Eternal Sacred King Chapter 2657


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Martial Dao main body swallows the surrounding paradise while observing the situation.

The prison king expert outside, although there are still thousands of people, it is not enough to fear.

The paradise of these prison king experts has been disabled to support.

Even a Pluto expert like Pluto, relying on the bloodline and primordial spirit of the ancient Pluto clan, the great paradise behind them is also at risk.

At this time, most of Martial Dao’s main body’s attention was not on the surrounding prison king expert, but instead was staring at the Nether Treasure Mirror in Yuanwu paradise!

The origin of this ancient mirror is unknown, and it is obviously a big killer, so he still feels a little worried.

Martial Dao main body Observing for a while, a feeling develops in my heart.

The huge power of paradise just awakens Netherworld treasure mirror. What the ancient mirror really needs is a lot of blood essence power!

Martial Dao main body pondered a little, and decided to close Yuanwu paradise, temporarily isolating Nether Treasure Jian and sealing it up.

In the Nether Treasure Mirror, there is obviously an extremely evil and terrifying power.

Once awakened, Martial Dao main body was worried that it could not be suppressed and was backlashed!

even more how, after he released Yuanwu paradise, the sense of crisis that lingered in his heart never disappeared.

He always has scruples in his heart.

The prison kings around him no longer threatened him much.

Furthermore, in this battle, Yuanwu paradise swallowed enough power of paradise. If it could be digested all, it would be enough to raise Yuanwu paradise to a level!

At this point, Martial Dao’s main body reappeared, and the dark and deep huge paradise disappeared from the battlefield.

Yuanwu paradise disappeared, and the remaining prison king experts on the battlefield were relieved, as if they had walked through the gates of hell.

Many prison king experts suffered a mental breakdown, coupled with the paradise broken, and the origin qi was severely injured.

“He can’t hold it anymore!”

Mingfeng saw Martial Dao main body and put away Yuanwu paradise, finally saw a glimmer of hope, and the spirit was lifted, loudly said: “All the monarchs will join me and join forces to suppress and kill this person!”

Mingfeng and other ancient Ming clan experts have no way of retreat. Only the remaining prison king experts can kill Martial Dao main body to survive.


Martial Dao main body body moved, came to the front of Mingfeng and the others in an instant, and raised his hand with a punch.


This fist is like a volcano bursting out, and the imposing manner is terrifying, unstoppable, and envelops all the remaining ancient Ming clan experts such as Ming Feng!

After the fight just now, the Martial Dao main body not only has no consumption, but it has been greatly supplemented and its strength has improved.

The people of Pluto are extremely weak, even the paradise behind them is on the verge of collapse.

Facing the main body of Martial Dao, this contains a punch of law of martial dao and will of martial dao, and it cannot be resisted at all!

Martial Dao main body was decisive, and did not give Mingfeng and the others any respite!

The big paradise behind Pluto and the others collapsed instantly!

Losing the shelter of the big paradise, the people of Pluto are equivalent to exposed under the fists of Martial Dao’s main body.

puff puff puff!

The experts of the ancient Ming clan, including Ming Feng, were blown up by Martial Dao’s main body and turned into a ball of blood mist, body and soul entirely exterminated, skeleton doesn’t exist!

At the end of the war, all a dozen ancient Ming tribes died, and none of them were spared!

Seeing this scene, although the remaining prison king expert has thousands of people, they are scared to death and have no intention of fighting again.

Thousands of prison king experts have completely collapsed, including the lord of the top ten prison ridges. They dare not stay where they are and fled in all directions.

But the surrounding void has already been sealed off by Pluto and the others first, and the prison king experts couldn’t open it for a while.

The Martial Dao main body behind him has been chased and killed!

Capture the thieves and the king.

Martial Dao main body chase up, immediately take the lord of the ten prison ridges!

There is no room for maneuver on both sides, even more how, here is still hell, there is no reason at all, everything is cleared by killing and paving the way with blood!

Boom! boom! boom!

Several Lords of Hell Ridge were overtaken by Martial Dao main body, suppress and kill one by one.

Martial Dao main body among thousands of prison king experts, pushing it all the way, no one can stand up to its edge, it is completely crushed!

But in a blink of an eye, the lord of the ten prison ridges all died!

This kind of deterrence, this kind of terrorism, this kind of absolute dominance over the battlefield has caused a huge psychological impact on the remaining prison king experts.

These prison king experts, facing the cold spring prison master, are just in awe.

But at this moment, facing the Martial Dao main body, they only felt a strong fear!

All the hell creatures in Northridge City were all frightened by this scene.

Those noble and powerful ancient Ming clan Pluto, all died.

The lord of the top ten prison hills, also corpse on the spot!

Of these normally, they can only look up to the powerful existence, in the hands of the purple-robed cultivator, they are as weak as ants!

This is not a big battle.

This is a complete massacre!

Many Tang Family members such as the King of Beiling and Tang Qing’er are already dumbfounded.

Tang Qinger didn’t expect in her dreams. A person she accidentally met was so powerful that she stepped on the entire Beiling!

She didn’t expect even more. In the end, their Tang Family relied on an outsider from Heavenly World to keep the inheritance and continuation of Bloodline.

The King of Northridge has a complicated expression.

He recalled the reprimands he had given to this youngster a few days ago in his bedroom, and he couldn’t help feeling a bit scared.

At that time, if this youngster really cares about him, he would probably be dead before he can wait for his birthday!

Nanlin’s young master has a face like ashes, scared to the point of shivering.

It wasn’t until this time that he realized what kind of fierce person he had just offended and provoked!

This person squeezed him to death, it was easier than squeezed an ant.

“Nan Yuan, me, me, take me and leave here!”

Nanlin’s young master trembled, revealing his inner fear.

Nayuan Prison King was bitter in his mouth and whispered: “The surrounding void is blocked and cannot be opened in a short time. How do we go?”

“I can’t travel through space, I have to leave here, even if I run on two legs, I have to leave!”

Nanlin young master trembled: “Now… if you don’t leave, you will be able to leave after a while.”

Nanyuan Prison King knew in his heart that the young master of Nanlin was right.

For such a big change in Beiling, he should indeed rush back to Nanlin as soon as possible to report the matter.

The surrounding void is blocked, but Space Teleportation cannot be carried out, which does not affect normal departure.


Seeing the chaos of the situation, the prisoner Nan Yuan planned to take advantage of the chaos and leave here quietly.

Of course, the two dared not go too fast, for fear of attracting the attention of Martial Dao’s main body.

It hasn’t gotten far, the battle of in midair is coming to an end.

After Underworld and the others, the lord of the ten prison ridges all fell, the remaining prison king experts were defeated and could not resist the killing of Martial Dao main body!

It didn’t take long for the prison king expert to kneel down to show his acknowledge allegiance.

In the hell world, the only thing that many creatures believe in is power.

Now, the Martial Dao main body shows the absolute power that surpasses the ghost front and the lord of the ten prison ridges. The remaining prison king expert is completely deterred and dare not resist!

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