Eternal Sacred King Chapter 2661


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Tang Qing’er said: “As far as I know, this ceremony of concubines’ ceremony was held specially for this woman by the prisoner of Hanquan.”


Tang Kong disapproved, saying: “The prisoner of Hanquan is also lost in his mind, just a woman, where can she be beautiful, she is so exciting.”

Hearing this sentence, Tang Qing’er’s expression became a little complicated, and she fell silent.

After a little while, she said: “The beauty of this prison concubine is indeed devastatingly beautiful and amazing. If I am a man, I am afraid I will be fascinated by her, and I can even do everything for her. .”

This evaluation is too high.

Tang Kong would still be a little skeptical if it was told from the crowd, but Tang Qinger was his daughter.

even more how, Tang Qinger herself is a first-class beauty, in this respect, she must have a comparative heart.

But in front of this prison concubine, Tang Qing’er must sigh.

Tang Qing’er said again: “I heard that when the prison concubine was born from the cold spring of hell, the flowers growing next to the cold spring all shy away and closed, embarrassing themselves.”

“So exaggerated?”

Tang Kong was surprised.

He lived to be eight hundred thousand years old, and his heart in this respect has long since stopped. At this time, he heard all kinds of legends about this prison concubine, and he was also curious.

Tang Qing’er was nodded and said: “It is said that the prisoner of Hanquan is very kind to her and has been pursuing her hard for thousands of years. This concubine has been reluctant, and the prisoner of Hanquan has never done anything to go beyond.”


“Just for some reason, some time ago, the prisoner of Hanquan suddenly announced that he was going to establish a concubine. Perhaps this concubine was moved by the sincere of the prisoner of Hanquan.”

Tang Qinger’s eyes turned and looked towards the Martial Dao main body next to him.

Martial Dao’s main body never said anything. Looking into the distance, he didn’t know what he was thinking, as if he had something else on his mind.

I just heard the conversation between Tang Qing’er and the two, hearing the words “Prison Concubine”, Martial Dao’s main body couldn’t help but think of an old person.

This deceased person has had some unforgettable past with him on Heavenly Desolate Continent.

This old man even saved his life.

The jade concubine of the Dagan Empire.

Martial Dao main body Of course, I know that the prison concubine Tang Qinger said is the prison of hell, and the impossible jade concubine is the same person.

But the two people have the same name, and they are also peerless beauty. He can’t help but think of this old man and some past events.

Yu Fei was also on Heavenly Desolate Continent, and Crossing Tribulation soared.

Although the main body of Martial Dao did not show up, he always paid attention to the entire Crossing Tribulation process, fortunately, there was no danger.

In recent years, some of the deceased persons of Heavenly Desolate, Martial Dao main body, have only found Yan Beichen, Ming Zhen, Ji Yaojing and Tao Yao. There is no news about the others.

“Master Huang Wu?”

Tang Kong asked in a low voice from the side: “If it is too late to leave now, the news of the Battle of Beiling should not reach Zhongdu.”

Seeing that Martial Dao’s main body remained silent, Tang Kong thought he was regretful seeing the secrets of Cold Spring City.

“Let’s go, to Hanquan Imperial Palace.”

Martial Dao main body temporarily let go of some of the melancholy of the past, and said.

Although there has been no Emperor Realm expert in the Cold Spring Prison for many years, the palace of the Lord Realm Expert of the Cold Spring Prison continues the previous imperial title.

“Want to go?”

Tang Kong felt helpless, inwardly grumbled.

Tang Qing’er moved in her heart and suddenly said: “Father, Huang Wu Senior, this ceremony for the concubine ceremony may be a rare opportunity for us!”


Tang Kong’s eyes lit up, and after another thought, he figured it out.

The ceremony of the concubine’s ceremony is huge, and all the experts who have some status and reputation in Hanquan City will go to the Hanquan Emperor’s Palace to observe the ceremony.

The guards of the Hanquan Imperial Palace will also pay attention to the ceremony of the concubine.

In this way, the power of guarding the great formation will inevitably relax, so that they can take advantage of it!

Tang Qing’er said again: “However, the location of the great formation is in the core area of ​​the Hanquan Imperial Palace, and it will not be too far from the location of the Li Fei Dadian.”

“If we get a chance, our actions must be fast, and immediately initiate the great formation to teleport and leave the cold spring prison without any delay.”

“If the expert in the Hanquan Imperial Palace reacts, we will only have a dead end.”

Tang Kong was nodded, a glimmer of hope rekindled in his eyes.

In any case, Tang Qing’er’s strategy is at least much safer than forcibly entering the Hanquan Imperial Palace.

If the action goes well, the three of them do have a chance to survive!

“Master Huang Wu, what do you think?”

Tang Kong turned his head and asked.

“More on that.”

Martial Dao main body replied casually, and continued to move towards the Hanquan Imperial Palace.

The three went all the way, and it didn’t take long before they arrived at the Hanquan Imperial Palace.

Spatial flight is possible in other areas of Cold Spring City, but in Cold Spring Imperial Palace, except for the prisoner of Cold Spring, all other creatures will descend on the ground.

Looking at the imperial palace gate in front of him, Tang Kong took a deep breath and said: “Master Huang Wu, if you enter this Hanquan imperial palace, there will be no retreat, you…”

Before he finished speaking, Martial Dao’s main body had already taken the lead and entered the imperial palace.

Tang Kong had no choice but to brace oneself to follow.

The Martial Dao main body is his life saving benefactor. If there is no Martial Dao main body, the Tang Family in Beiling, including him, has been annihilated at this time!

Even if the front is mountains of daggers and seas of flames, ten thousand zhang abyss, he has to follow Martial Dao main body into it.

Not long after entering the imperial palace, a shout suddenly came from behind.

“Brother Tang!”

Hearing this voice, Tang Kong’s heart sighed and cursed inwardly. He could only stop and look around.

Not far away, hundreds of prison king experts are coming here, the head is terrifying, the expression is majestic, gaze as if a torch, the facial features look similar to the young master of Nanlin who has fallen .

Tang Qinger saw the person coming, and the complexion changed.

When Tang Kong turned around, his expression had returned to normal, with a smile on his face, greeted him, and said, “Brother Shentu, I trust you have been well since we last met.”

This entire group is from Nanlin.

Headed by the king of Nanlin, Shentu Lang!

Shen Tulang came to the front and said: “Today is Brother Tang’s eight hundred thousand year old birthday banquet. If it weren’t for the concubine ceremony of the prisoner of Hanquan, I would personally wish Brother Tang birthday.”

“It’s okay.”

Tang Kong’s expression calmly, waved his hand and said: “Compared with the prisoner’s ceremony for the concubine, what is my birthday feast?”

Shen Tulang laughed and said: “I thought Brother Tang would hold a birthday banquet in Beiling. Didn’t expect, Brother Tang also came to attend the prisoner’s ceremony for the concubine.”

“By the way, Ying’er should have arrived at Beiling, why didn’t you come with the two this time?”

Mentioning Shen Tuying, Tang Qing’er’s expression slightly changed, her heart felt vacant, her eyes dodge a little, and she dared not look at Shen Tu Lang.

Shen Tuying has been suppressed and killed by Martial Dao main body, body and soul entirely exterminated, how could he follow them?

Tang Kong said: “Shentu Virtuous nephew is really good, but the two children had a little conflict. He and the Nanyuan Prison King did not walk with us.”

At this moment, you can see Tang Kong’s calmness.

Faced with Shen Tu Lang’s inquiry, Tang Kong’s expression was calm, nothing unusual, as if he didn’t know that Shen Tuying had fallen.

Even lies tell not one drop of water can leak out, as if they were already prepared.

More than that, Tang Kong’s words just now helped Tang Qing’er make up for the weak spot that had just been exposed.

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