Eternal Sacred King Chapter 2706


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Around the altar, many Pluto and Prison King experts scolded.

Nowadays, the experts gathered in this city are all giants among the great hells, with a distinguished status.

Nowadays, the eight prisoners are discussing important matters, and the army is assembled. How can anyone break in on such occasions?

even more how, or walking in the sky, flying over the heads of all the Pluto and Prison King experts.

This move is a contempt for all the hell experts present!

The headed person was wearing a purple robe and a silver mask. He couldn’t see his face. He had only a pair of cold eyes with deep eyes.

Behind him, he also followed a prison king expert.

The cultivation realm of another woman is not high, she has not yet reached the level of the hero, but she has a beautiful face, lithe and graceful body, and she amazes the audience as soon as she shows up!

Many Pluto and Prison King experts looked up, and the eyes of the overwhelming majority fell on this beautiful and alluring woman.

Some of the Plutos who just yelled at him, the Prison King expert, seemed to have suddenly lost their anger, staring intently at the beautiful and alluring woman.

The eight prisoners looked sideways, and when they saw the woman, they all felt bright.

The prison lord Mingquan suddenly laughed, looked around all around, and slowly said: “I want this woman, I hope you don’t fight with me!”

“After so many years, you still have this virtue.”

The Bitter Spring Prisoner sneered slightly.

The reaction of the other prisoners to the prisoner Mingquan was no surprise.

Among the nine major prisoners, the prisoner Mingquan is famously lecherous!

In his Mingquan prison, there are hundreds of thousands of beauties in the harem!

“Eight adults, be careful, he is Huang Wu from Zhongqian world!”

At this moment, among the crowd below the altar, a prison king suddenly reminded loudly: “It was he who killed the cold spring prison lord and occupied the cold spring prison!”

In Fengquan City, in addition to the eight great hell experts, there are also some creatures who have escaped from the cold spring prison.

The prison king is one of them.

The sound rang, like a stone igniting a thousand waves, causing a huge shock in the crowd!

“What! He is Huang Wu?”

“This person is so bold, he dare to come here?”

“I brought two people, really act recklessly!”

In the crowd, there was an instant burst of noise and noise.

At the same time, the eight prison masters complexion slightly changed, and the eyes of the three people looking at the Martial Dao main body gradually changed, revealing a serious killing intent!

Martial Dao main body expressionless, I don’t seem to feel any pressure.

Although Tang Kong, who is following the Martial Dao main body, is an expert of the Prison King, he still feels unprecedented pressure when facing the Pluto and Prison King who are pressing down one after another film!

Countless hell experts be eager to have a try, eager to move.

If there weren’t eight prison masters present, this group of hell experts would have swarmed them and tore them to pieces!

In the depths of Yu Fei’s eyes, there was also a trace of fear and horror.

This kind of scene is too scary.

Eight great hell’s experts gathered in this Fengquan City, and wherever they looked, anyone was much stronger than her!

Each hell creatures exudes a powerful and unmatched aura.

So many hell experts gathered together to form a heart-pounding horror aura. Any creatures entering such an occasion will involuntarily feel fear!

The face of Concubine Yu became paler.

It’s just that, she still didn’t shrink back, just followed closely behind Martial Dao’s main body.

“Everyone, don’t be impatient.”

The prisoner of Fengquan pressed his hands virtual, said with a slight smile: “Since it is a guest here, we still have to say welcome.”

“wō wō!”

Many hell experts raised the cold light flashing weapons in their hands and made a strange cry, expressing excitement.

Everyone is looking forward to it and wants to see what this Outsider will end up with!

In a blink of an eye, Martial Dao main body with Tang Kong and Concubine Yu had already descended on the altar, landing on the empty seat belonging to the cold spring prisoner.

“You came right in time.”

The Prisoner Yinquan grinned, showing sharp fangs, and said: “We are discussing the election of a new Lord of Hell, do you want to come too?”

“Not interested.”

Martial Dao main body lightly saying.

The eight prisoners were shocked, looked at each other, and burst into laughter.

There was also a roar from the crowd below the altar.

Many hell experts looked at the Martial Dao main body on the altar as if they were watching a joke. They didn’t realize what would happen next.

Martial Dao main body turned his gaze, passing over the eight prison masters, straight to the point, and blunt asked: “I want to return to the Zhongqian world, any one of you can do it?”


This time, I didn’t wait for the eight prisoners to speak, and there was more laughter.

“Is this person’s head okay? He still wants to return to the Zhongqian world?”

“Hey! The person wearing the mask, think about how to survive before talking!” someone said loudly with a smile.

“Tsk tsk, look at people from thousands of worlds. The imposing manner of speaking is different. Is this questioning or asking?”

The eight prisoners also have different expressions, but the eyes of the main body of Martial Dao are similar.

In the eyes of the eight prisoners, the main body of Martial Dao is already a dead person.

The gaze of the prison lord Mingquan has been wandering around Yu Fei’s body, barely moving away.

At this time, Prisoner Mingquan seemed to be a little too late. He stood up and waved his hand and said: “I will hand this person to you, I will take this woman away, and go have fun first.”

Looking at the prison lord Mingquan coming over, Concubine Yu hid behind her subconsciously moved towards Martial Dao’s main body.

Under the gaze of the prison lord Mingquan, she felt as if she was not in a strand, very uncomfortable.

The prison lord Mingquan moved towards Yufei, ignoring the Martial Dao main body next to her, extending the hand moved towards Yufei and grabbed it.

Martial Dao main body suddenly raised his hand!

The Prisoner Mingquan seems casual, but most of his attention is placed on the main body of Martial Dao, for fear that he will suddenly violently hurt people!

At this time, aware of the Martial Dao main body’s move, the prison master Mingquan showed a triumphant smile.

This is his strategy!

On the surface, he is for Yu Fei, but in fact, he wants to force Martial Dao main body to take action.

In this way, he can immediately kill Martial Dao main body and sit on the position of Lord Hell in a logical way!

As soon as these thoughts came to the mind of Prisoner Mingquan, he realized that something was wrong.

The speed and power of Martial Dao main body this fist are too powerful!

It’s even so strong that he can’t evade, can’t resist, and feel fear!

What kind of punch is this?

How can this power appear in the hell world?

The smile that the Prisoner Mingquan had just appeared froze on his face.


Martial Dao main body punched on the head of the prison lord of Mingquan, with great power, it all split up and in pieces, the primordial spirit died!

The prisoner of Mingquan died on the spot!

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