Eternal Martial Emperor Chapter 3312

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“This farce should also be over! Chaos shrouded!”

Zixia fairy does not want to waste time, think she can be determined, with Underground World to join hands, it will definitely no longer appear again.

Now she only wants to solve the ground king as soon as possible, so that the loss of the tail is minimized.

With the order of Zixia Fairy, the storm storm behind it suddenly blooms endless Divine Light.

The Rays of Light is very dazzling, and Rao is a king of the ground and has to raise his hand shortly and cover your eyes.

But this rays of light quickly dissipated, when the king opened his eyes, the scene appeared in front of him, but he was a big shock.


looks at it, it is a concentrated fog that is less than one meter in front of him.

Not only that, the bottom of the ground can feel that these dense fog is full of poisonous drugs, even as long as you smell a bite, the bottom king feels that the blood in his whisk is boiling, accelerating, let him Respiratory is rushing.

How to dare to hesitate in the bottom king, Jiujia Black Tortoise release Rays of Light, agglomerate into formation to protect itself, and isolate all the mists.

The shelter formation manufactured by Jiujia Black Tortoise is also very special. It can isolate anything in the outside world, enters the knot forin the realm, but the ground king in the Formation, its attack can wear formation, Attack the goal of attacking the Formation.

The land is not dare to relax, and you will look at All Around to make the attack of Zixia fairy.

Before the super dense fog of this visibility, the ground king becomes tense.

However, the intuitiveness of Martial Emperor is sensitive to life and death. It is accurate.

Suddenly, the king of the ground is turned in, the ability is not right, suddenly turned, only to see a flame red fist, fierce in front of him, a punch Moved Towards, Hi.

“What !?”

The king of the ground is sinking. Zixia Fairy is clearly mastered with Wind Element and Water Element, how can it be able to show a flame-free fist, this scene is too strange, even let the land of the land suspected, Is there a Powerhouse arrived in other 界?

Lord King Loudly Shouts, the body Earth Fire is condensed, gathered into an Earth Fire Boxing, penetrating through the formation, Moved Towards.


The truth of the facts, but his Earth Fire giant is directly bombarding in In The Sky, smasting the flame fist.

or that, this flame fist is like a fluttering, not substantial, just an illusion.

“Illusion Technique?”

The ground is frowned, but at this time, he has passed a dramatic energy fluctuation behind him.

dozens of high-pressure icicles, with the trend of CRUSHING DRY Weeds and Smashing Rotten Wood, Direct Moved Towards.

The foundation of the foundation is still just an illusion, but when the formation is budging Giant Statue, this dramatic vibration feels directly through the Formation, when it is conveyed to him, the ground king has already felt wrong.

This is not an illusion, but a substantized attack!

“billing! You give this king out!” The geotette king gnashing Teeth, he finally understood, this super dense fog, not only blocked his sight, contained Poison Qi, but also similar to the “marine building” The effect is capable of manufacturing a phantom in Continuously.

The geotechnical realm is just in the Fourth Stage, which attack is unable to tell which attack is an illusion, which attack is true, long time, he will be killed by Zixia Fairy.

peng ~ peng ~ peng ~ -!

When the sound of the explosion in the super dense fog, Zixia Fairy uses Water Element and Wind Element, continuously releases two super-strong moves, “chaotic shroud” and “marine embarrassing”, and will Moving FUSE TOGETHER, so that the land is in pain.

He is really difficult to avoid, and it is impossible to avoid these attacks.

In a short time, the shelter formation manufactured by Black Tortoise is already cracking, and will be destroyed.

The territory is deeply known, can’t continue to sit down, he must counterattack!

“This king is fighting with you!”

The king of the ground is roaring, which was originally in its west of the nine fire tiger of tail, suddenly jumped, and the nine tail behind him suddenly slammed from its body, and then gathered into one after another. Fire, poured into this fired WITHIN THE BODY.

The original body reaches the fire of ten meters, after being swallowed down these tails, the body continuously skyrocket.

20 meters!

30 meters!

fifty meters!

one hundred meters!

two hundred meters!

is just in an instant, this fire is in an amazing five hundred meters, floating in In The Sky, just like a spiritual god mount, Wei Feng, Divine Light.

“Fire Tiger Swallowing The Heavens ARTS!”

With the order of the geodes, the fire suddenly opened his mouth suddenly.

It’s a black hole, a black hole, has an extremely powerful suction, and it actually inhaled all the super dense fog, all in it.

At the same time, the body of Zixia fairy is condensed from the dense fog. She has a eyebrows, and the body floats back. I don’t want to be in the state of the fire.

This super thick fog is originally spread all over 500 miles, but in just dozens of seconds, all super dense fog is all inhaled by this fire tiger.

Zixia fairy is suspended in in Midair, and does not use “elementalization”.

Because this fire is absorbed, it is more than just dense fog, or all air in this area, causing this area to become a vacuum zone.

Zixia fairy immediately left this area.

“Do you want to escape? Today, this king MUST is divided into you! The fire!”