Eternal Sacred King Chapter 2654


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Pluto hadn’t planned to take action personally, but as soon as the war broke out, three Plutos fell, making him angry!


Heifeng jumped up and let out a long whistle: “bloodline phenomenon!”


Underworld within the body Bloodline is running, pushing to the limit in an instant. Behind him, a huge spring emerges, spewing out a natural phenomenon of chilly spring water!

The remaining Plutos didn’t dare to be careless, and the bloodline phenomenon of Hell Cold Spring also broke out, moving towards Martial Dao main body assault.

The reason why the Bloodline of the ancient Ming clan is strong is because they are transformed from the cold spring of hell. The bloodline has the power of the cold spring of hell.

This bloodline phenomenon, although there is no condense real hell cold spring, it is just a natural phenomenon, and the formidable power is strong enough.

Just now, the great paradise of the King of Northridge was frozen by it!

Now, led by Pluto, 11 Pluto expert also took out hell the bloodline phenomenon of cold spring, the temperature of the entire great hall plummeted, cold wind whistling, spring water surged, and formidable power surged!

In the eyes of the King of Northridge, a touch of despair passed.

This kind of power cannot be resisted at all.

The natural phenomenon of eleven cold springs is coming at the same time. If he changes places, let alone a big paradise, his whole person will be instantly frozen to death!


Martial Dao main body sneered slightly, treads the sky, standing without dodge or avoiding, deep within both eyes, suddenly burning two groups of purple flames.

hong long long!

Martial Dao main body also releases the power of qi and blood, and within the body there is the sound of turbulent waves hitting the shore.

Qi and blood are so powerful that everyone around you as long as they close their eyes, they will feel the entire Beiling Great Hall, as if they are submerged in a vast ocean!

The qi and blood of Martial Dao’s main body exudes scorching heat, and the surrounding void has been burnt almost distorted, and the underworld has been burned out!

Eleven hell cold springs came surging, just in time to hit the high-temperature air waves emanating from the Martial Dao main body within the body.

One cold and the other hot, the two extreme forces collided and made a strange noise.


The eleven hell cold springs were unable to rush over, but were resisted by the powerful qi and blood of the Martial Dao main body, billowing white smoke and mist!

Group repair shake!

This Outsider qi and blood is so powerful that it can actually fight against the Bloodline of the ancient Ming clan.

Moreover, with one person’s strength, he resisted the eleven hell cold springs!

In the memory of the group repair, this is simply an act of heaven defying, which is impossible.

The Bloodline that can resist the ancient Ming clan, only the ancient Ming clan.

Now, the appearance of the Martial Dao main body has broken the cognition of many hell creatures.


The two sides were in a stalemate, but three or two breaths, the eleven hell cold springs unexpectedly began to bubble, showing signs of boiling!

Hell cold spring, known as the most cold water in the world.

Now, I was boiled by the qi and blood of other people. If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, who would have believed it?

“You all try your best to kill this child!”

Nether Feng loudly shouted, and while continuing to urge Hell Cold Spring, he took out the bloodline phenomenon of the big paradise.

The void behind him suddenly collapsed, revealing a dark and deep paradise, exuding a gloomy atmosphere.

Along with the eleven natural phenomenon of cold springs, eleven paradises were suppressed!

“If it is the real hell cold spring, I am still a little interested.”

Martial Dao main body shook his head slightly and said: “It’s just some phantom natural phenomenon, too weak.”

tone barely fell, Martial Dao main body urged qi and blood to the extreme, and the whole person seemed to have disappeared from the spot, replaced by a huge melting pot!

In this furnace, several different flames are burning.

Fire of Martial Soul, Dragon-Phoenix’s flame, Tribulation Fire, Red Lotus Karmic Fire, Fire of Hell.

Five kinds of flames burned day and night, and this furnace has long been burnt red!

The bloodline phenomenon of Martial Dao main body, Furnace of Heaven and Earth!


Hell Cold Spring of Hell and the others, even the qi and blood of Martial Dao’s main body, could not break through, and could not resist the impact of Furnace of Heaven and Earth.

The eleven hell cold springs all evaporated and turned into nothingness in the blink of an eye!

Furnace of Heaven and Earth, with the growth of Martial Dao main body fleshly body and bloodline, the formidable power is also rising.

Some Pluto experts who had not had time to release the paradise, after the natural phenomenon of the cold spring was evaporated, the whole person was completely exposed to the Furnace of Heaven and Earth.

These Plutos were also turned into ashes, body and soul entirely exterminated by Furnace of Heaven and Earth in a few breaths!

Even if some Plutos release paradise, due to the limited realm, just take out a small paradise, which can not withstand the impact of Furnace of Heaven and Earth.

Among these little paradise, raging flame is also burning.

The little paradise that was originally gloomy and gloomy, the fire blazed into the sky, was burned red inside and out, full of cracks, and would collapse at any time!

11 Pluto expert, after Martial Dao main body released the bloodline phenomenon Furnace of Heaven and Earth, the offensive collapsed instantly with heavy casualties!

Only Mingfeng barely protects himself by virtue of the great paradise close to the great perfection.

Other Pluto experts, dead and wounded, he is alone and hard to support, he may die on the spot at any time!

Be aware that the Martial Dao main body has only released a bloodline phenomenon now, and has not really launched a counterattack.


The group repair expression was shocked, and his face was shocked!

The kings of the Northridge stared, his face full of incredible color.

11 The Pluto expert of the ancient Ming clan was only suppressed and killed by a bloodline phenomenon by this Huang Wu!

Huang Wu’s terrifying is even beyond the imagination of the King of Beiling!

On the other side, Nanlin young master’s face is pale, he can see and swallows, and his mind is trembling.

He didn’t expect at all, the Outsider he and Tang Qinger ran into on their way back was so powerful!

In his eyes, Supreme, the unstoppable Pluto expert, can’t even resist Huang Wu’s bloodline phenomenon!

“You guys are still watching over there!”

While Mingfeng is holding on, he turns his head and moved towards Loudly Roared, the lord of the Ten Great Prison Ridges: “Give me all shots, everyone!”

“This person is not dead today. The military leader in prison will be blamed, and you will all be buried!”

The lord of the ten prison hills trembled at hearing.

It wasn’t that they deliberately stood on the sidelines, they were really deterred by Martial Dao’s main body’s horrible methods, and they were a little jealous, but they didn’t immediately take action.

But now that Mingfeng said this sentence, everyone has no way out.


The lord of the corpse mountain icily said: “Thousands of prison king experts in the great hall are thousands of paradise. Together, I don’t believe I can kill this person!”

“Not bad!”

Lord Biyanling also said solemnly: “When I wait for someone to take out a paradise spiritual treasure, it will be smashed, and this red stove can be smashed to pieces!”

The lord of the ten prison ridges glanced at each other, and all made a decision at the same time, standing on the side of the dark front, suppressing the Martial Dao main body.

Behind Mingfeng is the Cold Spring Prisoner who controls the entire Cold Spring Hell!

And Huang Wu, as an Outsider, is only alone.

Both choose the side, without even thinking about it, even a three-year-old child can make the right choice.

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