Eternal Sacred King Chapter 2659


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The King of Beiling: “I suggest that adults give up Beiling, hide their tracks as soon as possible, avoid the chasing and killing of the cold spring prisoner, and hibernate.”

Martial Dao’s main body treads the sky and stood silently.

The King of Beiling seemed to have thought of something, and then quickly explained: “My lord, don’t get me wrong. I, Tang Kong, was hit hard again at this age and I can’t restore Peak.”

“I persuade the adults to give up Beiling, not because I am greedy for the power of the king of Beiling.”

Tang Kong looked at the ruins at his feet, looked at the clansman each and everyone frightened, and sighed in his heart, sound transmission said: “Don’t hide it from your lord, after today, my Tang Family is in Beiling, and I can’t stay.” /p>

The Battle of Northridge, Martial Dao main body slaughter all sides.

And the Martial Dao main body was brought back by Tang Qing’er. The Martial Dao main body was chased by the cold spring prison lord, and the Tang Family of Beiling must be inseparable!

From now on, Tang Family can only leave Beiling and flee everywhere.

Tang Family clansman of tens of thousands, I don’t know how many people will survive in the end.

“As the Immortal King, do you know how to leave the hell world and return to the Intermediate Wide World?”

Martial Dao main body didn’t take any cold spring prison master seriously, but cared about another thing.

“Leaving the hell world, this…”

Tang Kong was stunned when he was asked, his expression was lost, he shook his head after hesitating a little, “I don’t know, there should be no way.”

“It is said that only the Lord of Hell can open the barrier between the hell world and the Intermediate Wide World. But now, the Lord of Hell has long since fallen, and the nine great hells have been separated, and there has been no election of the nine hells. Lord of hell.”

After a short pause, Tang Kong continued: “Even if a new Lord of Hell is born, it will not help.”

“Due to the special circumstances of the hell world, the new lord of hell cannot step into the Emperor Realm, and is far from the height of the lord of hell, so he cannot leave the hell world and go to the Intermediate Wide World.”

Martial Dao main body moved in his heart and suddenly asked: “What was the cultivation base of Hell back then?”

“The Great!”

Tang Kong said.

Martial Dao main body slightly frowned.

According to Tian Lang, only one emperor can be born in an era.

Tian Lang once followed Emperor Bo Xun, it shouldn’t be wrong in this regard.

But if the lord of hell is the emperor, wouldn’t it mean that there were two emperors coexisting at the time of Seamless Epoch?

In other words, the Seamless Great Emperor created the Seamless Epoch in the Intermediate Wide World, and the Lord of Hell created the era of the Hell in the Hell world. The luck of the two emperors is not the same, and does it affect each other?

As for the emperor, Martial Dao main body did not continue to question.

In the hell world, Tang Kong and the others can’t even reach the Emperor Realm, let alone the power and secrets of the Great Emperor.

“Apart from becoming the emperor, don’t other methods leave the hell world?”

Martial Dao main body asked.

According to Tang Kong, wouldn’t he be trapped in the hell world forever?

Actually, Tang Kong’s words just now also express this euphemistically.

But when he saw that Martial Dao main body had not given up yet, he was comforted: “Perhaps there will be some clues in the first hell prison…”

This is just what he said casually.

He never thought of leaving the hell world, and he didn’t know if there was a clue in Fengquan prison.

It’s just that Fengquan Prison ranks first among the nine great hells. It is located at the center of the hell world and has a special status, so he said that.

Of course, Tang Kong also wanted to let Martial Dao main body retreat.

Unexpectedly, the Martial Dao main body became interested in Fengquan Prison, and immediately said: “Where is Fengquan Prison, you take me there.”

While speaking, the master Martial Dao came directly to Tang Kong, and he casually Tearing the Void, ready to take Tang Kong for Space Teleportation, and leave here.

The location of the nine great hell is unknown to the main body of Martial Dao.

If it’s blind Space Teleportation, I don’t know how long it will take to find Fengquan Prison.

“Don’t worry, adults!”

Tang Kong was shocked when he saw that Martial Dao main body was about to leave with him, and he quickly dissuaded him, saying: “If you want to go to Fengquan Prison, it is impossible to send it casually, otherwise you will have life worry!” /p>

“How to say?”

Martial Dao main body frowned.

Tang Kong explained: “The world of hell has been hit hard, Heaven and Earth are broken, Grand Dao is incomplete, and the rules are incomplete. The void between the nine great hells is already fragmented. I don’t know how many cracks there are.”


“In the process of Space Teleportation, once you stray into these Space Cracks, you will be torn to pieces by terrifying power, and the Prison King’s cultivation base will not be able to resist!”

Martial Dao main body asked: “Then how to get to Fengquan Prison?”

Tang Kong hesitated and pondered a little, then slowly said: “Between the nine great hells, there is a Space Teleportation channel, which remains relatively intact.”

“If you want to go to Fengquan Prison, you can only use the great formation in Zhongdu, but…”

Tang Kong was hesitant to speak, but he was hesitant.

Martial Dao main body didn’t seem to think much, nodded said: “Then go to Zhongdu.”

“My lord.”

Tang Kong couldn’t help but reminded: “The prisoner of Hanquan is sitting in Zhongdu…”

Tang Kong’s unspoken implication is already obvious.

When the news of the Battle of Beiling reaches Zhongdu, the cold spring prisoner thunderbolt will never let go of Martial Dao main body under the anger.

While the news hasn’t spread, this Huang Wu doesn’t hurry to hide, but actually goes to Zhongdu to send High Sects by himself?

I’m afraid they were already beheaded by the Cold Spring Prisoner before they saw the teleportation great formation!

Just as Tang Kong was thinking about it, Martial Dao main body lightly saying: “This is better. Since he wants to come to me, not equal to me, he will find him in the first place, and it will save trouble.”

Tang Kong was stunned.

Faced with the ensuing anger and pursuit of the prisoner Hanquan, this Huang Wu didn’t plan to escape and hide, but he still wanted to take the initiative to find the prisoner Hanquan?

After all, it’s still a youngster, too arrogant.

Tang Kong resisted the urge to reprimand Martial Dao’s main body, and said earnestly: “My lord, this is not Heavenly World, this is the cold spring prison in the hell world.”

“The central capital of the Cold Spring Prison is far above Beiling, so please don’t be arrogant.”

“In my opinion, this matter needs a long-term discussion.”

“Too much trouble.”

Martial Dao main body waved his hand impatiently and said: “You follow me to the Central Capital. If the Lord of the Cold Spring gives out the great formation, it is best. If you don’t, kill it.”

Tang Kong has been in Beiling for more than 100,000 years. He has seen countless winds and waves and heard countless rhetoric.

This is the case. He was also taken aback by the Martial Dao main body, and his scalp was numb.

It is the first time he has heard of someone threatening to kill the prisoner of Cold Spring.

And the tone of the Martial Dao main body’s words, killing Hanquan prisoner, seems to be crushing an ant!

“Sir, do you want to wait for me to cultivate for a while?”

Tang Kong knew he couldn’t escape, and said: “I’m seriously injured now, even if I arrive in Zhongdu, I can’t exert any battle strength and I can’t help adults.”

“You don’t need to act.”

Martial Dao main body indifferently said: “Lead the way.”

Tang Kong clenched his fists tightly, and after a while, loosened them weakly.

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