Eternal Sacred King Chapter 2696


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Old Xuan expression is heavy, and asks: “What do you want? Now, are you not enough?”

“Of course not enough.”

Sect Master of the Academy said: “I will let Universe Academy replace Divine Firmament Palace, unify Divine Firmament Immortal Territory, and even unify Nine Heavens in the future!”

When Old Xuan heard this, his expression was calm, not surprising.

“Even if you unify Nine Heavens, I am afraid you will not stop. You will definitely find opportunities to level Pure Land of Bliss and Demon Territory, so that Heavenly World is under your control.”

Old Xuan looked at Sect Master in the academy and let out a light sigh.

“What a big ambition!”

Su Zimo was secretly frightened.

Although Universe Academy is a Heaven Level force, in the entire Nine Firmaments Immortal Territory, there are many Heaven Level forces, and Universe Academy is nothing.

Don’t talk about unifying Heavenly World, Universe Academy wants to replace the Divine Firmament Palace, it is as difficult as heavenly ascension.

“What’s wrong?”

Sect Master of the Academy said: “That turmoil is very likely to come in this life. Only by unifying Heavenly World can we survive this turmoil.”

“This is just your excuse that’s all.”

Old Xuan shook his head and said: “You just want to take advantage of the troubled times and become the lord of Heavenly World.”

The turmoil?

Su Zimo’s heart moved.

Is the turmoil mentioned by Sect Master of the Academy, the one that Book Immortal Yun Zhu mentioned to him, which swept Three Thousand World?

And this turmoil is very likely to involve a terrifying existence that spans ten epochs-Demon Lord!

Old Xuan continued: “Even the Lord of Heavenly World may not be able to satisfy your ambitions. If you have the opportunity, you even want to become the Lord of the Ten Realms and the Lord of the Hundred Realms!”

Sect Master indifferently smiled in the academy. There is no rebuttal, and it seems to have defaulted.

Old Xuan sighed: “Master knows about your ability, so he gave you a four-character evaluation of’calculated as a complete strategy’, but he also knows that your ambitions are too big…”

“Don’t mention that old bastard to me again!”

Sect Master of the Academy suddenly interrupted Old Xuan, slightly frowned, and a little impatiently shouted.

Su Zimo was a little surprised.

The Sect Master of the Academy is always emotionally stable and full of wisdom, as if seeing through everything in the world, knowing everything, omnipotent.

At this time, the Sect Master of the Academy had some lost self-control, and was extremely disrespectful to him and Old Xuan’s Master.

Old Xuan said: “You shouldn’t be like this, he is not only the Master of you and me, but also your father.”


School Sect Master sneered slightly: “Is he worthy too?”

Su Zimo is even more confused.

Sect Master of the Academy seems to have a great resentment towards his Master and his father!

Old Xuan said: “Your mother was in Witch World at the time. At that time, the Master can rescue you, which is already the limit. Your mother’s death, Master has nothing to do.”

Su Zimo was secretly speechless.

He just guessed that Sect Master in the college might be from Witch Race.

Now it seems that he is only half right.

To be precise, within the body of the Sect Master of this college, part of the Witch Race blood is flowing!

“What do you do to save me? Watch me all the time?”

The Sect Master of the Academy said in a cold tone, and slowly said: “That old bastard, he never regarded me as his own, he always regarded me as a foreign clan, and he always guarded me!”

“What are you talking about?”

Old Xuan expression is complicated, said solemnly: “Master has never married for life, and only you are a child. How can he regard you as a foreign clan?”

“If he regards you as a foreign clan, how can he teach the preaching and even give you the position of Sect Master in the college?”

“he he he he ……”

Hearing this, the Sect Master expression in the college was a little gloomy, and there was a deep laughter, and it heard send cold shivers down one’s spine.

Sect Master of the Academy said: “He passed the position of Sect Master to me, but he is not at ease! That’s why he arranged for you to monitor me!”

“He always believes that if he is not my race, his heart will be different! Even if he is dead, he will let you stare at me!”

Old Xuan expressionless, said: “Since the establishment of Universe Academy, in the dark, there is always the inheritance of Tenth Elder.”

“Tenth Elder’s biggest role is to hide himself. When the Academy is destroyed, the Tenth Elder can get away alone and inherit the Academy.”

Su Zimo was surprised when he heard this.

If he guessed right, Old Xuan is the Tenth Elder of the Academy!

The role of Tenth Elder is to ensure that the Academy’s inheritance will not end, and the fire will not die!

No one knows the identity of Tenth Elder except for the position of Sect Master in the college.

Even if the college is rebellious and suffers a catastrophe, Tenth Elder can hide and plot a comeback.

Although the identity of Tenth Elder of the Academy is a secret, in terms of the Academy’s status, it is not weaker than the Sect Master of the Academy.

So, before Dao Heart Stairs, Old Xuan was able to speak in the same tone as the Sect Master of the Academy.


Sect Master of the Academy laughed and said: “Before you, the Tenth Elder was really only responsible for the Academy’s inheritance. But that old bastard made you the Tenth Elder. Apart from the inheritance of the Academy, the most important purpose is to monitor me. , Check and balance me!”

Old Xuan fell silent, as if he had already defaulted to what Sect Master said.

After a while, Old Xuan said: “Master did tell me, but not because you are a foreign clan. Master is just worried that your ambitions are too great and you will bring disaster to the college.”

“With me, Universe Academy can reach a height that has never been reached before!”

Sect Master of the Academy slowly said: “Only I can lead the Universe Academy and become the only overlord of Heavenly World!”

Old Xuan expression sighed, sighed, and said: “But over the years, Universe Academy has completely changed.”

“Between the academy’s disciplines, open strife and veiled struggle, you never ask, or even secretly promote it, leading to the faction in the academy to stand in great numbers. What good is this for the academy?”

“You have explained that this kind of struggle will enable the Academy’s discipline to grow faster, but you and I know that this is not your goal at all!”

“You let the academy disciplines fight, but you are using the way of raising Gu to cultivate the disciplines. Even if such people eventually grow up, the temperament has been completely distorted.”

Sect Master of College did not refute this matter.

The Sect Master of the academy said with a cold tone, and said: “What you are talking about is only one of the reasons. Let these people at the bottom fight each other, and my position in the academy is unshakable! This is power! This is the human heart!” /p>

“Today’s college, Nine Great Elders, has all submitted to me, you are alone, what will you use to counter me?”

“In this chess game, I will plot you in, just to get rid of you!”

“Originally, thinking about you and my senior and junior brothers, I didn’t plan to do it myself. However, since you escaped on the Great Iron Circle Mountain, today I will personally send you off!”

Old Xuan expression grave.

He knew in his heart that there must be a break between the two today.

“This matter has nothing to do with him, you have solved his Master Killing Curse, let him go.”

Old Xuan glanced at Su Zimo not far away, said solemnly.

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