Eternal Sacred King Chapter 2698


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With the secret techniques of Strange Sects Nine Escapes, the aura of Sect Master in the Academy becomes extremely complicated.

Nine secret techniques seem to be able to use the power of different forms and different races to bless one’s body and enhance battle strength!

The Sect Master moved towards the gray-haired old man in midair and rushed away. Before getting closer, the gray-haired old man was already a little unsupported, and the imposing manner was completely suppressed.

Old Xuan jumped up and directly released his great perfection paradise, standing with the gray-haired old man, preparing to contend with the Sect Master of the academy.

Seeing this scene, Sect Master of the Academy slightly smiled and said: “Just to show you my method!”

Behind the Sect Master of the Academy, a huge paradise was also released.

In this paradise of him, there seems to be vast stars, as if there are rolling red dust, and there seems to be World’s All Living Things……

This paradise is all-encompassing and all-inclusive!

What’s even more frightening is that in this paradise of Sect Master of the Academy, there is also a heart-palpitating power, like a suppression of everything!

“Your paradise…”

Old Xuan looked at the great perfection paradise behind Sect Master of the academy, his pupils suddenly shrank, and a chill rose in his heart!

“Do you feel it?”

Sect Master of the Academy chuckled lightly.

“You have become a quasi emperor!” Old Xuan lost his voice.

There is a trace of World Strength in the paradise of Sect Master in the Academy.

Although there are only one thread, it is as different as heaven and earth, enough to make the paradise of the two people a huge gap!

Su Zimo expression is dark and faint, and when I hear Old Xuan’s voice, my heart feels a little surprised.

No wonder, when the Immortal King fell in the day and night, the Martial Dao main body felt a tinge of the breath of the Emperor Realm.

Su Zimo sighed in his heart.

The power of Sect Master in the Academy is far beyond his imagination.

From this game of chess to the present, everything and all the variables are under the control of Sect Master of the Academy.

Even Old Xuan is in the plot against Sect Master of the Academy.

Sect Master of the Academy even calculated that the old Sect Master might leave a means to target him, so he stayed dormant for so many years and did not attack Old Xuan.

Now, Sect Master of the Academy has become the quasi emperor.

Old Xuan was hit hard again and did not recover completely.

Even if there is this hole card left by the old Sect Master, it can’t resist the Sect Master of the quasi-Emperor level academy!

This game of chess, which Sect Master has planned for so many years, has finally reached the final step.

When the time comes, Sect Master can not only harvest azure lotus flesh and blood, but also two complete taboo secret scriptures, as well as “Yin-Yang Talisman Scripture”. It can also get rid of Old Xuan and completely control Universe Academy …

Sect Master’s plot is too big!

Only he can swallow so many things in one bite!

Under his precise layout, deduction, and calculation, the Sect Master of the Academy has a back hand, which is his quasi-Emperor level strength!

Just one hand is enough to kill too many variables!

Everyone is his pawn, how to win this game of chess?


Old Xuan’s great perfection paradise collided with the Sect Master’s paradise, and there was a loud noise.

Almost instantaneously, Old Xuan’s great perfection paradise appeared one after another crack, which would collapse at any time!

His great perfection paradise, once caught in the eyes of the tomb guard, was broken on the spot and was hit hard.

Until now, the injury has not been completely recovered.

Now, in the face of the great perfection paradise that contains a ray of World Strength, Old Xuan can’t resist it at all. Complexion has greatly changed, spit a mouthful of blood!

The gray-haired old man who was summoned out by him, body moved, stood in front of the Sect Master of the college.

“You can’t stop it!”

Sect Master coldly snorted.

“Open the door, rest the door, live the door, hurt the door, the door, the door of the king, the door of the death, the door of the king!”

“Eight Sects, open!”

The Sect Master of the Academy looked at greatly rises and once again released another secret technique.

In his paradise, huge portals suddenly appeared, exuding terrifying power, making his paradise formidable power soar!

This is the Strange Escape Gate in “Shu Zang”!

Eight huge portals emerged, and the gray-haired old man couldn’t resist it. He fell into the eight portals, crushed by the spewing out of terror, and turned invisible!

Normally, if the Sect Master of the Academy is just a paradise great perfection, the old Sect Master from this picture scroll summon is enough to suppress it.

Keshuyuan Sect Master plot against everything.

Old Xuan realized that Sect Master of the Academy had grown to a point where he could not match.

Now, he can only choose to escape!

At the moment when the gray-haired old man confronted the Sect Master of the Academy, Old Xuan relied on the surplus power of the confrontation between the two, his body flickered, and he came to Su Zimo’s side in an instant.


Old Xuan loudly shouts, took Su Zimo’s arm, and casually Tearing the Void, preparing to escape into the space tunnel and escape from here.

Old Xuan could tell that Su Zimo was dead soon.

However, whether Su Zimo has other opportunities, he will take Su Zimo away.

Even if Su Zimo died, he could not leave the twelfth grade Good Fortune Azure Lotus to the Sect Master of the Academy!

Sect Master of the Academy looked at the two people who fled in a hurry, with a trace of mockery passing in the depths of his eyes, and chasing after him calmly.

At the same time, the sky over the Warring States King City.

The battle between six Immortal King experts such as King Yun You and Lin Zhan and Linglong Immortal King continues.

Both parties have taken out their respective paradise, and it is difficult to distinguish between superiors and superiors for a while.

Linglong Immortal King suddenly felt something was wrong.

The strength of the college Sect Master opposite her seems to be much lower than she imagined!

Normally speaking, in addition to accepting the Academy’s inheritance, the Sect Master of the Academy also cultivated the Strange Escape Gate A in “Shu Zang”.

In Strange Escape Gate A, one cannot help but deduce the method of contempt, among which there is a very strong battle method.

From the beginning to the end, Sect Master never released.

On the contrary, since the battle between the two sides, Sect Master has always dodged, deliberately avoiding but not fighting, as if there was something hidden.

Linglong Immortal King stared at the Sect Master of the college intently.

Under her gaze, Sect Master of the Academy seemed to be somewhat guilty, his eyes dodged.

“He is not the Sect Master of the Academy!”

Linglong Immortal King immediately makes a judgment.

How wise is the Sect Master of the academy, and how powerful is the temperament. Dao Heart cannot be shaken. When you look at each other, how can your eyes dodge?

If this is not the Sect Master of the Academy, where is the real Sect Master?

“Not good!”

Linglong Immortal King heart startled.

Normally, she has erased the traces left by Su Zimo and will not be noticed.

But her opponent, after all, is the Sect Master of the Academy.

The only possibility that Linglong Immortal King can think of is that the real Sect Master of the academy has gone to hunt down Su Zimo!

Actually, Linglong Immortal King speculated really well.

It’s just that her speculation, her reaction, and even her next move were all within the expectation of Sect Master of the Academy.

“Zimo is in danger!”

Linglong Immortal King turned to Lin Zhan divine consciousness sound transmission.

“Go and save them, I will hold them!”

Lin Zhan sound transmission said: “If you can’t beat him, don’t get entangled with it, take Zimo back here, I will fight for my life and protect him!”

Linglong Immortal King hesitated slightly, but still made a decision, his figure flickering, he pulled out of the battlefield instantly, and fleeed away.

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