Eternal Martial Emperor Chapter 3222

You must know that when Lin Yun turned on the fifth form of Demon God nuclear crystal, the temperature of the rib cage was only 100,000 degrees, which was the limit that Lin Yun could bear.


The temperature of this “dragon breath” has reached an extremely terrifying 150,000 degrees.

Lin Yun felt the blazing heat, his face became more ugly, and the rib cage was gradually melted by the power of the dragon’s breath.

“Is it just that? The so-called “Divine Dragon bloodline” can only exert such an effect on you? “Vajra Demon Dragon sneered and stayed still. He wanted to use words to arouse Lin Yun’s eighth-level Martial Venerable strength.

Lin Yun remained silent, constantly releasing the energy of the Demon God nucleus crystal, repairing the rib cage, and dispelling the “dragon’s breath of the golden steel magic dragon”.

After a while, the dragon’s breath finally dissipated, but the Demon God nuclear crystal energy consumed by Lin Yun within the body was also huge.

The touch of “Dragon’s Breath” this time is not that Lin Yun’s Divine Dragon bloodline is inferior to Vajra’s Ancient Dragon bloodline.

It is the birth of “Dragon Breath”, which also requires the injection of Immortal Qi. Lin Yun’s realm strength is not as good as Vajra Demon Dragon, and the “Dragon Breath” from natural condense is also inferior to Vajra Demon Dragon.

If both are eight-level Martial Venerable, Lin Yun’s Divine Dragon bloodline will definitely crush Vajra’s Ancient Dragon bloodline.

The fight this time is arguably the most intense battle in Lin Yun’s life.

It’s only been a long time, the energy of Demon God nucleus has been consumed more than half.

The Vajra Dragon is always a Divine Beast. In addition to being unable to perform “elementalization”, both power and defense are above Heavenspan, which is also the eighth-level Martial Venerable.

If it is the only weak point, it is his speed, which is slightly weaker than the human Martial Artist of the same level. But even so, it has reached the level of Martial Venerable.

Seeing Lin Yun’s silence, Vajra’s dragon sneered and said solemnly: “Since you don’t want to use stronger power, then it’s over.”

The energy exploded from the body of the Vajra demon dragon is even greater, flooding the entire film of Heaven and Earth.

At this brief moment, Lin Yun also knew that he had no other choice.

After all, the Divine Dragon bloodline in his body within the body is almost exhausted now, and he can only use “Dragon Breath” only once, let alone the more powerful “Divine Dragon Fist”.

No matter how long the fifth form of Demon God nuclear crystal lasts, no matter how long you fight with the Vajra dragon, you will definitely lose.

Lin Yun’s only way now is to turn on the sixth form of Demon God Nucleus.

Thinking of this, Lin Yun no longer hesitated, and directly took out the “Heart of the Ice God” from the storage ring with his left hand.

“Is this power finally used?” Vajra’s eyes became fierce. He wanted to see how powerful Lin Yun’s power was.

It’s too late to say, then soon!

At this time, there was a rumbling noise between Heaven and Earth.


Vajra Demon Dragon and Lin Yun both felt the strong energy fluctuations. Looking back, they saw two flames moving towards them from the sky without warning.

In this brief moment, Lin Yun and the Vajra Dragon both dared not neglect, they flew away and escaped the flames.


In an instant, these two groups of flames blasted on the ground in the distance.

The sound of the explosion is extremely loud, like Hong Zhong Dalu, resounding through Heaven and Earth.

These two seemingly unremarkable flames directly rise up, and gradually become a silhouette in the sky.

When seeing this scene, Lin Yun is frowned, this familiar breath…

Holy Lord of Flames!

As expected, the silhouette formed by the flames gradually became clear, and it was precisely one of the Holy Lords of the Sacred Domain Alliance-the Holy Lord of Flames.

“He belongs to us, he will get out if he wants to live!”

The Holy Lord of Flames is extremely domineering, and as soon as he appears, he directly scolds Vajra Demon Dragon, wanting to get him away from here.

The Immortal Qi behind the Holy Lord of Flames condenses, vaguely showing the shape of Martial Spirit, which is his Divine Grade Martial Spirit-“Fire God”.

“It’s a big tone. I thought it was the Yellow Emperor’s old fart who came in person. It turned out to be just a Holy Lord that’s all.” The Vajra dragon is not afraid, coldly snorted, looking directly at the flames of the Holy Lord.

However, the tone barely fell of Vajra’s dragon and the temperature of Heaven and Earth dropped sharply.

A chill condenses in the void, and the Holy Lord of the Sacred Domain Alliance has arrived!

“Leave Lin Yun!” The Frost Holy Lord’s voice contained an indisputable tone, extremely cold, his eyes swept away from Vajra Demon Dragon and Lin Yun.

The two Great Holy Lords appeared at the same time, and it was difficult to look at the face of Vajra’s dragon.

Sacred Domain Alliance Burning Sky and Xuedi, these two can be described as rare powerhouses in Martial Venerable Realm.

The Martial Spirit of the two complement each other. Vajra Dragon has long heard of their names.

At the same time, he was wondering why the Sacred Domain Alliance came so quickly?

Lin Yun naturally understands in his heart that the two Great Holy Lords are coming, and this is the coexistence of opportunity and danger.

After all, these two parties will fight for themselves. When the time comes, the situation must be extremely chaotic, and Lin Yun can also find opportunities to leave.

The three major Martial Venerables form an angle and surround Lin Yun.

Even with the appearance of the two Great Holy Lords, Vajra Dragon still has no plans to give up.

“Xuedi, since he doesn’t want to go, let’s kill him!”

The two Great Holy Lords have been working together for many years. No words are needed, just a look at each other can understand each other’s meaning.

In an instant, I saw the Holy Lord of Flame and Holy Lord of Frost, both hands forming seals.

Behind the two of the Divine Grade Martial Spirit, endless divine light broke out at the same time.

In this brief moment, all rays of light moved towards the outside spreading away, gradually merged together.

The white light and the red light directly envelop the land with a radius of a hundred miles, like a huge aperture, enclosing the two Great Holy Lords, Lin Yun and Vajra dragons.

Then, an incredible scene appeared.

I saw that the white light was located in the inner circle and turned directly into a monstrous glacier. After the glacier, the red light turned into flames.

Looking from a distance, this is more like an arena where the inner circle is surrounded by glaciers, and the outer circle is full of flames.

Lin Yun is frowned, he knows that this is the “ice and fire arena” of the two Great Holy Lords.

It is surprising that the ice and fire, which were originally incompatible and opposed to each other, can live in peace under the control of the two Great Holy Lords.

There is no doubt that the “Ice and Fire Arena” performed by the two Great Holy Lords is not to prevent the Vajra Dragon from leaving, but to prevent Lin Yun from leaving.

Even if Lin Yun has opened the fifth form of Demon God nucleus crystal, it is very difficult to penetrate the “ice and fire arena” without any problems.

“The orphan of the Antiquity Dragon Race has a reward of 1 billion. To win you today is also a matter of my heart for the Sacred Domain alliance.” The words of the Holy Lord of Flames carried a majesty, voice like a tiger. Howl, shock Heaven and Earth.