Eternal Martial Emperor Chapter 3438

“Rijun big brother, we can’t stand it anymore, cough cough cough… the previous half-step Martial Emperor human caused us too serious injuries, and it hasn’t gotten any better now…” A five-meter tall, build Sturdy, like a tiger, now half kneeling on the ground.

Even if they were far apart, Lin Yun could clearly see that this man, who looked like a tiger, was almost burnt to charcoal, and there were many wounds with deep bones, and his injuries were extremely serious.

And this person is exactly the old underground world, a general in the anti-imperial army-evil tiger!

There is no doubt that these four people are from the high-level anti-imperial army in the underground world, Nijun, Mo Cheng, Shan Fu, and the evil tiger.

Rijun’s whole body was also burned to coke, not only that, his entire abdomen was almost blown to pieces, and at least half of his intestines fell out of his body.

There is no doubt that his injuries are more serious than those of the other three generals.

But the three Jiang Yuan are already one-knee kneels on the ground, and he still stands here.

“Kill them!”

The Mirror Monster did not hesitate. With a wave of his right hand, Liuyixuan’s hundreds of thousands of troops once again drew bows and arrows.

For a time, hundreds of thousands of arrows fell from the sky.

The three generals, Shan Fu, Evil Tiger, and Mo Cheng, were about to speak to resist. The four-winged angel in Six Wing Xuan suddenly grinned, and his right hand carried a black law wheel, and suddenly moved towards the void with a wave.

In an instant, the three Mo Chengs who stood up and wanted to perform defensive moves suddenly felt a heavy body, but they couldn’t bear it. The whole person lay directly on the ground and even stirred up a lot in the desert. Of smoke and dust.

Only Sun Jun, even though the ka-cha squeaking sound from his legs, he still both hands forming seals, and the “wind and fire eyes” behind him also flashed rays of light at the same time.

It’s too late to say, it’s fast then!

The Mirror Monster who is a Level 5 Martial Venerable has also taken action!

I saw him condense a large amount of Immortal Qi, forming a seemingly ordinary mirror.

The mirror pointed at Sun Jun, directly reflecting Sun Jun’s shadow.

The Mirror Monster gave a sneer, his right hand stretched out, his fingertips lightly tapped, and an Immortal Qi ray instantly shot out from his fingertips. The target was not the Sun Jun in the distance, but the sun in the mirror. Jun’s reflection.

Sun Jun immediately felt a threat of death, and he immediately released a hurricane, which directly shifted the position of the mirror.

This Immortal Qi ray was aimed at the heart of Sun Jun’s reflection, but due to the influence of the strong wind, the mirror surface shifted, causing the Immortal Qi ray to hit the right shoulder of Sun Jun’s reflection.

At the same time that the right shoulder of the reflection of the Japanese monarch in the mirror was hit, the entity of the Japanese monarch in the distance seemed to have been hit. The right shoulder instantly appeared out of thin air. A blood hole, the gray blood immediately splashed from his right shoulder Out.

Although this move did not solve Rijun, it also caused Rijun to sink. His legs could no longer withstand such a huge gravity, and the calves of both legs were all cracked.

“Nijun big brother!”

Seeing that the sky full of arrows is about to arrive, the three of Mo Cheng are all gnashing teeth. They finally escaped from the underground world and did not want to die here.

These arrows are equipped with talisman. In their current state of being half-dead, if they are hit by these arrows, they will be crippled even if they are not dead!

At the crucial moment, a blue and white silhouette suddenly broke through the sky, so fast that everyone did not react.

Immediately afterwards, centering on Rijun and the others, within a radius of 100 meters, all the sand on the ground swept up, forming a tornado, and the scene was terrifying. The hurricane went straight to Heavenspan.


The people at Six Wing Xuan are all startled. I didn’t expect that in Eastern Continent, under the jurisdiction of the five statues, someone would reach out to the people underground.

Hundreds of thousands of arrows have all arrived before they can respond.

hong long long ——!

These on the arrow were all equipped with talisman, and they exploded immediately after being blocked by this tornado.

The booming sound is endless.

The terrifying air wave spread directly in all directions, setting off one after another sandstorms around.

“Who is it?” The Mirror Monster was furious and roared.

As the wind stopped, the golden sand particles vibrated, and the sand gradually dissipated. A blue and white rib cage appeared in front of everyone.

There is no need to see the true face of the visitor. Just the rib cage made the four-winged angel and the mirror stranger shudder.

And the hundreds of thousands of Liuyixuan army behind them are also looked at each other in blank dismay.

“Why is he here?”

“Lin Yun! Heaven Realm sent the head of Guangming to arrest him? How dare he appear in Eastern Continent!”

“What can I do? I heard that the last time the Five Elements Heaven envoy fought with him, it failed to gain the upper hand.”

For a while, the soldiers of Liuyixuan couldn’t help holding breath cold air.

This rib cage has created too many legends.

This rib frame has also become Lin Yun’s most conspicuous symbol.

“Are you okay?” Lin Yun looked behind him and saw the four of them.

These four people are now seriously injured. The evil tiger is sluggish and unable to perform the “black gold”. There is a big hole in the chest, and they fell to the ground, gasping for breath.

By his side, the two generals, Mo Cheng and Shan Fu, were also carbonized and blood surging.

Among the four people, it was Sun Jun’s injury that was the most serious. Even through the heavily carbonized skin, Lin Yun could clearly see that almost all the bones in Sun Jun’s body were broken. It is really a miracle to be able to continue to stand here.

This made Lin Yun feel surprised. He looked to the other side, a level 5 Martial Venerable, a Level 4 Martial Venerable, and a trifling of hundreds of thousands of soldiers. With such strength alone, how could it be possible to bring the Sun Jun The four were hit hard to this point?

At the same moment, Lin Yun also saw the four-winged angel, continuously waving the black Falun in his hand, and every time he waved, the bodies of the three Mo Cheng who were originally lying on the ground would move towards the desert and sink another meter.

Even the bones of Rijun’s legs and calves were all shattered, and eventually he lay on the ground and couldn’t get up.

Only Lin Yun is still standing on the ground, completely remaining unmoved, just wrapping his rib cage and sinking a little towards the ground.

“Is this… really that powerful?” After seeing this scene, the Four Winged Angel was stunned, and a look of surprise appeared on his face.

Lin Yun glanced at him and asked quietly, “Is the ability of gravity manipulation?”

Lin Yun seemed to be able to read minds, and he could see through the mind of a four-winged angel at a glance.

The black Falun in the hands of the Four Winged Angel is his Divine Grade Martial Spirit-the “Gravity Falun”.

Every time he swings the black wheel, he can double the gravity in a certain area.

After so many waves of him, the gravity of the space around Rijun and the others has reached a thousand times that of the original Divine Realm.

But even so, it can’t have much influence on Lin Yun!

Seeing that Lin Yun did not respond, the mirror stranger immediately pointed his standing mirror at Lin Yun.

“Be careful!” Ri Jun hurriedly reminded him, “His mirror is very strange. Attacking the reflection in the mirror can hurt me…”