Eternal Sacred King Chapter 2660


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Tang Kong couldn’t hide away, and said: “Master Huang Wu wait a moment, I’ll go over there to make arrangements for clansman.”

Martial Dao main body nodded.

Tang Kong came to one side, summoned the many clansman from Tang Family, divided the Tang Family clansman into several branches, separated them, and left Beiling as soon as possible.

He realizes that he will go to the middle of the city, bode ill rather than well, most of it will not come back, so he can only keep clansman’s Bloodline as much as possible.

“Father, where are you going?”

Tang Qinger asked.

Tang Kong sighed in his heart without concealing it, and said: “This Master Huang Wu wants to go to Zhongdu, and needs someone to lead the way. I can only accompany it.”

“I will go too!”

Tang Qing’er’s eyes lit up.

“Naughty, what are you going to do!”

Tang Kong glared at Tang Qinger.

Tang Qing’er glanced at the Martial Dao main body and said: “I have been cultivation in Zhongdu all the year round, and I know more about Zhong. I will follow along and I will definitely be able to help.”

Tang Kong frowns saying: “Master Huang Wu wants to go to Central Capital, and he uses the teleportation great formation to leave the Cold Spring Prison, and the teleportation great formation is in the imperial palace of Cold Spring City. I don’t know how many expert guards there are, how can you help ?”

Tang Qinger said: “I have been to the imperial palace in Zhongdu several times, and I have a bit of an impression of the topography inside.”

“If you use the great formation of the cold spring prison, you can’t try hard, you have to plan carefully and find a suitable time.”

Tang Kong groaned a little, and said, “Alright, you can follow along.”

Tang Kong took Tang Qing’er to Martial Dao’s main body and explained: “Qing’er is more familiar with Zhong. With her, we can do things more easily.”

Martial Dao main body doesn’t care about this, it doesn’t matter whether there is Tang Qinger or not.

Actually, his Yuanwu paradise has just swallowed too much power of paradise, and it takes a relatively long time to digest and absorb.

But as Tang Kong said, news of the Battle of Beiling will soon reach Zhongdu.

When the time comes, the prisoner of Cold Spring leads the army of Hell to come. He doesn’t have much time to quietly retreat and cultivation.

Rather than waiting for the prisoner of the Cold Spring to come over, it would be better for him to take the initiative to solve the matter in the middle, come to the bottom of the pan, and get it done once and for all!

Martial Dao main body’s battle strength today may be no match for the prisoner of Hanquan.

But he has three ultimate weapons: Hell Suppressing Cauldron, Nether Treasure Mirror, and Soul Lantern. Any one taken out is enough to change the situation!

Martial Dao main body tore open the void casually, took Tang Kong and Tang Qing’er father and daughter into the space tunnel, and disappeared from above the Beiling ruins.

Tang Family Many clansman saw the three people leave, and followed Tang Kong patriarch’s order, dispersed into several teams, and quickly left Beiling.

In Beiling City, many hell creatures watched this scene, and they were stunned for a while, still maintaining a kneeling posture, without reacting.

“Here’s gone? Where is the new King of Northridge going?”

“Then you still need to think about it? I must flee North Ridge, find a hidden place, and hibernate.”

“That’s the case, in today’s battle, it will soon be spread to Zhongdu. He, the king of the North Ridge, can’t sit still at all, and he will be ruthlessly obliterated by the Cold Spring Prisoner!”

“Yes, clansman of Tang Family in Beiling, he also ran away just now. I guess I went to find a place to evacuate.”

Listening to the discussion around, many hell creatures also suddenly stood up.

Thousands of prison king experts stood up with complicated expressions.

Although they saved their lives, their origin qi was seriously injured.

Some prison king experts even swallowed the paradise completely by the Martial Dao main body, and all of them were taken away from the hundreds of thousands of years of cultivation.

Compared with Pluto and the others, compared with the lord of the Ten Hell Ridges, they are lucky, at least they have saved their lives.

“Let’s go away.”

A prison king sighed and said: “It is estimated that in the two days, there will be a Pluto expert coming to take over Beiling. As for the survival of the purple-robed man and Beiling Tang Family, it depends on their good fortune. Up.”

Thousands of prison kings left and returned to their respective territories, while retreating and recuperating, while waiting for news from Zhongdu.


In the space tunnel, the Martial Dao main body took Tang Kong and his daughter all the way through.

It didn’t take long for Tang Kong to move his expression, point to a Space Node, and said: “Get out of here, and it’s Cold Spring City in Zhongdu.”

Martial Dao main body did not hesitate to break the Space Node with Tang Kong and his daughter, and walked out of the space tunnel.

The place where the three people descended is not far from Cold Spring City.

What came into the line of sight was a magnificent and huge ancient city. The whole body was snow-white, and it seemed to be all piled up with ice. It was extremely conspicuous in this dark and gloomy between Heaven and Earth!

The snow-white city wall continues to spread along the horizon. With the eyes of Martial Dao’s main body, the end of the city wall cannot be seen.

The whole ancient city was braving for bursts of cold, and white mist rose.

This is Cold Spring City in Zhongdu!

Martial Dao main body has just seen Beiling City, but compared with the ancient city in front of me, it is much worse in terms of imposing manner and scale.

At this time, the three Martial Dao main body Tearing the Void suddenly appeared outside the Cold Spring Prison.

Although to-and-fro hell creatures noticed them, they were not too surprised.

Cold Spring City is the center of the entire Cold Spring Prison. Around this ancient city, it’s no surprise to see the Prison King Expert.

Ancient city gate, with many guards standing, checking the past hell creatures.

Tang Qinger said: “You don’t need to pay attention to the prison king expert, you can walk in the sky in the ancient city without being questioned by the guards.”

Martial Dao main body was about to enter the city, Tang Kong suddenly said: “Sir, wait a minute, your clothes and appearance are a bit special and easy to recognize. Should we pretend to be?”

When the news of the Battle of Beiling reaches Zhongdu, the purple robe and silver mask of Martial Dao’s main body are easy to spot.

“No need.”

Martial Dao main body lightly saying.

Tang Kong sighed in his heart and didn’t dare to say more. He could only follow Martial Dao main body obediently and honestly and enter Cold Spring City.

The area of ​​Cold Spring City is huge, but most of the hell creatures are crowded on the ground.

The space in midair is relatively spacious and there is not much obstruction.


Looking at the to-and-fro crowd below, Tang Qinger was slightly frowned and said: “Normally, there are not so many people in Cold Spring City.”

The three of them have come across a lot of the prison king expert in midair.

Tang Kong observed for a while and said, “Is there something important in Cold Spring City?”

Tang Qinger thought about it a little, and her expression suddenly appeared, and said: “I remember, count the days, today should be the concubine ceremony of the cold spring prison lord, passed the provincial level imperial examination in the imperial palace!”

“What is the ceremony of the concubine?”

Tang Kong asked.

Tang Qing’er explained: “A few years ago, a beautiful woman was born in the ancient Ming clan. After seeing her, the prisoner Hanquan was shocked as celestial, and immediately decided to abolish the original prison concubine and make her a new one. Prison concubine.”

“The Cold Spring Prisoner even used Dao law to show the image of this woman in the sky over Cold Spring City and stay for three days, so that the creatures in the Cold Spring Prison have the opportunity to witness the face of this woman.”

Tang Kong sneered slightly.

This action is nothing more than to satisfy the vanity of the cold spring prison lord, and let the people in the cold spring prison see how beautiful his concubines are.

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