Eternal Martial Emperor Chapter 3311

Since the war, this war has been exhausted for everyone in Shijie and Underground World, and it is also about an end.

The battle between the two Martial Emperor is also a dangerous.

“Ice Energy Ball” from Zixia Fairy and “Nine Wings Vermilion Bird” from the geodeline, the two horrible energy, and directly changed the face of a region.

Now, the energy fluctuations from Zi Xia fairy and the bottom king have been completely stopped.

The area where the two is located, and the square is round, it has been completely changed.

The original Mountain Range, alpine, rivers, grass, all kinds of disappeared, replaced, is a combustion of flame.

Fangyuan thousands of miles, Barren.

The Earth Fire that constantly burns on the ground, exudes the ultimate high temperature, and even makes the void look distorted.

The strange scene is that even if there is such a high temperature, it is still full of white fog.

in the center of this energy storm, a diameter of 30,000 meters, deep reaching a deep abyss of thousands of meters, appearing in this World.

This is definitely an extremely horrible scene!

This abyss is like a buckled volcano, which is constantly sprayed with a flaming Earth Fire, like a hot Lava.

Among the white fog, the body of the gentle king is suspended in in Midair, Gasping for Breath, and the face is pale.

The original “Quartet Earth Fire Formation” is located in the southern wing Vermilion Bird, which is already disappered.

“Quartet Earth Fire Formation” requires a very large energy that is expensive, and once the four-way Divine Beast is dissipated, then it means that the ground king oil is exhausted.

Under this big explosion, the ground king does not seem to be injured. He looked around all arrounds, can’t help Said with a sneer: “The elementalization is not weak, isn’t you still dead now?”

This sentence is very unfathomable mystery, after all, he waited for a long time, never seen the figure of Zixia Fairy, naturally, Zi Xia fairy has died.

The THIS TIME tomb is not only given five million “Demon Blood”, but also tells the weakness of the “elementalization”.

“Element” seems to be able to avoid any attacks, but actually is not so.

“Water Element”, such as Martial Artist, which masters Water Element, in which case, if you use high temperatures, the water molecules are evaporated, then “Water Element” Martial Artist is displayed. Water molecules were evaporated, and death.

In the bottom of the land, the high temperature produced after the “Nine Wings Vermilion Bird” exploded, has reached a million degree of high temperature in a moment, and the BLOODLINE capacity of Zi Xia fairy is stronger, and it is impossible to resist Get such a high temperature.

“That is very important to know, who tells you some.”

At this time, the sound of Zixia Fairy suddenly echoed in Between Heaven and Earth.

When he heard this sound, the face of the ground is full of incredible, he turned to the head, but he saw the Yuan’s in the Sky created, and the Like A hurricane swept.

The body is followed by the body of Zixia Fairy appears in his retina.

“How could it be!” The groundwright is shocking. Zi Xia Faizi has no hidden injury. Is there a high temperature of “Nine Wings Vermilion Bird”, there is no way to Ziquat Fairy in the “elementalization” form Do you have any effect?

Originally he thought with this move, even if you can’t kill Zixia fairy, you can also rehabilitate her, but there is no half of the effect.

“Is there anyone who told you with you, I have never told you that the elements you have in this palace are Wind element and Water Element.” Zixia Fairy said with a non-emotional tone: “Under the two elements, The elements of this palace are transformed into smoke. “

“Therefore, even if the water molecules are evaporated, it is also not impact on the palace.”

Simple point, the high temperature manufactured by the bottom king, it is indeed the evaporation of the water molecules in the smoke, but Zixia fairy can still convert itself into a gas to avoid high temperature evaporation.

is likely to kill Zixia Fairy unless gas evaporate into a plasma.

But the gas is to evaporate into a plasma, which requires a few hundred or even tens of high temperatures. And the high temperature of the ground is clearly defined.

“Today you will be undoubtedly, how many of your Black Tortoise can you provide you?” Zi Xia fairy suddenly turned, cold and coldly said.

“What are you talking about?” The gentle subconsciously has a step, and the eyes have lost their arrival, anger, not sweet, and replaced only.

He is now fully conscious, and it is completely crazy to be crazy.

The storm in the back of Zixia fairy gradually lifted his hands, and she also said: “In order to resist the energy storm of this time, your Jiujia Black Tortoise is probably no longer available again?”

“If the palace does not guess the wrong words, the shovel manufactured by Black Tortoise also has a certain number of times.”

“Today, this nine-claw Black Tortoise, only four paws, how long can you stop this palace?”

The land of the ground has frowned. It is indeed like Zixia Fairy that the Formation manufactured by Jiujia Black Tortoise is not a number of restrictions, but there is a defense ceiling.

Nine paws represent all the energy of the Jiujia Black Tortoise.

Just in order to resist the energy storm created by the ice energy ball and the nine-win Vermilion Bird, the foundation of the foundation of the five paws, which can be made upless.

“Maybe you Divine Consciousness Realm can be divided with this palace, but unfortunately don’t work now.” Zi Xia fairy is still the same as that, Martial Emperor Realm, Divine Consciousness Realm is really too much important.

Even today’s “Fifth Emperor” space, although “elementalization” cannot be used, Divine Consciousness Realm is only in Fifth Stage, but with its own master of space, you can also make similar The effect of “elementalization” is coming.

Zixia fairy has to admit that the landlord king is not a weak.

even from attack, defense, physical strength, endurance, etc., Attribute, the bottom of the ground, to stronger Same Realm’s human Martial Emperor, after all, the bottom of the bottom is Body Refinement, the body is better than human It is normal.

But no matter how strength the geodes, as long as he Divine Consciousness Realm is not enough, it is destined to only defeat her Zixia Fairy.