Eternal Martial Emperor Chapter 3437

The sound of abuse reverberated on Dragon Tiger Mountain, but Wang Pushi calmed down and looked at the group of people who were kneeling on the ground with interest.

Obviously, in front of this group of people, like a Spiritual God, possessing divine force, they can harvest their lives with no difficulty. Why are these people not afraid of themselves at all?

Is it really because of Lin Yun that gave this group of people such courage?

Wang Pushi was pondering in his heart that he was looking for a way to completely defeat the psychological line of defense of this group of ants.

He looked around, and finally his eyes fell on the rows of tombstones in the mountainside.

“Long Yuxi, Shengren…hehe, I heard that Divine Sect also has a tradition that people who died in battle will be buried here.” Wang Pushi smiled suddenly, looking like a loyal and honest person. middle-aged man.

However, what he did in the next second completely silenced the entire mountainside.

I saw him suddenly lifted his right foot and stepped fiercely on the ground.

With a loud noise, all of a sudden, the mountainside area where the tombstones were inserted burst open.

All the tombstones are in front of this half-step Martial Venerable, unable to withstand a single blow, and they are instantly shattered.

This scene really stunned everyone in the audience.

The Guangming head of state held back his anger, turned around and left the mountainside.

He knew in his heart the deeds of Long Yuxi and Shengren and the others, and he also knew that without this group of people, Tu Divine Sect would not have reached today.

Although he has never fought side by side with Lin Yun in this life, he still respects this kind of warrior who is not afraid of power and has the courage to die.

If it wasn’t because of identity, he would like to slap Wang Pushi to death now.

“Wang Pushi, you are not far from death!”

All the people are no longer cursing at this moment, but gradually calmed down. They are all staring at Wang Pushi, as if looking at a dead person.

Wang Pushi didn’t take this matter seriously. He had long been uncomfortable with Lin Yun and wanted to arrest him. He even said: “Providing Lin Yun’s whereabouts, the deity can spare him not to die!” [19459002 ]

The result can be imagined, all the people are in agreement, moved towards Wang Pushi spitting out.

It is not how much they respect Lin Yun in their hearts, but they really don’t know where Lin Yun is now.


Even if they knew where Lin Yun was, they would never reveal Lin Yun’s whereabouts.

The group of people who still live on Dragon Tiger Mountain has gone through many life and death battles with Lin Yun.

Assassination, Dark Gate, Intelligence, Sacred Domain Alliance…

They have long been accustomed to life and death. There are even many people who have no relatives around them. Their relatives have died on the battlefield and are buried in the mountainside.

They come to the mountainside from time to time, just to pay homage to their loved ones.

But today, Wang Pushi completely destroyed their thoughts.

Looking at the broken ground, the bones were exposed. Every citizen is a hero. They are not afraid of the sword of Heaven Realm…

There is no doubt that the whole Dragon Tiger Mountain was reddened by blood dyed, and even under the order of Wang Pushi, the former Dragon-Tiger city was turned into ruins in the flames.

The strong smell of blood, almost spreading over a hundred miles, is chilling.

Wang Pushi did not slack off because of this. He found many Sect Masters or targets who had been in contact with Lin Yun but did not join Divine Sect.

For Chaos Domain, this is destined to be a catastrophe.

At the same time, far in Eastern Continent, a teenager wearing a white long coat flew in midair.

At a glance, the desert is endless.

The grains of sand are shining under the light of the eyes, and the heat wave of the position is also assaults the senses.

The temperature of this desert is also terribly high, almost reaching seventy-eighty degrees, just like a big stove.

If you are an ordinary person, you will definitely not be able to withstand such high temperatures.

And here is the furnace desert of Eastern Continent!

In fact, Eastern Continent has a huge area, and the territory under the jurisdiction of Four Great Holy Lands occupies a large part of Eastern Continent.

However, there are still some areas with scarce resources, which are under the jurisdiction of forces such as the Fallen Legion and the Five Zuns.

And this furnace desert belongs to one of the five statues, the territory of “Six Wings”.

“It should be in this direction…”

This white clothed youth is Lin Yun. He used the power of the Giant Queen’s bloodline and changed his face, not wanting to attract attention in Eastern Continent.

His goal “Heptagonal Green Mine” is not such a scarce resource, but in the entire Divine Realm, there is only one vein, which needs to span the entire “furnace desert.”

Although there is only one vein, the “Heptagonal Green Mine” is not very useful. It can even be said that there is no use at all except for the creation of a “spirit boat” and other forms of formation, which ultimately leads to There is no power to mine this vein.

What Lin Yun needs to do now is to cross the “Furnace Desert”, and after taking the “Heptagonal Green Mine”, he can leave here and return to Divine Sect.


As the distance to the “burning furnace desert” gets closer, Lin Yun feels that there are waves of energy fluctuations in front of him.

“Someone is fighting here?” Lin Yun was a little surprised, and suddenly thought of the intelligence from the person in the mirror some time ago.

Liuyixuan dispatched heavy troops, as if chasing and killing who.

Could it be that Liuyixuan’s army is fighting with whom?

Lin Yun immediately released Divine Consciousness to detect the breath of killing both sides.

The breath of one of them is very familiar to Lin Yun.

“How could it be them?”

After thinking about it for a while, Lin Yun did not hesitate, and directly moved towards the area where he was fighting.

The army of hundreds of thousands is very conspicuous in this golden desert.

Hundreds of thousands of soldiers wore black clothes and six light wings were embroidered on their chests. Obviously, this came from one of the five “Six Wings”.

This group of soldiers took a round shape and surrounded their enemies.

Apart from this, in the army of Six Wings, there are also two men who are particularly conspicuous. The aura of these two has reached Martial Venerable!

A man is tall and naked, his realm has reached the fifth level of Martial Venerable, and he is titled “Mirror Monster”.

Another person has feminine features and four wings grow out of his back. The realm reaches Level 4 Martial Venerable and he is titled “Four Winged Angel”.

Those who were besieged by Liuyixuan were four people who were severely carbonized and drenched with blood.

It is just amazing that the blood that these four people shed is not red, but a gray color.