Eternal Martial Emperor Chapter 3314

Blasting Heavenly Demon heart chill suddenly rises, actually Subconsciously Involuntarily wants to go back.

There are still thousands of meters away, blasting Heavenly Demon is also an immediate Both Hands Forming Seals, which is behind Black Rune’s arm, grabbed on the Moved Towards ground.

this time, the Black arm is directly over the ground.

White Light flashes!

The dozens of bouldimes touched by the Black arm, and there is a burst of White spell on the stone, and it turns into a stone bird.

Stone Bird Ming called, every boulder is very huge, up to three or four meters, Hiding the Sky and Covering The Earth Moved Towards Lin Yun crushed.

“It seems that your Martial Spirit has two capabilities, this should be” creation “? Lin Yun is still very calm, and the body is in the Sky, and all the stone birds are escaped.


These stone birds have been avoided by Lin Yun, rotating in In The Sky, and continues Moved Towards Lin Yun crushed.

“The role of automatic challenge?” Lin Yun seems to have seen the Martial Spirit capabilities of Heavenly Demon, obviously turned, ready to destroy these stone birds first.

in this brief Moment, Lin Yun is Lightly Exclaimed, because these stone birds are just wrapped around WHITE spell, but now there is still a Black’s spell, two spell interlaced, black and white.

“Automatically chase the explosion is the most beautiful art!” Blasting Heavenly Demon Right Hand gently lighted, Ten Don time, this dozen stone birds are all in In The Sky, the endless Divine Light.

That Rays of Light is in the sky, it will cover all the round several dozen li in it. Lian Lin Yun’s body is swallowed.

Theft, the horrible energy is discharged.

hong long long -!

With Heaven-Shaking, Earth-Shattering’s bang loud sound, these stone birds completely exploded.

The earth is in front of the horror energy, unable to withstand a single blow, instant, can be called Heaven Falls and Earth Rends!

Fangyuan Several Dozen Li, empty, by Rays of Light, all things are Scattered Ashes and Disperse Smoke.

is in the center of the center, there is a giant pit diameter to reach millimeters.

Not only that, the Yu Wei, which is produced, has a strong IMPACT, forming a rolling, Moved Towards All Directions diffuses.

Blasting Heavenly Demon doesn’t matter what THIS MOVE can bring Lin Yun, Divine Sense moves, Right Hand is taken, and SUMMON is shot again, you want to escape here. .


is late, it is fast!

When the blast Heavenly Demon is trying to escape here, a colorful light column suddenly shot from the distance.

in the sky is a brilliant, this colorful light pillar is like a comet illuminates the entire Tianyu.

There is no doubt that this is from the handwriting of seven ways.

and he also knows in his heart, Lin Yun is not a simple figure, wants to kill Lin Yun very difficult.

But as long as it can be dragged to Zixia Fairy, all the problems will be solved.


Originally seven makes the spirit to break the Heavenly Demon at least for a while, who knows that blasting Heavenly Demon actually promistedly promisely.