Eternal Martial Emperor Chapter 3221

“this is……”

Even though all the word energy blasted on Vajra’s body, Lin Yun frowned and his face became a little solemn.

In less than a second, Vajra’s dragon’s contemptuous laughter came from the sky full of smoke.

Immediately afterwards, all the smoke was blown away in an instant, revealing the body of the Vajra dragon.

No injuries!

As good as ever!

On the body of the Vajra Dragon at this moment, the rays of light are still the same, but there is no slightest injury!

This has withstood Lin Yun’s hundreds of sword energy, and Vajra’s magic dragon can’t perform “elementalization”. With its own fleshy body, these hundreds of Dao Accumulations contain the “Space Power” sword Resist energy.

The horror of Vajra’s fleshy body can be imagined!

“It turns out that this is your bone.” Lin Yun suddenly realized that he originally thought that the Vajra magic dragon body was a set of metal armor, but now he can clearly feel that there is a special energy and bloodline in the’metal’ Is blessing.

Lin Yun in the previous life had heard of the Vajra Demon Dragon, but he had never met him, so he didn’t understand his abilities. He only knew that there was such an Ancient Dragon that’s all.

“Yes, this is my “Indestructible Diamond body”. “Vajra Demon Dragon said triumphantly. This is also the bloodline ability of his Demon Dragon Clan.

The metal armor on his body is actually derived from his bones.

The bones contain a lot of energy, as well as the special bloodline belonging to Dragon Race.

Rather than saying that these bones are substantial, they should be formed by high-density energy. This is why the “Space Power” carried in Lin Yun’s sword energy cannot be used in Vajra’s magic dragon. It had an effect on his body, which was offset by the energy contained in the bones.

“You can’t escape today.” The Vajra dragon turned into a meteor in an instant, moving towards Lin Yun crushed.

Lin Yun had no choice but to manipulate the rib cage and greet him.

peng~ peng~ peng~ ——!

The sound of intensive explosions directly echoed throughout the Northern Domain.

Every collision between Lin Yun and Vajra Demon Dragon is like a meteorite falling from the sky, causing huge energy fluctuations.

Lin Yun and Vajra Demon Dragon use Heaven and Earth as the battlefield. In the area of ​​several thousands li, people in the entire Northern Domain can feel this horrible atmosphere.

“Is this Lin Sect Master…”

“Very powerful energy fluctuations, we won’t all die here, right.”

“Get out of here quickly, or we will definitely die here!”

Looking at the smog in the sky, and the constant rumbling sound in the ears, the people of Northern Domain are all miserable and want to escape from this area.

Lin Yun and Vajra Demon Dragon have fought thousands of times in a short period of time, and once again returned to that primitive forest.

It’s just that this forest now has a completely new look.

Huge mountains collapsed, rocks shot violently, and the earth broke apart!

The land with a radius of a hundred miles is barren, turning into a piece of scorched earth.

Everything within the scope of the project is dying of life, without any creatures or things left behind, it has become a desert.

In the void, the bone armor on the dragon body of Vajra, the rays of light remains the same, it is very dazzling, the same as before.

Ten thousand meters ahead of him is Lin Yun.

In comparison, Lin Yun’s condition is far worse. His rib cage is fragmented, and some areas have been completely fragmented. Even Lin Yun in the rib cage has blood leaking from the corners of his mouth. Vajra’s “Ancient Dragon Language” turned into sound waves, which penetrated the rib cage and injured him.

“Lin Yun, haven’t you used your stronger strength yet?” Vajra said coldly, his voice full of irony.

When meeting in the “Tomb”, he already guessed it.

Since Lin Yun can burst out of the strength of the eighth Martial Venerable, but he can’t win the blood sword after he has severely damaged the blood sword demon.

This shows that Lin Yun has burst out of level 8 Martial Venerable. Not only does it last for a short time, but he will also suffer backlash afterwards.

Therefore, he also concluded that Lin Yun did not dare to explode the strength of the eighth Martial Venerable so easily.

The entire primitive forest is turned into a wasteland, and Heaven and Earth are extremely silent.

When Vajra’s dragon’s tone barely fell, a sky-splitting sound cut through the silence.

Lin Yun is not afraid, the rays of light overflow on the sword of Demon God, and the sword energy bursts out one after another.

This is the word energy that contains “Soul Power”!

The word energy is like a magnificent army with thousands of men and horses, moved towards Vajra and the magic dragon is crushed.

Vajra Demon Dragon knows Lin Yun enough, and with his strength, he can also feel the “Soul Power” contained in these sword energy, so he did not choose to resist at this moment, his body swayed slightly, and directly avoided With these sword energy.

“Dragon Breath Spiral Darts!”

At the moment Vajra’s dragon escaped, a group of “dragon breath spiral darts” appeared on Lin Yun’s left hand.

Immediately afterwards, Lin Yun directly threw this group of “Dragon Breath Spiral Darts” moved towards Vajra.

When seeing this scene, Vajra Demon Dragon almost laughed out loud and said sarcastically: “With your ability to master the dragon’s breath, you also lost the face of Dragon Race!”

The Vajra Dragon directly raised the right hand, and its hand turned into a Black Dragon claw.

In the heart of the claw, endless rays of light seep out from under the skin, forming a ball of dragon breath energy at an extremely violent speed.

“Let you see and see, what is the real “dragon breath”! ”

Two completely different dragon breaths are two similar energy!

A ball of energy, a ball of spiral darts, both of them shuttled in the sky in an instant. During the flight, a long tail of fire was born.

In an instant, the two directly collided.

At this moment, the rays of light spread directly, covering all the land in a radius of hundreds of miles.

The horrible energy fluctuations have made this originally broken land even worse.


With the rumbling sound of destroying heaven extinguishing earth, the rays of light in the sky dim in this brief moment.

Two horrible energies instantly caused the ground with a radius of 10,000 meters to be moved towards the lower side and sink in exaggeratedly.

The earth was shattered, and the dense dust and soil were all moved towards the sky, splashing high, forming a huge mushroom cloud, slowly rising to the sky.

Not only that!

The shock waves generated by the two energies directly turn into fire waves, moving towards the distance and spreading away.

The strong sense of shock directly sent Lin Yun away.

In Lin Yun’s retina, I just saw the fire wave spreading towards him, but at this time, in the fire wave, the “dragon breath” belonging to the Vajra dragon has formed a bright The energy ball burst once again on Lin Yun’s body.

Lin Yun’s body was swallowed by the “dragon’s breath” that contained high temperatures in an instant.