyuan have cooperated many times, and both of them are tacit understanding, without words, they moved towards the earth spirit beast attacking together.

Sword Technique ——4th Form!

Lin Yun appeared first, above 100 meters above the sky, the Devil God’s Sword Martial Spirit behind it flashed rune rays of light, and the power of rune was blessed by the ghost sacred sword.

This sword cut out, like Splitting Heaven and Earth Apart, immediately released a crescent-shaped sword energy.

Wherever the word energy passes, the space is shattered, carrying “Space Power”.

“overestimate one’s capabilities.”

The earth spirit beast smiled contemptuously, and its four wings attached to its back spread out for a while.

These four wings are incomparable gigantic, as if to cover the whole world.

I saw these four wings, which were originally dried up, now covered with a layer of rock, and their thickness reached four five meters in an instant.

Four wings criss-crossed, like a shield, blocking this crescent-shaped sword energy.

At the moment when the crescent-shaped sword energy touched the wings, a Space Crack suddenly appeared on the wings.


It is surprising that even though the sword energy that Lin Yun cut out has been blessed with “Space Power”, he still failed to cut off the wings of the earth spirit beasts, only leaving a cut on the wings. .

Obviously, the rocks covered on the wings of the earth spirit beasts are not real rocks, but contain the Immortal Qi energy of the Earth Element.

It is these Immortal Qi energies that offset the Space Power contained in Lin Yun’s sword.

After the Immortal Qi energy of Earth Element is offset, there is not much Space Power contained in Lin Yun’s sword, so he can only leave a cut on the wing, not completely cut off the wing.

The defense of the earth spirit beast is very powerful. Although the realm is only Level 3 Martial Venerable in the equivalent to martial artist, its defensive power has surpassed the Level 3 Martial Venerable.

Blocking Lin Yun’s sword, the earth spirit beast seemed very proud, but before it could react, Lan Fengyuan had already appeared behind him.

The ghost face sword is held by Lan Fengyuan, and its sword intent is like a vast ocean, piercing the back of the earth spirit beast.

The sword of penetration!

The earth spirit beast is still not in a hurry. At the moment Lan Fengyuan’s sword was pierced, it had already raised its wings and moved towards Lan Fengyuan and waved away.

“overestimate one’s capabilities.”

The earth spirit beast is completely motionless. Even facing Lan Fengyuan’s attack, he never moved his body, but let Lan Fengyuan’s sword fall on his wings.


However, the scene in front of him surprised Lan Fengyuan.

Because his sword is completely useless, the original penetrating sword can create Space Crack, but now it is obvious that the energy contained in this sword is all offset by the wings of the earth spirit beast.

“Soil divine spear!”

The earth spirit beast suffered a sword from Lin Yun and Lan Fengyuan and was not injured, but at the same time it released its own attack.

Its voice just fell, and its four wings burst into bright radiance.

Among the rays of light, the earth spears exuding cold light, like a layer of golden light, are full of hundreds of thousands roots, moved towards Lin Yun and Lan Fengyuan. .

These earth spears are not ordinary earth spears released by the Earth Element martial artist, but bless the energy of the Earth Element nucleus crystal, and their formidable power is even more terrifying.

In an instant, facing the densely packed soil spears, Lin Yun and Lan Fengyuan suddenly lost the opportunity to attack.

Even if they are as strong as two, they dare not use their bodies to resist the attacks of these spears.

Lin Yun and Lan Fengyuan were continuously shuttled in the sky, avoiding the attacks of these earth spears.

When these soil spears fell on the ground, they immediately caused a huge shock.

peng~ peng~ peng~ ——!

The formidable power of these soil spears is so terrifying, they directly penetrate the ground one after another, the whole desert of night and night, and now the dust is everywhere, like smog, making the whole world look gray. one slice.

After Lin Yun opened the three forms, his speed was faster, but Lan Fengyuan was not as good as Lin Yun. Unfortunately, his shoulder was pierced by an earth spear, and blood immediately shot out from his shoulder. .

“This beast!”

The sudden pain made Lan Fengyuan complexion changed, and he couldn’t help but yell at him.

But he was also very puzzled in his heart. It is clear that Lin Yun’s strongest strength, without his help, Lin Yun can solve the earth spirit beasts alone, why he still wants to spend a lot of time and hide himself the strength of it?

“Lan Fengyuan, are you distracted? Don’t hurry up!”

Lin Yun’s voice came from the smoke, and Lan Fengyuan reacted, and once again joined forces with Lin Yun, moved towards the earth spirit beast to kill.

Now the Dragon Phoenix beast and the creature Court Academecian are hundreds of miles away, and they can witness this battle in the desert of the night.

In a short period of time, the entire desert is already full of murderous intentions.

The earth spirit animal is like a mountain, standing still on the spot, no matter how Lin Yun and Lan Fengyuan attack, it can be blocked one after another.

Its powerful defense is even stronger than Lin Yun, who has opened three forms.

Sword Technique ——5th Form!

Lin Yun moved towards the earth spirit beast cut out a sword horizontally, and in an instant, an invisible nano sword energy was moved towards the earth spirit beast.

There is no splendid sword light or scary Space Crack in this sword.

Until this sword energy fell on the earth spirit beast, it did not stir up any waves.

However, in the next second, the earth spirit beast suddenly groaned, and its body couldn’t help shaking.

“Soul Power!”

The voice of the earth spirit beast became muffled for no other reason. Although Lin Yun’s sword energy did not damage his body, it hurt its soul.

“Good opportunity!”

Seeing that the earth spirit beasts are distracted, Lan Fengyuan will naturally not let go of this opportunity and immediately raise his sword to hit the earth spirit beasts.

But at this moment, Lin Yun suddenly shouted: “Be careful!”

Unfortunately, it was too late. Lan Fengyuan was so fast that he arrived under the earth spirit beast in an instant, and the ghost face sword directly pierced the abdomen of the earth spirit beast.

When Chu Immortal Beast was just killed, he attacked his abdomen. Naturally, Lan Fengyuan believed that the weakness of the earth spirit beasts also existed in the abdomen.

However, this time Lan Fengyuan was miscalculating. When the ghost face sword fell on the abdomen of the earth spirit beast, although it broke its skin, but only less than three inches deep, Lan Fengyuan felt the ghost face in his hand The sword, as if it had hit a big mountain, couldn’t make any progress.


Lan Fengyuan was dumbfounded, and he could clearly see through the wound in his abdomen.

The body of the earth spirit beast is really skin covered with bones, and there is no flesh and blood in the body!