Eternal Sacred King Chapter 2699


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Withered star.

Seeing Old Xuan holding Su Zimo, who is like a gossamer, escapes into the space tunnel, the void has been closed, but the expression of Sect Master in the academy is calm.

He just lifted his palm and moved towards the void in front of him.


A huge force suddenly came and shattered the space tunnel where Old Xuan and Su Zimo had escaped.

The two fell out of in the sky again, and landed on the withered star again.

“In front of me, you still want to escape, it is too naive.”

The Sect Master of the academy came pacing, expression calmly, and even a trace of joking flashed across his eyes.

Old Xuan had just been injured by the Sect Master of the academy. Now, after being shocked by this kind of shock, he opened his mouth again, vomiting a pool of blood, and his expression wilted.

Don’t even talk about running away, now, even he himself is a little untenable.


Old Xuan’s eyes are dim, and he sighs in his heart.

Old Xuan glanced at Su Zimo beside him, showing regret.

He has entered his old age, even if he died, he has lived for hundreds of thousands of years.

But Su Zimo is too young.

It’s too regrettable to die at this point.

Su Zimo didn’t do anything to miss, he was just carrying the azure lotus bloodline, unfortunately, he was targeted by the Sect Master of the academy.

Even Old Xuan himself couldn’t escape the plot against Sect Master of the Academy. How did Su Zimo fight against the Sect Master of Academy?

“I originally wanted to accept you as a disciple, but unfortunately, this life, you and I do not have this fate.”

At this moment, Old Xuan had mixed feelings, countless thoughts flashed in his mind, and finally laughed freely and said: “Also, on the yellow springs road, you and I will be companions, and you will not be lonely.”

Old Xuan is ready to die.

Su Zimo still didn’t give up!

Since his death is unavoidable, he will fight to death and do his best to pull Sect Master of the Academy into the abyss!

Sect Master extend the hand palm, moved towards Su Zimo and grabbed his forehead.

He was going to detain Su Zimo’s primordial spirit first, and while Su Zimo was still alive, he tried to search the soul and search for some useful information.

Su Zimo expressionless, silently operating the eye technique.


His right eye suddenly burst out with a blazing brilliance, moving towards Sect Master in the academy shone through!

The distance between the two sides is extremely close, the eye technique is instantaneous, and the Sect Master of the Academy is difficult to dodge.

Accurately speaking, Sect Master of the Academy did not intend to dodge!

This eye technique fell directly into his eyes, like a stone cow entering the sea, disappeared, without a ripple.

Sect Master of the Academy takes a meal.

His eyes have also been cultivated with extremely powerful eye techniques.

even more how, the cultivation realm between the two sides is very different, so he is not afraid of Su Zimo’s eye technique attack.

This eye technique did not hurt him.

Keshuyuan Sect Master didn’t expect, he still felt a scorching pain in his eyes.

“Very well, you actually made me feel a bit of pain.”

Sect Master of the Academy came to Su Zimo, smiled slightly, and said: “Your eyes, I will take them for you!”

While speaking, the Sect Master of the academy stretched out two fingers and poked his eyes towards Su Zimo!

However, the two fingers of Sect Master of the Academy just touched Su Zimo’s eyes, but failed to poke them in, as if they had touched something extremely hard.

Immediately afterwards, the expression of Sect Master in the Academy changed drastically!

Su Zimo’s left eye seemed to see a drop of pitch black ink, which quickly fainted and spread continuously, moved towards him and swallowed it.

The palm of Sect Master of the Academy was quickly swallowed by this darkness.

He didn’t even feel the slightest pain, nor did he show any blood.

But his palm has disappeared.

This cold darkness continued to spread upward along his wrist, swallowing his arm.

Sect Master of the Academy wants to retreat.

But his feet seem to be in a quagmire, unable to move.

And he himself feels like he is falling into a bottomless Dark Abyss, no matter how hard he struggles, he can’t escape!

In the eyes of Sect Master of the Academy, a trace of panic finally passed.

This is Su Zimo’s counterattack!

The Eye of Torch Shining just now is just for the scene in front of you!

At the beginning, when Su Zimo entered the Emperor Tomb and picked Seven Clouds Immortal Ginseng, he was swallowed by a strange darkness power, almost body dies and Dao disappears.

Fortunately, the nether glimmering stone in his left eye, constantly absorbing this darkness power, was able to save his life.

Finally, relying on Seven Clouds Immortal Ginseng, he re-grows blood.

And that horrible darkness power is therefore sealed in the nether glimmering stone.

cultivation So far, even if you have stepped into True Oneness Realm and Azure Lotus True Body has grown to twelfth grade, Su Zimo still cannot stimulate the darkness power in nether glimmering stone.

Since he can’t push, he can only rely on the power of the Sect Master of the Academy!

Now, seeing the panic passing by the eyes of Sect Master of the Academy, Su Zimo twitched his mouth and smiled happily.

Sect Master of the Academy has done the best of luck, fortune-telling, fortune-telling, fortune-telling, but after all, there are things he can’t do!

Sect Master of the Academy quickly calmed down, coldly snorted, urging the eight huge portals in the paradise behind him, and moved towards the darkness in front of him.

Among the eight portals, one after another burst of light, trying to dispel the darkness.

But all these brilliance were swallowed by darkness!

Even the eight portals condensed by the Sect Master of the Academy are somewhat unable to support this darkness power, on the verge of collapse!

“Emperor Realm!”

Two words popped out between the clenched teeth of Sect Master of College.

Only the pure World Strength released by Emperor Realm will have such a huge impact on his great perfection paradise and Eight Sects!

This is not even a quasi-Emperor level, but a real Emperor Realm power!

This is indeed not to blame for the Sect Master of the Academy for not counting.

Don’t say it is a True Immortal, even if it is within the body of the Immortal King, it can’t seal such an Emperor Realm power.

Immortal King’s within the body, pouring into such a power of Emperor Realm, immediately body dies and Dao disappears!

Sect Master of the Academy never thought that Su Zimo’s eyes would be sealed with such a terrifying power of the Emperor Realm!

Of course, the Sect Master of the Academy, with the help of the great perfection paradise and Eight Sects, got a bit of respite and quickly broke free from the darkness.

After all, this darkness power, without the control of the emperor, can’t bring out the real formidable power.

Even so, Sect Master still pays a lot of money.

One of his palms has been completely swallowed by darkness and disappeared.

This darkness power still exists on his wrist, and it is difficult to remove it for a while, and naturally his palm cannot be recovered.

“ga ga ga!”

Old Xuan beside him laughed at this scene.

Both Old Xuan and Su Zimo know that they cannot escape death today.

But before he died, I could see Sect Master of the college in such a panic, planting a big somersault, and feeling in a good mood, finally winning the game.

Sect Master of the academy sneered slightly and said: “Don’t be proud, when the darkness dissipates, you two will still have to die!”

The darkness power sealed in the nether glimmering stone is limited. It is triggered by the Sect Master of the Academy, released continuously, and will soon be exhausted.

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