Eternal Martial Emperor Chapter 3362

Xiao Yin didn’t say everything, but Lin Yun also understood what she meant. Xiao Yin was asking Lin Yun if he needed them to help the ghost face sect.

Aquaman and the others are also gearing up. As a Martial Artist, this kind of life is too boring.

In order to prevent the headquarters of Daughter Island from being discovered, and the last time the location of Flying Dragon Mountain Valley was exposed, Aquaman and the others have not left Daughter Island for a long time, and now I can’t wait for a battle to be fought.

Moreover, Lin Yun’s current strength is no longer what it used to be. Lin Yun, who has reached half a Martial Venerable in his own realm, wants to see how powerful he is.

“Let the soldiers stand still, Lan Fengyuan didn’t speak, if we act, it will harm him.” Lin Yun spoke out the pros and cons of it.

“Huh? Why is this?” Turtle immortal showed a puzzled look, a little puzzled.

Lin Yun did not speak, but Xue Ruzhi explained: “It’s very simple. Lan Fengyuan and I have cooperated several times. This is destined to escape the eye of the Sacred Domain alliance.”

“Although Lan Fengyuan’s acting style is violent and impermanent, he will weigh the pros and cons with his character. He has not contacted me now, and he should have hidden my relationship with him from the Sacred Domain alliance.”

Speaking of this place, many people are still unclear, but Ye Shenghui said with a smile: “Sect Master means that if we extend a helping hand to the Ghost Face Sect now, it will happen that we have a relationship with him. This equivalent to the future Ghost Face Sect and the Sacred Domain alliance will be in opposition.”

“Now Sect Master is not sure whether Lan Fengyuan will choose the Sacred Domain alliance or us. All we can do is to stand still.”

Everyone suddenly realized that, indeed, if we now extend a helping hand to the Ghost Face Sect and Lan Fengyuan chooses the Sacred Domain Alliance, this will actually break the ghost face sect.

Lin Yun does not want anyone to join Divine Sect to be forced.

“Sect Master, again, if Lan Fengyuan really asks us, is it easy to deal with the Exterminating Bureau? Don’t forget that there is a half-step Martial Emperor in the Exterminating Bureau.” Haiwang reminded.

As one of the five Sovereigns, the leader of the “Sovereign Sovereign of Demon Slayer” has reached the half-step Martial Emperor Realm, and the relationship between the five Sovereigns and the Heaven Realm is inextricably linked, I am afraid it is difficult to deal with.

Lin Yun was quite magnanimous, did not conceal or deceive, and said straightforwardly: “Although there is no way to defeat the Demon Sovereign, but he can still fight against him and hold him back for some time.”

The word is amazing!

As soon as these words came out, everyone in the audience became quiet, including Yueyue and the others who were talking with Yun Ruoxi on the other side.

They couldn’t believe what they heard.

Can he hold the Emperor Wu for half a step?

This sentence came from the mouth of a half-step Martial Venerable, but no one would believe it.


This sentence came out of Lin Yun’s mouth, and everyone knows that this is not an exaggeration.

“Boss… Are you sure this is not a joke?” Nangong Prince asked incredulously.

Even if Lin Yun has created a lot of miracles, you must know that there are not many half-step martial arts of Divine Realm, and their strength is obvious to all.

For example, in the Peak battle, the head of light by the strength of oneself, the nine-level Martial Venerable Rakshasa Ghost King against the underworld, and the two seventh-level Martial Venerable Holy Lords of the Sacred Domain Alliance.

In that battle, the Guangming heads of state also did not let go of the wind, and were able to do well.

This is enough to see that the gap between Banbu Wudi and Martial Venerable is still very large.

“It can only hold on for two minutes that’s all at most.” Lin Yun said peacefully. He was not touting himself, but in fact it was.

After Lin Yun’s realm reached half-step Martial Venerable, even if he did not use the energy of Demon God nucleus crystal, his strength was already comparable to Level 1 Martial Venerable.

And without a ribbed frame, with the giant queen bloodline, Asura Demon Venerable bloodline, Divine Light Body Protection, and the Martial Spirit ability of the Demon God sword, even with the attack of the third-level Martial Venerable Peak, he still Able to fight down with the flesh.

If the fifth form of Demon God nuclear crystal is turned on, Lin Yun’s strength is comparable to the mid-stage Martial Venerable level 6.

It is no exaggeration to say that Lin Yun in the fifth form has defensive power even the attacks of the two Great Holy Lords of the Sacred Domain Alliance.

And after this breakthrough half-step Martial Venerable, the biggest benefit to Lin Yun is the sixth form.

Today, Lin Yun has been able to open the sixth form of Demon God nucleus crystal on his own without resorting to the “Heart of the Ice God”.

But relying on oneself to turn on the sixth form of Demon God nucleus crystal can only maintain a short ten seconds, and it will cause great damage to the body.

However, Lin Yun used the “Heart of the Ice God” to turn on the sixth form of Demon God nucleus. Not only would it not cause harm to the body, but the maintenance time could reach two minutes.

It is just that the energy storage of the “Heart of Ice God” takes a certain amount of time, and it can be used only once every half a month, so this opportunity is also very precious.

When Lin Yun opens the sixth form of Demon God nuclear crystal, his strength will reach the 9th Martial Venerable, and even if he uses “Demon God to destroy the world”, even the half-step imperial capital can be threatened.

Of course, what can be threatened is only those half-step martial emperors who cannot be elementalized. If it was the half-step martial emperor like Demon Slayer and Feng Wuhen, there was still no way to threaten them.

“The top priority is to improve your strength as soon as possible, and your strength is also very important.” Lin Yun changed the subject, and Lin Yun did not want to interfere in how Lan Fengyuan made his own decision.

Even though he can threaten Emperor Wu Wu, on the surface, Tu Divine Sect is already unimaginable.

But in fact, there has been a very serious cut-off.

Everyone also knows in their hearts that Lin Yun, as the Sect Master, is now enough to rival the half-step martial emperor, but apart from Lin Yun, the strongest person in Divine Sect is an eighth-level Martial Saint of Sea King.

Looking at the entire Divine Realm, I am afraid that no force is like this.

Tu Divine Sect is now facing enemies, one is stronger than the other, and they also need to become stronger.

However, Neptune and the others can’t help but sigh. When facing these powerful enemies, they feel more and more insignificant, intentional and powerless.

But if you really want to be able to fight side by side with Lin Yun, at least you need to reach the realm of Martial Venerable.

It is as strong as Sea King, and now I want to breakthrough to Martial Venerable Realm. There is still a long way to go. I don’t know how long it will take.

“You continue to stay here, I am going to take Nangong and the others out for some experience.” Lin Yun said suddenly.

“Sect Master, did you take it personally?” Everyone was a little surprised. This time Lin Yun actually wanted to lead the team personally.

“Yes, take them to Flying Dragon Mountain Valley.” Lin Yun responded.