Eternal Martial Emperor Chapter 3139

Later, the arrival of the Sovereign Demon Slayer and Fairy Zixia made Chen Sichang realize that something was wrong, and when he entered, he was called by Xiao Wenhao to join hands to deal with the wild fierce demon.

That Elder is nothing more than Level 4 Martial Saint. If it is normally, Lan Fengyuan would not put him in his eyes at all, but it is a pity that there is a “energy lock” on his hands.

Fortunately, Fairy Zixia and the time of Great War, the excess power not only destroyed the twelve iron cities, but also severely damaged the guard Lan Fengyuan Elder, making him dying.

Lan Fengyuan is a half-step martial artist, and within the body contains the bloodline of the ghost face Demon King. The physique is unusual. Although he has suffered heavy losses, he can still act.

So he fled to the middle of the underground world, used Divine Consciousness to control a Martial Sovereign Realm underground man, and let him take himself out of the underground world.

Speaking of this, Lin Yun also understood that the “Energy Lock” can only restrict Lan Fengyuan’s Martial Spirit and Immortal Qi, but it cannot restrict his Divine Consciousness.

Divine Consciousness is very poor, let alone a Martial Sovereign Realm underground. Even without using the Martial Spirit ability, Lan Fengyuan can easily control him.

“I really got a lot of dust, and I almost gave my life there.” Lan Fengyuan sighed. He originally thought that he would be able to obtain a Divine Beast with Lin Yun, but he didn’t expect it and even provoke it Came in such a big basket.

This time the Ghost Face Sect has suffered a heavy loss. Having lost two Martial Saints, Lan Fengyuan is complaining in his heart, not knowing how much resources are needed to train two Martial Saints again.

Looking at Lan Fengyuan’s dissatisfaction, Lin Yun took out a bottle from the storage ring and handed it to him.

When he saw this bottle, Lan Fengyuan immediately changed his mouth, the haze on his face swept away, and his eyebrows were grinning.

“This…this is the True Blood of Dadi Demon King?”

“I promised you.” Lin Yun is not an unbelieving person. He and Lan Fengyuan are originally a cooperative relationship, and he doesn’t want to owe who.

Lan Fengyuan was somewhat sorry, and asked: “The True Blood is here, what about the bird?”

At the beginning, Lin Yun wanted the True Blood of the Demon King to attract the Divine Beast, and to save the life of the Divine Beast.

“I have put together an array that can save her life temporarily, so let’s find a way later.”

Yesterday, Lin Yun called back the blademaster, and at the same time built an array, and put the lark sparrow in it.

As long as the blademaster continues to inject Immortal Qi into the array, it can save the life of the larks.

If you want to completely recover the Bailing Sacred Bird, you can only wait until the Earth Element core crystal is integrated in the future, or you can find other methods to discuss it.

“Then many thanks!” Lan Fengyuan did not linger, saying goodbye to Lin Yun.

Lin Yun also chose to return to Divine Sect, and called Xiao Yin, Haiwang and Murong alchemist.

In the great hall of Divine Sect, the Alchemist Murong brought all the fifty Demon Palace guards that had been manufactured and showed them to Lin Yun.

“Sect Master, all have been manufactured, and now the number of Demon Palace guards has reached one hundred and fifty.”

“Very good!” Rao Lin Yun, such a temperament, couldn’t help but smile.

After all, the strength of every Demon Palace guard is equivalent to a Level 1 Martial Saint.

It can also be said that there are 150 more Level 1 Martial Saints in Divine Sect. This battle strength is definitely not to be underestimated.

“With these one hundred and fifty Demon Palace guards, at least we can feel at ease.” Xiao Yin said with a smile.

Then Lin Yun went straight to the topic and said his next plan.

“There are two things today. The first thing. I have ordered Ye Shenghui to take Nangong Prince and the others tomorrow, as well as one hundred thousand mutant creatures and one hundred thousand soldiers to the wyvern valley. Conduct battle training.”

In fact, long before going to the deserted night, Lin Yun asked Haiwang to take Prince and the others to the Sea Territory of Daughter Island to find the Demonic beast for experience.

It is a pity that Nangong Prince and the others is different from Sea King, who is not familiar with water and cannot recover all his strength in Sea Territory, and the experience has not achieved much effect.

Nowadays, the wyvern valley is the best place. Lin Yun found the two birds and the Dragon Phoenix beast here. Over the years, the wyvern valley has been unconsciously and has become the second place to slay Divine Sect. stronghold.

“Sect Master, let me go with Ye Shenghui.” Xiao Yin volunteered and wanted to go to Wyvern Valley with Ye Shenghui.

However, her proposal was rejected by Lin Yun.

Lin Yun waved his hand and said, “No, you have more important things. You need to come with me.”

As soon as these words came out, everyone became energetic, after all, they have not left Daughter Island for a long time.

“I am going to take the three of you, Luo Nu and the three patriarchs, and go to Wuji Yang together.”

“Wuji Yang?”

Everyone was a little puzzled. After Lin Yun’s explanation, it suddenly became clear.

It turned out that Lin Yun had known for a long time that there was a seabed abyss at the height of two ten thousand meters in the Wuji Ocean, where there was a deep-sea giant dragon fused with Water Element nuclear crystals.

“According to my guess, this deep-sea giant dragon may now have reached the level of level 3 Wuzun to Level 4 Wuzun, and it has also assembled a large number of Demonic beasts and Sacred Beast.”

“We need to hurry up, lest the giant dragon of the deep sea is discovered by the tomb.”

“Okay!” Everyone has no opinion. Lin Yun will naturally deal with the giant dragon of the deep sea, and they will go together to deal with the rest of the seabed Imperial Palace Sacred Beast and Demonic beast.

“Murong, I brought all the Demon Palace guards with me, so that I might need it from time to time.” Lin Yun was also prepared.

First, the deep-sea giant dragon has established the power of the deep-sea Imperial Palace in the Promise Ocean. Even Lin Yun does not know how many Demonic beasts and Sacred Beasts are in the deep-sea Imperial Palace.

Secondly, Lin Yun is also worried that he will encounter the tomb or someone from the Sacred Domain Alliance. With Demon Palace guards, at least they still have the power to fight.


Lin Yun decided to leave at noon tomorrow, and then came to Prince’s residence in Nangong alone.

After arriving at Prince Nangong’s residence, Prince Nangong was obviously a little surprised. After all, Lin Yun hadn’t talked to him alone for a long time, and he thought he had made some mistakes.

“Boss!” Nangong Prince respectfully gave a salute, and Lin Yun asked him to sit down together.

Lin Yun directly told about the Wyvern Valley. Prince Nangong had no objection, but was a little excited. Youngsters of their age have been nestled in their daughter’s island and have not made much progress.

“This time you are going to the Wyvern Valley, there is another thing.” Lin Yun said solemnly, Nangong Prince was sitting in distress, listening to Lin Yun said: “You have to learn how to use Divine Beast Thunder Qilin’s ability to integrate.” /p>