Eternal Martial Emperor Chapter 3223

Vajra Demon Dragon sent out coldly snorted and said quietly, “You two want to catch me too, I am dreaming!”

At the end of the speech, Vajra’s dragon’s mouth suddenly opened wide and let out a sound of dragon’s roar.

In an instant, rising winds, scudding clouds, lightning and thunder.

The a dragon roar of Vajra’s dragon roar directly broke the ground.

His a dragon roar is mixed with “Ancient Dragon Language”.

In an instant, the sound waves turned into strips of illusory True Dragons, hovering in the void, moved towards the two Great Holy Lords, and there were also many True Dragons transformed by the sound waves, also moved towards Lin Yun rushed away.


The void burst, and the True Dragon formed by the Vajra dragon “Ancient Dragon Language” is so terrifying that even in the sky, ripples like ripples appear.

The two Great Holy Lords did not dare to neglect, and immediately used “elementalization”, which turned into a cloud of ice and snow and a cloud of flames, and then dispersed.

In comparison, Lin Yun does not have the same means as the two Great Holy Lords.

Fortunately, today the Vajra Demon Dragon and the two Great Holy Lords are all in order to be able to catch him alive, so these True Dragons that blasted at him, and the True Dragons that dealt with the two Great Holy Lords, are still poor in formidable power A lot.

Even so, Lin Yun is still groaned, his body recedes nearly a thousand meters, and the blood from the corners of his mouth oozes immediately.

This place is already boiling. Two Great Holy Lords, Vajra Devil Dragon and Lin Yun, the four of them are fighting, and a terrible battle is destined to happen.

Lin Yun’s heart is miserable. These three Martial Venerables all have their own uniqueness. With his current ability, he can open the fifth form of Demon God nuclear crystal, and he is not an opponent of one of these three , Let alone being caught in these three people now.

It’s too late to say, then soon!

Vajra Dragon saw his “Ancient Dragon Language” sonic attack was avoided by the two Great Holy Lords. When he was about to launch an offensive again, not far away, a group of flame-condense humanoids showed the flames of the Holy Lord Really come.

“Flame Bomb!”

The Holy Lord of Flames has no unnecessary nonsense, and his right hand slightly lifted.

In an instant, the rays of light flickered in his palm, and the heat quickly condensed into a flame energy ball the size of a stone.

With the movement of the blazing Holy Lord divine sense, the flame bomb in his palm immediately moved towards Vajra and the dragon shot away.



Almost in an instant, ten flame bombs blasted towards the Vajra dragon.

At the moment when the flames of the Holy Lord released the “fire bomb”, the Frost Holy Lord had already appeared on the head of the Vajra dragon.


Vajra Demon Dragon heart startled, but he didn’t realize that dozens of chills were already unconsciously surrounding him.

“Ice Vine Bound!”

As expected, the moment the Holy Lord of Frost appeared, immediately both hands forming seals. The cold air floating around the Vajra dragon, in this brief moment, all turned into ice vines, directly binding the Vajra magic. The body of a dragon.

It is Vajra Demon Dragon no matter how fast, but after all he is facing two Great Holy Lords, the realm has reached the seventh level of Martial Venerable, and he is experienced, and he does not give him any chance to escape.

Vajra Dragon wants to struggle, but it is too late.

In an instant, ten “flame bombs” were accurately strikes on the body of Vajra Dragon.

The horrible rays of light spread out in an instant, covering a whole void, and the temperature between Heaven and Earth also rose in an instant.

boom~ boom~ ——!

The vast energy exploded on the body of Vajra Devil Dragon, making a terrifying sound, like a volcanic explosion.

Its strong vibration has resonated in this world, continuously causing a sensation.

The flames directly evolved into shock waves, moving towards all around and spreading away.

Upon seeing this, Lin Yun immediately wanted to evacuate from this direction.

After all, even if he is now starting the sixth form of Demon God nucleus crystal and using the most powerful “Demon God Destruction”, he still cannot get rid of the current predicament.

At this time, almost all three of them are in Peak state, the two Great Holy Lords can perform “elementalization”, and the Vajra dragon has an “Indestructible Diamond body”.

It was Lin Yun who opened the sixth form of Demon God Nucleus, and he could not cause serious damage to them. It would only make himself weaker and plunged into a greater crisis.

Lin Yun’s only way now is to leave here in the chaos.

“Do you think you can leave today?”

However, the flames of the Holy Lord move like an instant, and his body turns into a flame, shuttling through the void, directly blocking Lin Yun’s retreat.

The flames of the Holy Lord face indifferent, and with a wave of his left hand, the fire wave that was originally moved towards Lin Yun and was transformed by the shock wave was immediately defeated.

At the same time, he also moved towards Lin Yun, or it should be said, it was Lin Yun who did!

Almost at the same time, Lin Yun controlled the skull arm, held the sword of Demon God, and carried the strong “Space Power”. With one sword, he moved towards the flames of the Holy Lord.

The Holy Lord of Flames in front of Lin Yun dismissed it, his right hand was raised, and a sword made of flames appeared in his hand.

The Two Swords collided in an instant, and endless flames burst out immediately.

The Holy Lord of Flames has always been a seven-level Martial Venerable. It is just the most common flame sword. The energy contained in it is enough to compete with Lin Yun’s “Space Power”, and even suppress Lin Yun in turn.

The strength of the Holy Lord of Flames can be imagined. Lin Yun was defeated by this sword, and his body flew out directly.

Fortunately, the sword of the Holy Lord of Flames is only the most common sword, and it does not cause any damage to the skull arm.

The rays of light burst out, and at this time, a mountain-like coercion violently moved towards the Holy Lord of flames.


A Black Dragon claw penetrated his abdomen from behind the flames of the Holy Lord without warning.


The Holy Lord of Flames has performed “elementalization”, but there is a hint of surprise on his face.

There is no doubt that the person behind the Holy Lord of Flames is the Vajra Demon Dragon.

The Holy Lord Frost saw this scene in the distance, and also showed a surprised look.

Because the Vajra Dragon has withstood the energy of ten “flame bombs”, but there are no wounds on its body, but there are a few more burn marks on its body.

This is really shocking!

It is important to know that the realm that achieves high-level Martial Venerable, most powerhouses rely on “elementalization” to avoid opponents’ harm.

After all, the eight-level Martial Venerable’s fleshy body defense, if there is no cultivation such as Lin Yun’s “Inextinguishable Divine Physique”, there is actually no difference between the low-level Martial Venerable and the middle-level Martial Venerable.

However, the Vajra Demon Dragon physically forcibly blocked ten “flame bombs”, almost unscathed.

“Is this the flesh that belongs to the Antiquity Dragon Race?” The Holy Lord of Flames has never fought against the Vajra Dragon. He just heard of the origins and deeds of the Vajra Dragon, and he is not familiar with him.