Eternal Sacred King Chapter 2662


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Shen Tu Lang naturally noticed Tang Qing’er’s strangeness, and a panic flashed across his face.

He was still speculating secretly, but when he heard Tang Kong’s explanation, he didn’t think much about it, and said: “A little conflict between youngsters can be resolved.”

“This is?”

Shen Tu Lang’s eyes turned and landed on the Martial Dao main body.

After Yuan Wu paradise swallowed the massive power of paradise from the North Ridge Prison King expert, he no longer had the kind of anger of Intermediate Wide World.

It’s just that the main body of Martial Dao is a little weird. Wearing a silver mask, only a pair of deep eyes are exposed, which looks quite mysterious.

“This is a Fellow Daoist I just met.”

Tang Kong said ambiguously, then he turned the subject away, and exchanged a few words instead of unsavory words.

After a little while, Shen Tu Lang said: “The ceremony of the concubine ceremony should begin soon, let’s enter the palace together.”

“Brother Shentu, please, I have something else to do, so I have to wait a while.”

Tang Kong wanted to take the opportunity of the Li Fei ceremony to sneak into the great formation, and naturally impossible to enter the palace with Shen Tu Lang.

“Alright, see you at the Li Fei ceremony.”

After Shen Tulang finished speaking, he took the Nanlin prison king expert, moved towards the main hall of Hanquan Imperial Palace.

After Shen Tulang left, Tang Qinger let out a sigh of relief.

Just now in front of Shen Tu Lang, she almost couldn’t bear the pressure, she was in a mess!

If Shen Tulang finds an abnormality, their three people don’t want to move closer to the great formation smoothly.

“Master Huang Wu, let’s go there too.”

Tang Kong asked tentatively.

“Go here.”

Tang Qinger pointed in a direction and said: “The road here can avoid many people, so I don’t have to run into any acquaintances.”

Martial Dao main body didn’t care, just followed Tang Kong’s father and daughter and went all the way.

It didn’t take long for the three to arrive near the great hall of the imperial palace.

To go to the destination of the great formation, you have to pass through a huge square in front of the great hall of the imperial palace.

At this time, the square was already full of people, and at a glance, it was densely packed and lively.

The ceremony of the concubine ceremony was huge. Not only many experts from Zhongdu came to observe the ceremony, but also many experts from Dongyuan, Nanlin and Nishizawa arrived.

Tang Kong stood on the periphery of the square, his eyes swept away, and he saw the three lords Dongyuan, Nanlin, and Xize among the crowd.

Above the great hall, except for some guard maids, no one else, the prisoner of Cold Spring and the new prison concubines did not arrive.

Tang Kong expression grave.

His Beiling birthday banquet, compared with the ceremony of concubines in front of him, is really insignificant.

On the birthday banquet in Beiling, there were only thousands of prison king experts.

There are probably tens of thousands of Prison King experts gathered in the square right now, exuding a frightening atmosphere, intertwined in the sky above the square.

Any hell creatures stepping into the square can feel this tremendous pressure!

If the news of the Battle of Beiling reaches the central capital or the imperial palace, their deeds will be exposed. When the time comes, they will be instantly overwhelmed by the crowd in front of you and torn to pieces!

At this moment, in midair in the distance, a huge royal carriage approached slowly.

In front of the royal carriage, there are nine flood dragons pulling, constantly screaming up to the sky, and the cultivation base breath has reached the level of the prison king!

In the royal carriage, there are two figures, one man and one woman.

The man was wearing a snow-white Battle Armor, and a large and heavy sword stood at his feet, exuding chills.

The man has a cold expression, his face is pale, his eyes are azure blue like a gem, and there is a strange runes printed on the center of his eyebrows, which is exactly the word’ming’.

The Lord of Cold Spring is here!

Martial Dao main body Although I have never seen the prisoner of Hanquan, apart from this one, no one can exude such a powerful pressure!

Martial Dao main body’s gaze turned and fell on the face of the woman beside the cold spring prison master.


Martial Dao main body squinted slightly, under Moluo Mask, expression changed!

Not surprisingly, this woman should be the concubine to be enrolled by the Cold Spring Prisoner.

This prison concubine is indeed born extremely beautiful. Anyone who sees this woman will feel the magic of the creation between Heaven and Earth.

Many creatures on the square, regardless of male or female, regardless of the strength of the cultivation base, when they saw this prison concubine, they all held their breath subconsciously, their gazes were taken away by him, and it was difficult to move away for a while!

But these are not enough to make Martial Dao main body tempted.

To his great surprise, the prison concubine and the jade concubine on Heavenly Desolate Continent are almost identical in appearance and figure.

The only difference is that the jail concubine’s eyebrows are printed with a strange word runes.

“How could this be?”

For a time, many confusions flashed through the mind of Martial Dao’s main body.

Are the prison concubine and the jade concubine of Heavenly Desolate Continent the same person?

If they are not the same person, why are they born exactly the same, even their temperaments are almost the same.

But if it’s the same person, how can you explain this scene?

On Heavenly Desolate Continent, he witnessed the Concubine Jade’s Crossing Tribulation soaring. How could the concubine come to the hell world?

After her ascension, what has she experienced that caused her to metastasize in the cold spring of hell and become a member of the ancient Ming clan?

Or, can the soaring creatures of Smaller Thousand Worlds descend directly in the hell world?

But how is this possible?

Even between the Intermediate Wide World and the hell world, there are barriers that cannot be broken. How can the creatures of Smaller Thousand Worlds soar, directly descend on the hell world?

Countless confusions haunt Martial Dao’s main body.

More importantly, even if this is the jade concubine of Heavenly Desolate Continent, does she still have memories of her past after being transformed into a Hell Cold Spring?

Tang Qing’er is a woman after all, and has seen a prison concubine, so she came back to his senses first.

She turned her eyes slightly to see the Martial Dao main body staring at the prison concubine intently. Her eyes were a little weird. She couldn’t help but curl her lips slightly and whispered, “It seems that you can’t avoid being vulgar.”

Tang Kong’s expression is complicated, and he wants to stop talking: “Under the Heavens, there are such women, really…”

If he could be several hundred thousand years younger, for this prison concubine, let him and the prisoner Hanquan do his best!

“You two don’t look at it!”

Tang Qing’er divine consciousness sound transmission said: “Now is the best opportunity. The attention of everyone in the square is on the prison concubine. We just left here!”

Tang Kong was heart shivered with cold, waking up like a dream, and said: “That’s right, Mr. Huang Wu, let’s take this opportunity to leave here.”

“At this time, go to the great formation to transmit, most likely to succeed!”

Martial Dao main body didn’t say a word, as if he hadn’t heard it, he still looked at the prison concubine in the royal carriage.

Tang Kong and his daughter looked at each other, expressing a little helplessly.

The two thought that Martial Dao main body was already obsessed with the beauty of the prison concubine, and it was difficult to extricate themselves.

Tang Kong was anxious, and urged: “Master Huang Wu, can’t you leave? The opportunity is rare right now. If you miss it, I’m afraid other things will happen!”

“Not going anymore.”

Martial Dao main body said lightly, body moved, came to in midair, and moved towards the royal carriage at the front of the square.

No matter who the prison concubine is, he has to ask to understand.

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