Eternal Martial Emperor Chapter 3313

Since its war, the parties are in the same stage.

is exhausted for everyone who participates in this battle.

In the front battlefield, from Two Great Influences Martial Venerable, it is miserable.

Beyond the wild mountain, the fight between two major martial emperors.

even within the territory of the Senro, two and a half step MARTIAL Emperor.

This campaign is much simpler than the two forces of the Shijie and Underground World.

Two half-step MARTIAL Emperor handed over in the Senro, how would she not attract the attention of the Emperor Emperor, she has already noticed this, but she can’t shoot now.

The light is with a breath, she knows that one half-step MARTIAL Emperor is the bright head of Heaven Realm.

Now, the second Powerhouse of the Senli Dynasty is also the only half-step MARTIAL Emperor in the Senlov world.

The Emperor of Senli is also worried that this moment will take a moment of light, which will bring back to Celestial Emperor.

she wants, but it is just with this opportunity, attacking the tail, plundering resources, I don’t want AT this Time to provoke Heaven Realm.

As long as the Bright Head and Thunder Holy Lord, don’t affect the main city in the Senro, and no longer have it overover, she can be Turn A Blind Eye.

For these people, this camper has gradually approached the end, but for the southern part of the Tailor, the three movements are just beginning.

Looking far away, Mountains Bursting and Ground Splitting, Haishi, dense fog.

Three-handed shadow in in the sky continuously shuttle, collision, and triggered the sound of heaven and earth.

hong long long -!

The horrible sound is sounded, and it is suddenly blown away. It is a piece of forest suddenly turns into ashes. It is a river suddenly evaporated. Wave fluctuations, even let the void are collapsed.

Seven elements Energy is constantly entangled, flame, thunder, wind, frost …

Various energy fluctuations, as if it is a horrible man who is destroyed and the scene is destroyed.

In front of a burst of energy storm, the seven roads make spirit and blast Heavenly Demon’s screams continue, although the strength of these two people is weak, but its Defensive Ability, there is absolutely no Lin Yun as strong.

Only Lin Yun is covered, the ribs are covered, and the arm is between the Demon GOD, in a burst of energy storm, all the free, and the footsteps have not stopped.

Lin Yun’s face is calm, and there is no half of emotional fluctuations.

His goal is also very clear, bringing the Water Element nuclear crystal, no matter whether it is in front of him, it is a seven way to make spirits, or blast Heavenly Demon.

If these two people must block in front of him, they all kill!

finally at a moment, concentrated fog, Lin Yun three people apart, seven ways to make the spirit Gasping for Breath, even suspended in the Sky, it is difficult to do, and directly fall in an on the verge of collapse. High mountain.

His Look Pale, his right half, Focus Black.

True is now the worst of his condition.

After all, Lin Yun’s system completely restred his Bloodline Stregth, and blasting the strength of Heavenly Demon itself, he above him.

Under Peak State, he may be difficult to fight with There Two People, Even moreh How is he first with Lin Yun.

Blasting Heavenly Demon is shocking, the power of Lin Yun, and some exceeded his imagination.

Even if Lin Yun hinders Vajra Dragon and Two Great Saint Lords, the members of the tomb agree that this share has reached the power of eight Martial Venerable, Lin Yun has not fully controlled, so only a few seconds can be displayed. Time of the hour.

Today, Lin Yun’s strength, roughly just between Fifth Level Martial Venerable, to the 6th Martial Venerable.

But this time, blasting Heavenly Demon discovered his own means, and even make the ribs produced cracks difficult to do.

Breeze drums, Lin Yun stands in in the Sky, overlooking the seven ways to make spirits and blast Heavenly Demon.

After absorbing him of Metal Element Crystals, Physique has greatly increased, and now the Demon God Crystal fifth form is now, it will not cause any backlash, and can even maintain a long time.

Today, he is willing, it will not allow Water Element nuclear crystals, as before, fall into the hand of the tomb.

Strong Lin Yun, the Imposing Manner standing here at this moment, so that the blasting Heavenly Demon wants to avoid and retreat, do not want to fight against Lin Yun.

Lin Yun’s pair of indifferent Pupil Light dish, penetrates the void, falling on the blasting Heavenly Demon, and let him feel suppressed, the bone is cold.

“Leaves Water Element Crystals, I can spare you a life.” Lin Yun said, the words were gentle, and today he faced Heavenly Demon, he was extremely calm and confident.

After all, Lin Yun also knows that the strength of Zixia Fairy is almost close to the end.

I want to kill the blasting Heavenly Demon and the seven ways to make a lot of time, he is afraid that when the time comes appear unexpected, I want to solve it as soon as possible.

Blasting Heavenly Demon frowned, thinking here, there is even A Single Thought, you want to leave Water Element nuclear crystal, he thinks Lin Yun can kill himself.

but very quickly, this thoughts were interrupted by the seven ways.

“Lin Yun, this is the treasure of my kingdom, if you really have to take away, Zi Xia fairy will let the three borders, no, no, there is no tolerance!” The seven roads make the hunted shouted, now he also I only have to move out of Zixia Fairy, I hope to be able to shock Lin Yun.

Unfortunately, even if it is now, the seven roads have not recognized Lin Yun’s personality.

“Is it?” Lin Yun glared at him, and his arm was brought between DEMON GOD, and suddenly he suddenly became out.

Sword Qi, such as the waterfall falling in nine days, the color photo, is a large piece, split open space, direct Moved Towards seven ways to get the spirit.

Seven roads have made the spirit, immediately appreciate the “seven-yuan shield”, and want to resist this Sword QI of Lin Yun.

However, his current immortal qi has no revenue, the “seven-duty shield” from the Condense, and the Defensive Power is more great.

Facing the Sword Qi of Lin Yun, this seven-yuan shield instantly subjected to the “Power of Space” contained in it, or the energy of the seven-yuan shield is displenished.

But the most pure Sword Qi, but directly on the shoulders of the seven ways.

倏 Dress, blood is sprayed from the seven roads.

His scream has just issued it, Lin Yun has been together with the ribs, just like a sunny day, and attacked the blasting Heavenly Demon.

This is Lin Yun’s current confidence!

Even three-party melee, he will not go with anyone.

Since there are two people to block in his face, then they will kill together!

Lin Yun is watching, showing a domineering, and does not look at the seven roads, and blasting Heavenly Demon looks in the eye.