Eternal Sacred King Chapter 2702


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Wearing a gray robe, this man has no need for a white face and a plain appearance, but his eyes are bright and piercing.


Gray robed man looked at the surrounding scene with disappointment on his face, and sighed: “I think Lin Xuanji has been soaring for many years, but I have been in bad luck and suffered many hardships. The cultivation up to now is only the seventh rank Heaven Immortal.”

“There are various fortuitous encounters when other people make mistakes and collisions. I have worked hard and exhausted methods to calculate that there is a great opportunity here. How did you send me to this broken place?”

This gray robed man is not someone else, but Lin Xuanji of Heavenly Desolate Continent.

On Heavenly Desolate Continent, Lin Xuanji, as the disciple of Profound Principle Palace Storyteller, has a distinguished status and a reputation for playing games. He enjoys it.

After flying upwards to Upper Realm, the surrounding environment becomes extremely cruel.

Don’t talk about the game world, you have to do your best to stay alive!

Lin Xuanji tossed around, fled everywhere, and experienced countless dangers, as if all luck had stayed in Lower Realm.

Fortunately, relying on the dao law in the Profound Principle Palace, many times turn peril into safety.

Lin Xuanji looked at this desolate and silent ancient star, and naturally felt that there was no trace of life on this ancient star, and there was no origin qi of Heaven and Earth.

Such an ancient star has been left unused for many years. What is the chance of impossible?


Lin Xuanji sighed again: “When will I be able to operate? Upper Realm is too difficult. If I knew it, I will stay in Lower Realm. It is enough to be chased and killed all day long.”

For this opportunity, Lin Xuanji sold all the treasures in the storage bag and exchanged them for a teleportation talisman.

Didn’t expect, this teleportation talisman, throw him on such an ancient star that does not shit.

Now, Lin Xuanji’s storage bag is cleaner than his face, and he doesn’t even have an origin spirit stone!

At this moment, the ground not far away moved suddenly.

Lin Xuanji noticed it and looked over it alertly.

The ground is slightly raised, and something seems to be coming out!


Just when Lin Xuanji was uncertain, the ground suddenly cracked, and a black shadow suddenly appeared from the ground, facing Lin Xuanji!

“Who! What the hell!”

Lin Xuanji was startled, his legs were weak, and he almost sat on the ground.

“Your name is Lin Xuanji?”

The dark figure spoke suddenly, his voice hoarse and old.

“Is it a human?”

Lin Xuanji came back to his senses and took a closer look.

This shadow seems to be an old man.

The old man’s face and body were covered with mud, only a pair of eyes were exposed, staring straight at Lin Xuanji.

Lin Xuanji’s divine consciousness passed over the old man, and it was discovered that the old man’s cultivation realm was nothing but Earth Immortal, and Life Aura was faint. It seemed that it had run out of oil and could fall at any time.

“What do you old man doing underground? Frightened and flustered!”

Lin Xuanji said angrily.

“Your name is Lin Xuanji?”

The old man still stared at Lin Xuanji and asked again.

“What is it?”

Lin Xuanji raised his eyebrows slightly.

old man nodded, said: “young man, you calculated very accurately, your chance is here!”

“Oh? Where is it?”

Lin Xuanji asked dubiously.

The old man pointed to himself and said: “It’s me.”


Lin Xuanji was stunned for a while, then sighed, and stepped forward to cast a slight spell to remove the dirt from the old man’s body.

“Old Master.”

Lin Xuanji sighed and said: “I can’t do much, I can only help you clean up a bit, then you can go on the road decently.”

The old man suddenly stretched out his dry palm, grabbed Lin Xuanji’s wrist directly, and asked: “You don’t believe my method?”


Lin Xuanji wants to pull his arm back.

But he found that the old man’s palm was like an iron hoop, clinging to his wrist, and he couldn’t move!

Lin Xuanji immediately understood that he encountered an expert.

“Senior is a good method.”

Lin Xuanji immediately regained his smiling face and complimented him.

old man said solemnly: “My inheritance of this lineage is of great importance. If you accept my inheritance, you must shoulder your own responsibility!”

Lin Xuanji heard loudly for a while.

The origin of this old man is unknown. I don’t know where it came from. How dare he accept others’ inheritance casually?

Furthermore, the chance inheritance of High Sects, who knows if there are any traps?

Lin Xuanji laughed at hehe and said: “Senior, the kid is dull, aptitude is too bad, and it is easy to shame your reputation as this lineage.”

“You are looking for a descendant, I will help you! Don’t worry, I will definitely give you a snack, and I will find you a descendant with excellent talents!”

Lin Xuanji just wanted to get out as soon as possible, as far as possible from the old man.

“No way!”

The old man has a firm tone and said: “It’s you! I just like you!”

“Where do you like me?”

Lin Xuanji couldn’t help rolling the eyes, muttering: “We strangers coming together by chance, we don’t know each other.”

“Your name is Lin Xuanji.”

said the old man.

“Yes.” Lin Xuanji responded.

old man expressionless, said: “In my sect, others call me Old Xuan.”

“What about then?”

Lin Xuanji asked.

Old Xuan slowly said: “You and I have a Profound’ word in your name tab, so you and I are destined.”

Lin Xuanji: “??”

“Senior, you are like this…Are you sloppy?”

Lin Xuanji cautiously asked.

The old man said: “This is the will of heaven in the dark. You know some deductions. It is your fate to be here.”

“Senior, I don’t know your other methods, but there is indeed a set of ability to fool people.” Lin Xuanji said with a smile.

He was born in the Profound Principle Palace and traveled the world as a Storyteller. He traveled all over the world and met people who played too much on the Profound Void.

He is also an expert among them.

When the old man saw Lin Xuanji, he still refused to agree, and his turbid eyes became a little darker.

The old man seemed to be a little uninterested, and gradually let go of his palms, shook his head and said: “that’s all, that’s all! If you don’t want it, I can’t force it.”

Lin Xuanji shook his wrist and curled his mouth slightly.

The old man softly muttered said: “Originally, I had a better heir, who was in the Good Fortune Azure Lotus bloodline, but unfortunately, he was harmed by others… alas.”

“Azure lotus bloodline?”

Lin Xuanji moved his ears, vaguely aware of something, and quickly asked: “Senior, the heir you just mentioned is surnamed Su?”

“His name is Su Zimo.”

old man nodded, looked at Lin Xuanji in surprise, and asked: “Do you recognize it?”

“Get to know!”

Lin Xuanji slapped his thigh and said excitedly: “Senior, he and I are good brothers, we are our own!”

“Senior, you just said, what happened to him being victimized? My good brother is dead?” Lin Xuanji asked quickly.

The old man is silent, but nodded.

Lin Xuanji clenched his fist slightly, and asked: “Senior, you tell me about Brother Su, who actually killed him?”

The old man took a look at Lin Xuanji and said: “We strangers coming together by chance and don’t know each other, why should I tell you?”

“Hey! This old man bears grudges!”

Lin Xuanji piled up smiling faces and quickly said: “Senior, you can accept me as a successor, I will definitely live up to your inheritance of this lineage!”

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