Eternal Sacred King Chapter 2655


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Under the orders of the Ten Great Prison Ridge Lords, thousands of Prison Kings vacated their hands and released their paradise.

The huge and magnificent Beiling Great Hall couldn’t bear this kind of impact and collapsed in an instant!

Thousands of large and small paradise are released. What a sight?

I want to destroy the Heavens and exterminating the Earth!

The whole Beiling City is shaking and shaking, mountains bursting and ground splitting!

The jailers and guards in the city have no idea what happened.

Everyone just saw the Prison King expert rising in midair, and saw thousands of dark and gloomy paradise, they turned pale with fright, and they all backed away for fear of being involved in it.

Tang Qing’er raised her head and looked at that silhouette who was under the siege of thousands of prison kings, expressing nervousness.

Thousands of prison king expert, thousands of paradise, how to resist this?

Such a big battle, I’m afraid only the Cold Spring Prisoner can deal with it.

Although she knew it was impossible, Tang Qing’er still looked forward to a miracle in her heart.

Martial Dao stands on the main body treads the sky, feeling the thousands of large and small, dao law different paradise around, the deeper the eyes, the flames burning inside, the more and more prosperous!

In order to derive and perfect Martial Dao, this deity collects and browses the cultivation technique secret technique.

Now, since I have come to the hell world and cannot leave for the time being, it is better to study the dao law inheritance in the hell world!

If you want to get in touch with the profound dao law of the hell world, nothing is faster and more direct than refining the paradise of a prison king!

“Yuanwu paradise!”

Martial Dao’s body became faintly discernible, and around his body, a huge and strange dark paradise emerged.

This gloomy paradise, the main body of Martial Dao is called ‘Yuanwu paradise’, which means the beginning and origin of Martial Dao.

Yuanwu paradise is not Martial Dao paradise in the true sense.

The derivation of Yuanwu paradise, cannot be copied, belongs to Heaven and Earth anomaly, Dao Body is Dao Fruit, broken True Martial Dao Body, and finally evolved.

Martial Dao’s next realm method has not yet been established.

This method corresponds to Martial Dao paradise.

Due to the special nature of Yuanwu paradise, it jumps out of the Three Realms, and even if it absorbs and plunders origin qi of Heaven and Earth, it is difficult to grow.

The best way for Yuanwu paradise to grow is to devour other paradise and refining Wandao inheritance!

Thousands of large and small paradise with different dao laws are in front of me. In the eyes of Martial Dao main body, simply is not paradise, but a Tao Tie feast that is enough to fill Yuan Wu’s paradise!

Actually, at the moment when Martial Dao main body released Yuan Wu paradise, at the Nine Heavens conference, the strong sense of crisis that suddenly appeared in my heart again.

It’s just that Martial Dao’s main body is under heavy siege, and he has no time to look after him.

A group of experts such as Mingfeng saw Martial Dao’s main body releasing paradise, which were all expression graves.

If Martial Dao releases a great perfection paradise, these thousands of prison kings may not be able to take advantage of the cooperation!

But when they saw that Martial Dao’s main body released only a small paradise, they were relieved and relieved.

“I’m a who thing, it turned out to be just an ordinary prison king, condense little paradise.”

“We have overreacted a bit, a little paradise, any one of the ten lord of the prison hills, can suppress it!”

“In my opinion, don’t be careless, this person is fleshly body and bloodline strong, and even Pluto expert was killed several times by him just now.”

Listening to the discussion around, Pluto coldly said: “Kill him first, don’t make any changes!”


The lord of the ten prison hills glanced at each other and raised his arms.

Under the leadership of Mingfeng and Ten Great Prison Ridges, thousands of large and small paradise exude terrifying aura, moved towards Martial Dao main body to suppress it!


The figure of Martial Dao’s main body has completely disappeared, and in midair there is only a small dark and deep paradise.

Yuanwu paradise began to rotate continuously, forming a huge vortex, tearing and devouring the large and small paradise rushing around.


The Great Paradise of Ming Feng, the lord of the Ten Great Prison Ridges, first came into contact with Yuan Wu paradise.

They planned to be in a spurt of energy and jointly suppress Yuan Wu paradise into nothingness.

Can’t expect, the moment their grand paradise and Yuan Wu paradise came into contact, they began to shake, and the power of paradise passed quickly.

Even the form of the big paradise is somewhat unsupported and is gradually separating!


“This person is actually devouring their big paradise!”

Underworld, the lord of the ten great prison hills, was stunned.

In the hell world, devouring the refining power of paradise is just looking for some broken paradise fragments, after a long period of cultivation, slowly digesting and assimilating.

Who would be like Martial Dao main body, like a wolf, a whale swallowing a cow!

“Swallow, swallow!”

Pluto and the others didn’t step back and dodge at all, but showed a hideous look.

“Such a good appetite, I will let you eat enough!”

A little paradise, to devour their big paradise, is extremely ridiculous in itself.

It’s like a python with a big mouth open, swallowing a divine dragon. Isn’t this your own courting death?

In addition to their big paradise, there are thousands of large and small paradise behind them.

So many paradise, so many dao law inheritance, the conflict is fierce, let alone the small paradise, even the big paradise, the great perfection paradise, can’t bear it!

I am afraid that only Heaven and Earth from the Emperor Realm expert condense, and a world, can be accommodated.

In fact, as Pluto and the others expected.

Yuan Wu paradise at the Nine Heavens Conference, forcibly devouring the great paradise of 19 peerless Immortal Kings, he has not felt the difficulty yet.

Now that thousands of paradises of various sizes are all here, Yuan Wu paradise is gradually overwhelming.

Yuanwu paradise impossible In an instant, refining the dao law inheritance in these paradise.

It only temporarily accommodates the dao law in these paradise, and it also requires a long period of deduction, absorption, and refining.

Nowadays, thousands of paradise and paradise are all here, and Yuan Wu paradise is not given time to absorb refining at all!

The vortex of Yuanwu paradise is getting bigger and bigger.

But the speed of rotation is getting slower and slower!

If this continues, I’m afraid Yuan Wu’s paradise will indeed be blown up!

With the current methods of Martial Dao main body, under the siege of thousands of prison kings, it is not difficult to rush out. No one can block his way.

But in this way, it will be difficult for him to shelter Beiling Tang Family.

At this moment, Martial Dao’s main body noticed that there was a strange wave of fluctuations in the Yuan Wu paradise.

When he was walking along the soul lantern in the Avici Great Hell, he once saw an ancient mirror called ‘Netherworld Treasure Mirror’.

This ancient mirror seems to be out of the ordinary, but the main body of Martial Dao doesn’t see anything famous.

What is strange is that Nether Treasure Mirror cannot be put in a storage bag.

So, Martial Dao main body temporarily put it in the shirt on the chest.

Now, he is incarnate as paradise, this Netherworld treasure mirror, naturally enters his Yuan Wu paradise, sinks and floats in it.

This change comes from Nether Treasure Mirror!

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