Eternal Sacred King Chapter 2707


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So fast!

It was too sudden!

Everyone present did not expect that in such a situation, under the watchfulness of countless hell experts, Martial Dao main body would dare to take the initiative.

Furthermore, he is still the initiative of Mingquan Prison, one of the eight prisoners!

A move is a killer move, there is no intention to keep it!

The entire Fengquan City fell into a dead silence, absolute silence.

The laughter and noise just now, in this brief moment, suddenly disappeared.

All the hell creatures stared at this scene in disbelief.

The Prisoner of Mingquan, one of the eight great prisoners of dignified, ruled the prison for hundreds of thousands of years and was at the top of the hell realm, and thus fell into the city of Fengquan.

The head was blown with a punch, body dies and Dao disappears, and there is no power to fight back!

How is it possible?

Even if I saw it with my own eyes, many hell creatures couldn’t believe it.

The Prisoner Mingquan must be too careless!

Many hell experts have such thoughts in their minds.

But in fact, the other seven prisoners sitting on the altar are closer and see more clearly.

The death of the prisoner Mingquan is not to an effect.

Martial Dao main body shot, the prison master Mingquan did not resist.

He wanted to dodge, he wanted to resist, but he couldn’t dodge, and couldn’t resist, he was killed by a punch!

Until this time, the seven prisoners put away their contempt, expression grave.


Almost at the same time, four of the seven prisoners stood up.

The prisoner of Yinquan, the prisoner of Xiaquan, the prisoner of Youquan, and the prisoner of yellow springs burst out powerful bloodlines, moved towards Su Zimo and rushed over!

Although the four prison masters are all underworld, their bodies have nothing common with each other.

Among them, the body of the prison lord of the yellow springs is Dragon Clan, transformed into the body of Dragon Clan, hovering on the altar, the huge dragon body exudes endless majesty, sharp claws, moved towards Su Zimo, imposing manner Horrible!

The Prisoner of Youquan is a leopard clan with agility and agility, walking around the Martial Dao main body constantly, waiting for opportunities.

The main body of Yinquan Prisoner is very similar to Human Race, except that the whole person is almost transparent, hidden in the battlefield, faintly discernible.

The Prisoner of Xiaquan is a huge Thousand Foot Centipede, like a cast of steel. Thousand-foot strokes and meanders, leaving a string of fire stars on the stone slab of the altar!

Among the four great prisoners, the first to arrive is the prisoner Xiaquan!

Thousand-foot strokes, the speed is astonishingly fast, and in a blink of an eye, the huge centipede tentacles burst into the air, and the arms are as thin as two hard iron cables. They are instantly wrapped around the main body of Martial Dao!

Xiaquan prisoner was overjoyed.

Being entangled by his two tentacles, he was the expert of the same realm, and he couldn’t break free.

With this one move, he has the upper hand!

Seeing that the Martial Dao main body was under control, the prisoner of Xiaquan hurried to the front, raised his head and revealed huge fangs, and wanted to crush the Martial Dao main body and swallow it into his belly.


At this moment, Martial Dao’s main body within the body qi and blood surged, and his body was shocked. The centipede tentacles that had originally wrapped around him instantly broke apart, shattered into several knots, and scattered on the ground.

The main body of Martial Dao that just broke free suddenly lifted its foot, and moved towards the Thousand Foot Centipede below and stepped down heavily.

This foot uses the dao law of Plowing Heavens Step in Great Desolate Monster Kings Secret Scripture.

When the prisoner of Xiaquan realized that something was wrong and wanted to dodge, it was already too late.

No matter how he dodges, he can’t escape the dao law of Martial Dao main body Plowing Heavens Step!

Pu chi!

Martial Dao main body stepped on the soles of the feet, and instantly exploded the body of the prisoner in Xiaquan!

Thousand Foot Centipede’s body broke in two, spewing out a lot of fishy blood.

The two bodies were constantly twisting on the altar, and there was also a harsh scream in the mouth of the prisoner of Xiaquan.

Before this, the Xiaquan Prisoner still had some reservations.

But at this time, he was hit hard, life hanging by a thread, no longer dared to hide, and directly released a bloodline phenomenon!

Under him, a large swath of surging spring water appeared, and some corpses could be vaguely seen inside, and moved towards Martial Dao washed over.

bloodline phenomenon, hell down spring!

On the other side, the Yellow Springs Prisoner, Youquan Prisoner, and Yinquan Prisoner saw this scene, and did not hesitate to take out the bloodline phenomenon.

hell yellow springs, hell quiet spring, hell cloudy spring, hell down spring!

Four major springs emerged at the same time. For a time, on the altar of Fengdu, the spring water was overwhelming and filled everywhere, as if forming a huge torrent, wanting to swallow and drown everything!

Only the creatures of the Underworld can awaken this bloodline phenomenon.

The creatures who can become one of the prisoners are the ones who cultivate the bloodline phenomenon to the extreme!

Every bloodline phenomenon exudes a certain dao law of its own hell spring water!

This is also the foundation of the hell world.

When the natural phenomenon of the four great hell springs was released, many hell creatures believed that the battle was over.

No creatures can survive the impact of the natural phenomenon of the four hell springs!

hong long long!

At this moment, within the body of Martial Dao’s main body, suddenly there was a loud roar, deafening!

Immediately afterwards, the main body of Martial Dao seemed to be disappeared, and was replaced by a huge red burning furnace!

Inside and outside the furnace, flames are raging, exuding scorching heat!

“What a joke!”

“Under the natural phenomenon of hell spring water, a flame-like bloodline phenomenon is actually released. This is really an inviting humiliation to oneself.”

incompatible as fire and water.

Nine great hell spring water is a natural phenomenon of Water Element.

The natural phenomenon from Martial Dao’s main body condense is obviously a natural phenomenon of flames.

In the hearts of all hell creatures, Hell Nine Springs is their holy spring, there is no flame at all, it can compete with it!

The hustle and bustle below just sounded, it quickly faded away, and finally became silent.

Under the gaze of countless hell creatures, that blazing furnace surrounded by four great hell springs showed no sign of going out!

On the contrary, the flame inside is getting stronger and stronger!

The temperature on the altar is getting higher!

Four great hell spring water began to steam under the burning of this blazing furnace.

It didn’t take long for it to bubble and boil!


The four great hell spring water has been boiled!

What bloodline is this person?

On the altar, there are still three prisoners who did not take action.

The prisoner of Fengquan, the prisoner of Chongquan and the prisoner of Kuquan.

Originally, the three prisoners still had a calm expression, and seemed not to care about this battle.

But when I saw this scene, the three prisoners were still frowned.

This cultivator from Zhongqian world seems to be more difficult than they thought.

The bloodline phenomenon of Martial Dao main body, Furnace of Heaven and Earth!

Under the continuous urge of Martial Dao main body, the formidable power of Furnace of Heaven and Earth has become more fierce.

After Martial Dao entered the Martial Realm, the formidable power of this bloodline phenomenon also rose to a higher level!


The flames are raging, the surrounding four great hell springs are not only boiling, they have even begun to evaporate!

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