Eternal Sacred King Chapter 2703


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Azure Firmament Immortal Territory.

The Immortal Kings such as Sect Master and King Yun You in the academy dispersed separately, and some expert forces that had begun to stir around the Warring States period also temporarily quieted down.

The battle strength demonstrated by Lin Zhan is too strong, almost by the strength of oneself, fighting the six Immortal Kings!

As long as the war country Lin Zhan is in town, it is difficult to be moved.

Battle at the King’s Palace.

“Why did you stop me before and don’t attack the Sect Master of the Academy?” Lin Zhan looked at the Linglong Immortal King beside him, frowning and asked.

Linglong Immortal King expression grave, said: “Sect Master in the Academy hides the cultivation base, and his battle strength should have broken through Paradise Realm!”


Lin Zhan heart shivered with cold.

Linglong Immortal King recounted the scene he saw on the Withering Star, and said: “There is still some atmosphere of war on the Withering Star. The Sect Master of the Academy is most likely the cultivation base of the Emperor Zhun.”

Emperor Zhun!

Lin Zhan is very clear that although the difference between the emperor and the emperor is hundreds thousand miles, the emperor means that half of his foot has entered the threshold of the Emperor Realm!

Since ancient times, countless Immortal King experts, I don’t know how many have stopped here, and have never reached the Emperor Realm in their lifetime.

This shows how difficult it is to reach the Emperor Realm.

Don’t say Lin Zhan injury has not recovered, even if his injury is completely recovered, he may not be able to withstand the power of the quasi-Emperor level!

“Sect Master in the Academy is too hidden.”

Lin Zhan said solemnly.

Linglong Immortal King said: “If I guess right, now, the Three Purities Jade Book is in his hands, give him enough time, he might even become a real emperor!”

“Furthermore, Sect Master of the Academy is likely to arrange a shocking situation this time. He will not only get the Three Purities Jade Book, but also the Good Fortune Azure Lotus from Zimo, and even my Liu Ren Shen class…”

Linglong Immortal King recounted his own speculation.

Lin Zhan was terrified after hearing it for a while.

If it weren’t for the Withering Star, Emperor Tomb appeared, Su Zimo gave a loud warning before he died, and Linglong Immortal King could be killed by the Sect Master of the Academy!

“Zimo he…”

Lin Zhan looked serious and asked in a low voice: “He entered Emperor Tomb, is there really no chance of surviving?”

Linglong Immortal King remained silent.

After a little while, Linglong Immortal King said: “There should be something wrong in Emperor Tomb, maybe Zimo is auspicious, maybe…”

This remark, Linglong Immortal King said it himself, but he was a little lacking in confidence.

In Emperor Tomb, even if something happens, the Emperor Tomb curse in it is still there.

As long as the Emperor Tomb is cursed, Su Zimo has no chance to survive!


In the dark and cold void turbulence, a huge tomb floats quietly inside, drifting with the flow, not knowing where it is drifting.

As soon as Su Zimo rushed into the Emperor Tomb, he clearly felt that a strange power had already enveloped him.

This kind of power with no opportunity has even penetrated into his body, bloodline and sea of ​​consciousness!

Emperor Tomb curse!

Su Zimo has just entered the Emperor Tomb. This power of curse has already begun to exert formidable power, eroding his flesh and blood primordial spirit!

Su Zimo’s primordial spirit of Azure Lotus is on the verge of collapse.

On the primordial spirit, there are countless green threads entwined with the Master Killing Curse. Now, it is infected with the Emperor Tomb curse, and it is hopeless.

“Unfortunately, curses are not like poisons, they can fight poison with poison…”

Su Zimo laughed at himself.

His consciousness is already sinking gradually, and his eyes are dark, just a subconsciously moved towards the front, staggeringly walking.

If it hadn’t been for twelfth grade Good Fortune Azure Lotus, it had unimaginable vitality, and would hang his life as much as possible, he would not be able to survive now!

“Too tired.”

Su Zimo felt tired and his eyelids were heavy. He just wanted to fall down and sleep well.

There seems to be a plop in my ear.

Su Zimo fell to the ground, in the vague sight, it seemed that there was a silhouette standing not far away.

“Is it an illusion.”

Su Zimo is already a little delirious, and his consciousness has started to intermittently.


In his ear, it seemed to hear a deep sigh.

“It is a pity that I suffer from two curses, certain death situation.”

A sound seemed to sound from the horizon, extremely remote.

“Where did I hear this voice…”

This was Su Zimo’s last thought, and then he lost consciousness.


Hell world, cold spring hell.

In the depths of the cold spring palace, the Martial Dao main body retreats in a closed room next to the cold spring hell for cultivation, quietly combing through the many scriptures Secret Art learned and read over the years.

Actually, before the Nine Heavens conference, the next method of Martial Dao, the main body of Martial Dao, already had some inspiration.

But at the Nine Heavens conference, I saw the green halo that diffused when Jianmu Divine Tree woke up, and this kind of inspiration deepened.

The fierce battle that lasted one day and one night outside the Cold Spring Palace really made his idea take shape.

Later, through Yu Fei, Martial Dao main body translated “Yin-Yang Talisman Scripture”, and browsed the general formula and cold spring chapters of “Hell Nine Springs”, harvest was huge.

Martial Dao is the next realm. He has accumulated and precipitated for many years. Now, it is where water flows, a canal is formed.

The three dao laws of immortals, buddhas and demons, after True Oneness Realm, will force Dao Fruit to break.

With this power, paradise can be gathered.

The method of Martial Dao is always based on cultivation itself.

True Martial Realm, the deity cultivation True Martial Dao Body.

On the fleshly body skeleton, smelt countless runs Profound Truth containing the law of martial dao, Cut Marrow exchange blood, shed the mortal body and exchange the bones, and cast a powerful and invincible fleshly body-True Martial Dao Body.

And Martial Dao continues to deduced, these runes dao law continue to deepen, the power becomes stronger.

Until the breakthrough reaches a certain limit, it diffuses out of the True Martial Dao Body, breaks out.

With the True Martial Dao Body as the center, a dao law intertwined field is formed around it!

This is the next realm of Martial Dao-Martial Realm Realm!

The power of this field is definitely not weaker than power of paradise.

The Martial Realm also corresponds to the Paradise Realm of immortals, buddhas and demons!

In the secret room.

Martial Dao main body suddenly opened his eyes, and within the body burst out an extremely terrifying breath, as if breaking some barrier bottleneck, the whole person’s imposing manner suddenly climbed to another level!

Immediately afterwards, several groups of flames emanated from the True Martial Dao Body, forming a field of flames around the Martial Dao main body, like purgatory!

This scene is like the scene when Martial Dao’s main body was outside the Cold Spring Palace by the strength of oneself against the army of the Cold Spring Prison.

Any creatures that set foot in this area will be suppressed by Martial Dao main body, burn to ashes!

This flame hell is similar to the green halo of Jianmu Divine Tree.

In this field, Martial Dao main body is the only god!

The whole secret room was shrouded in Martial Dao Purgatory, and it couldn’t withstand this power at all. In the blink of an eye, it melted and turned into masses of hot and red molten iron.

Martial Dao main body is re-exposed around the cold spring of hell.

Even with the utter coldness of Hell Cold Spring, it still cannot suppress the power of Martial Dao!

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