Eternal Sacred King Chapter 2700


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At this moment, the void behind the Withered Star suddenly cracked a gap, and a huge shadow emerged from it, like a tall mountain!

The withering star is as small as a piece of gravel under this shadow.

This shadow is lifeless and exudes a palpable pressure.

Sect Master, Old Xuan, and Su Zimo all looked up subconsciously.

This shadow is suspended in the Star Sea. If you look at it from a distance, this shadow is not like a mountain, but like a huge grave bag!

“Emperor Tomb!”

Old Xuan expression changed, exclaiming.

Su Zimo was also shocked.

This cursed mysterious grave once buried the Immortal Emperor, unexpectedly reappears!

At the same time, Su Zimo was extremely decisive and made the last choice within his abilities!

I saw him rise into the air, and the expression moved towards Emperor Tomb rushed towards the Emperor Tomb!

primordial spirit of Azure Lotus forcefully activate Taiqing Zixia Symbol is on the verge of collapse.

He attacked the Sect Master of the Academy again, the Master Killing Curse broke out completely, and the primordial spirit of Azure Lotus was completely infiltrated by the power of curse.

He is no longer immune, the only thing he can do is to prevent Sect Master from the Academy!

He wants to make all the plans of Sect Master of the Academy become futile!

In the Emperor Tomb, there is a powerful Emperor Tomb curse.

If Profound Immortal enters it, there is still the possibility of coming back alive.

True Immortal broke in, without a doubt.

The higher the cultivation realm, the more fierce the curse is!

The reason why this Emperor Tomb is terrifying is because more than one emperor expert and many Immortal Kings have been buried inside!

There is no Immortal King or Emperor expert who can live out of the Emperor Tomb!

Su Zimo is now the True Immortal cultivation base, breaking into the Emperor Tomb, there is absolutely no possibility of survival.

And he couldn’t survive originally.

Even if he broke into the Emperor Tomb, he would die again.

The most important thing is that he can throw his Azure Lotus True Body in the Emperor Tomb to prevent the Sect Master of the Academy from succeeding!

Sect Master of the Academy moved in his heart, instantly seeing Su Zimo’s mind.

School Sect Master’s eyes are cold, his figure flickers, and he is ready to stop Su Zimo.

At the same time, Old Xuan also understood Su Zimo’s intentions.

There is not much he can do, he can only fight to the death and try his best to help Su Zimo procrastinate for a while!

Old Xuan took a deep breath, urged divine consciousness, once again released a secret technique, moved towards the Sect Master of the academy and beat it.

“courting death!”

Sect Master of the Academy didn’t even look at it, staring at Su Zimo in front of him, waving his robe sleeves casually to defeat Old Xuan’s secret technique.

At the same time, the daoist robe’s sleeve was hitting Old Xuan’s body.

Huge power poured into the body of Old Xuan, and there was a sound of bone cracking, and instantly flew out of several ten zhang, falling into the sand and dust, life and death unknown.

After a slight delay, Su Zimo got closer to the Emperor Tomb.

At this moment, under the Emperor Tomb, a huge whirlpool suddenly opened, exuding extremely strong devouring strength, forcibly dragging Su Zimo and flying quickly.

Su Zimo bit his tongue and tried to stay awake. He looked back at Sect Master in the college. His expression was weak, but he still said with a smile: “Sect Master, you are empty again!”

Faced with Su Zimo’s ridicule, Sect Master expressionless in the academy continued to move towards Emperor Tomb and rushed away, without any intention of stopping.

“The appearance of Emperor Tomb is indeed not in my calculations, it is a variable.”

Sect Master lightly saying: “However, you seem to have forgotten one thing, my within the body is flowing half of the Witch Race bloodline, and I know the most high grade Witch Race spell.”

“The curse in Emperor Tomb cannot threaten me!”

Hearing this, Su Zimo’s heart sank.

At this time, he was only one step away from Emperor Tomb.

Faced with the huge devouring strength at the entrance of the Emperor Tomb, in his state, he couldn’t resist it at all, and he could only let the Emperor Tomb swallow him in.

At the same time, on the other side of the Withering Star, the void split open, and a silhouette rushed out.

Linglong Immortal King arrived!

She just showed up and saw the Sect Master of the Academy chasing Su Zimo, one after the other moved towards Emperor Tomb rushing away.


There is still a distance between the Linglong Immortal King and the Emperor Tomb, even if it is intentionally prevented, it is completely too late.

Su Zimo’s afterglow, glimpsed the silhouette of Linglong Immortal King.

Before entering the Emperor Tomb, he took a deep breath, exhausted his last strength, and loudly reminded: “Senior, go, be careful…”

Su Zimo was swallowed by the entrance of the Emperor Tomb before he finished speaking.

Linglong Immortal King is smart and good at deduction. When she saw this scene, she quickly wanted to understand many things!

Su Zimo wanted to remind her to be careful, it was obviously the Sect Master of the Academy.

On her body, there is only one thing that has great appeal to Sect Master of the Academy.

That is another chapter of Shuzang-Liurenshen Lesson!

In other words, if she rushes over now, it may be the Sect Master of the college deliberately guided!

Linglong Immortal King felt it slightly.

On the Withering Star, a big battle has just clearly erupted.

And in the remaining power, there is even the breath of Emperor Realm!

“Could it be…”

Linglong Immortal King heart shivered with cold.

On the other side, College Sect Master also noticed the appearance of Linglong Immortal King.

But he still didn’t hesitate, and decided to capture Su Zimo first!

Compared with Linglong Immortal King’s Liu Ren Shen class, Su Zimo’s twelfth grade Azure Lotus True Body is obviously more important!

Not only the flesh and blood of twelfth grade azure lotus itself, but also the treasure derived from it, as well as “Yin-Yang Talisman Scripture”.

This scripture alone is more precious than the Liurenshen lesson!

As for the Liurenshen class, he will have other opportunities in the future.

At this point, the Sect Master of the Academy did not stop, and continued to move towards Emperor Tomb, rushing to get Su Zimo out.

But just as soon as he arrived at the entrance of the Emperor Tomb, a huge divine consciousness pressure suddenly emanated from it, and it shrouded like a sky, unable to resist it!

Sect Master of the Academy was shocked and quickly released all the divine consciousness to fight against it.


It’s just that, he was still suppressed by this terrifying divine consciousness coercion, and slammed heavily on the withered star, smashing a big pit, and a ray of blood spilled from the corner of his mouth.

Emperor Realm!

This is the divine consciousness power of Emperor Realm!

School Sect Master reluctantly stood up from the withered star and looked at the Emperor Tomb above his head, his eyes flickering, and his expression was uncertain.

How is it possible?

In the Emperor Tomb, the emperor expert is indeed buried, but how could the divine consciousness of Emperor Realm come down?

Moreover, the divine consciousness pressure just now is definitely not the emperor of Witch Race.

Is there any other emperor expert who can withstand the power of the Emperor Tomb curse and enter the Emperor Tomb first?

Sect Master of the Academy has an ugly face.

The appearance of Emperor Tomb was too sudden, completely beyond his expectations.

If it’s just an Emperor Tomb, that’s all.

But what happened to that terrifying divine consciousness in Emperor Tomb?

Linglong Immortal King saw this scene with a heavy heart.

Su Zimo entered the Emperor Tomb, it is already certain death situation.

The only thing to be thankful for is that the Sect Master of the Academy has worked so hard. Arrange is such a shocking chess game. After all, it is a bad move. I missed a variable and failed to get the twelfth grade Good Fortune Azure Lotus.

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