Eternal Martial Emperor Chapter 3361

The simple words “Half-Step Martial Venerable” are like a single stone igniting a thousand waves.

Everyone present was stared wide-eyed for an instant, with their mouths open, their expressions were full of shock and surprise.

In just one month, Lin Yun went from the ninth level of Martial Saint directly to the half-step Martial Venerable, crossing the boundary of Martial Saint.

This can’t be said to be “no one in the future”, but it is definitely “no one in the past”!

Lin Yun’s innate talent, coupled with Lin Yun’s unconventional path, was able to break through to a half-step Martial Venerable, indeed beyond everyone’s imagination, but at least within a reasonable range.


What’s even more incredible is that this time is not just Lin Yun’s rapid improvement. Yun Ruoxi, who is in the bedroom with Lin Yun, has also improved from Fifth Level Martial Sovereign before the retreat to level 9. Martial Sovereign!

In just one month, Yun Ruoxi has continuously promoted four small realm!

What happened to this?

Everyone looked at each other in blank dismay, and it was difficult to say a word for a while.

a male and a female together alone living in the same room for a month without leaving the door behind closed doors.

Rao is the unmanned young generation like Hua Mei Nan, and he knows what happened in his heart.

Lin Yun looked around all around, and finally turned his gaze on Xue Ruzhi’s body.

Xue Ruzhi is standing next to Xiao Yin, and she is naturally clear in her heart.

As the saying goes, the man is affectionate and the concubine is interested.

Lin Yun saved Xueru’s life a hundred years ago. In this world, Xueruzhi has helped Lin Yun several times. Even when the Peak War was most critical, it was Xueruzhi who reached out to help Lin let Lin Yun turned peril into safety, and finally she was rescued by Lin Yun from the hands of the blasting death.

There are too many entanglements between them.

However, Lin Yun and Xue Ruzhi have never pierced this layer of paper. The two are immeasurably self-satisfied, but they are tacit understanding of each other.

Lin Yun looked at Xue Ruzhi, and Xue Ruzhi was also looking at Lin Yun. Both of them were very calm, with no emotions showing.

But in Xue Ruzhi’s heart, there is something uncomfortable.

After all, there is no woman who wants to look at the man she likes and hold another woman’s arm.

“Congratulations” Although Xue Ruzhi felt a little uncomfortable in her heart, she could only silently bless Lin Yun.

After all, Lin Yun does not belong to her, and she is not qualified to interfere with Lin Yun’s happiness.

And she also knew that she was not worthy of Lin Yun, so she never wanted to be Lin Yun’s woman, as long as she could be with Lin Yun, she would be content.

Although she doesn’t expect to be Lin Yun’s woman, when she sees Lin Yun holding Yun Ruoxi, she still feels sincere envy in her heart, and she can’t wait to exchange identities with Yun Ruoxi.

She couldn’t help even wondering what a beautiful scene she would be holding Lin Yun’s arm.

It wasn’t until a few seconds later that everyone woke up from the shock.

“Half-step Martial Venerable!”

“Very good! This boss is too strong!”

“Half-step Martial Venerable … this time, anyone can play, right?”

For a while, excitement and joy spread all over the daughter island.

Those soldiers who had worked hard for a month, they all cheered when they heard the news.

After all, Lin Yun is getting stronger and stronger, which means that Divine Sect is stronger!

People go to high places, water seeks its own level!

Just like in the battlefield, the generals beheading the enemy, will make morale rise.

Lin Yun’s strength made these soldiers more confident.

Xiao Yin shed tears with excitement. Although she knew in her heart that there was still a long section of the road from the ancient martial arts emperor back then, at least it has now broken through the boundary of Martial Saint and has become a half Step Martial Venerable.

Xiao Yin hopes to have revenge in his heart, hoping to see Lin Yun regain the title of Emperor Wan of ancient martial arts, stand on the top of Divine Realm again, slaughter all the Celestial Emperor and Fairy Zixia of Samsara, and return Wan Ancient God Palace Those dead souls are fair!

“It’s really exciting, Island Lord, this Sect Master is too powerful.” The Three Great Clans of Sea King Island was sighing, thinking back then, when Lin Yun just joined the Seven Demon Sect, his realm and strength were even Not that strong yet.

But now it’s dazzling. After a few years, Lin Yun’s strength is no longer comparable to that of the Seven Demon Sect and the rest of the Sect Master. Even his own realm is already comparable to Fang Mingguang, Luo Tianying, Lan Fengyuan and the Same as others.

Yun Ruoxi walked to Yueyue and the others. This time, Yueyue and the others surrounded him and asked Yun Ruoxi what was going on?

Yun Ruoxi’s cheeks are flushed, without too much explanation, let alone the real secret of the Queen of Energy.

Because when she was in Dual Cultivation, Lin Yun had already told her that the less people knew the secret of the Queen of Energy, the better, even if it was someone who killed Divine Sect, it was better not to say it.

After all, the increase in the cultivation speed of the Elf Queen is too terrifying, and even the Heavenly Paradise of Four Great Holy Lands cannot match it.

If this matter is leaked out, it will be enough to cause a fight for Four Great Holy Lands. When the time comes, Yun Ruoxi will be regarded as the cauldron of cultivation and will be robbed by the forces of the entire Divine Realm.

Lin Yun will not let this happen, so the safest way is not to tell anyone about it.

“Sect Master…” Xiao Yin’s eyes were full of tears. She felt that the day when Lin Yun revived the Ancient God Palace was already not far away.

Lin Yun patted Xiao Yin on the shoulder and asked, “What else has happened recently?”

Lin Yun didn’t care about too many things, and didn’t want to hold a celebration banquet. The only thing he wanted to do was to improve Divine Sect and his own strength, so that he could deal with Jinmian as soon as possible and take Lin Ying back.

Xiao Yin thought for a moment, and said: “Eastern Continent is still the same. Four Great Holy Lands are holding each other down, and there is no action on the Sacred Domain alliance.”

“But the person in the mirror said that the ghost face sect has been attacked by the Exterminating Bureau recently, and almost all the sub-bases have been destroyed.”

Lin Yun calmly arranged his clothes, and this incident did not surprise him.

Xiao Wenhao is a narrow-minded person, plus the losses he suffered in Lin Yun’s hands, he will definitely get revenge on Lin Yun, but he has not found the trace of Tu Divine Sect and Lin Yun, so he can only face the ghost. Zong made trouble.

“Sect Master, do you think the Sacred Domain Alliance will take care of this?” Xiao Yin asked with some worry.

Lan Fengyuan has a good relationship with Lin Yun now. If Ghost Face Sect can join forces with Tu Divine Sect, it can be regarded as a great help for Tu Divine Sect.

Lin Yun shook his head and said: “It shouldn’t be, the reason the Sacred Domain alliance recruited the ghost face sect was only because of lack of manpower.”

“Now Heaven Realm can’t take care of itself. The Sacred Domain alliance has dominated the western continent. The Yellow Emperor will only use this time and resources to train his dead men.”

“Lan Fengyuan is too uncertain for the Yellow Emperor. After all, he betrayed once.”

Xiao Yin also thought that Lin Yun’s words were reasonable, and immediately asked cautiously: “Then we…”