Eternal Sacred King Chapter 2708


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In the hell world, the hell clan can dominate all hell creatures because of the hell’s special bloodline.

And this bloodline power comes from Hell Jiuquan!

In all the concepts of hell creatures, the bloodline of the Hades is invincible.

Only the bloodline of the underworld can defeat the bloodline of the underworld!

The bloodlines of the underworld of the major prisoners are more powerful and almost irresistible.

Now, someone is actually suppressing the four prisoners on the bloodline phenomenon!

In fact, the news and circumstances of the Battle of Cold Spring Palace have long been heard by the major prisoners.

They also have a general understanding of the battle strength of the Martial Dao main body.

At that time, the Martial Dao main body was able to kill the jailer of Cold Spring. It was entirely because of the preemptive opportunity and the help of the emperor armament Hell Suppressing Cauldron.

In other words, this Huang Wu’s battle strength is at most equal to the host of Hanquan Prison.

Under this situation, the four prisoners joined forces, and even if this Huang Wu took out Hell Suppressing Cauldron, they would definitely not be able to stop their killing!

But at the moment, let the four prisoners startled.

The battle strength of Huang Wu is obviously much stronger than legendary!

After the Martial Dao main body stepped into the Martial Realm, it didn’t stop at all and set off directly to the Fengquan Prison. The hell creatures here didn’t know this at all.

The eight prisoners did not have any time to react, and when they noticed this, the war between the two sides had broken out!

The Prison Master Mingquan was the first to die.

The battle between the four prisoners and the Martial Dao main body is clearly at a disadvantage.

The prisoner of Fengquan who is always on the sidelines, the prisoner of Chongquan and the prisoner of Kuquan looked at each other, the expression is a bit strange, and they did not choose to come forward to help.

The strength of this Huang Wu is indeed beyond the expectations of the three people. It is a bit tricky, but it hasn’t reached the point of being out of control.

If Huang Wu’s hands can be used to get rid of the other four prisoners, it will also reduce many variables and save trouble.

Seeing the bloodline phenomenon of the four great hell springs, it could collapse at any time. The four great prisoners did not dare to hesitate anymore and quickly released the great perfection paradise.

The four prisoners joined forces to once again move towards Martial Dao main body to launch an offensive!

Due to the fragmentation of the hell world and the incomplete laws, the four prisoners never touched the Emperor Realm.

But they have cultivated a great perfection paradise early on. This paradise has accumulated huge power, surging and swallowing mountains and rivers!

The Furnace of Heaven and Earth of Martial Dao’s main body was also obviously suppressed under the impact of the four great perfection paradise.

The flames inside and outside the furnace shrank continuously, and the flames flickered, not as hot as before.

Martial Dao main body expression calms down, his mind turns, and he whispers softly: “Martial Dao Purgatory!”


Within the body of the Martial Dao main body, a scarlet-red halo bursts out instantly, with countless mysterious runes condensed on it, enveloping the four prisoners and their great perfection paradise.

The scarlet-red halo exploded, forming a huge flame field, which was intertwined with countless dao and law.

Above the whole altar, it instantly becomes a fire sea!

In this Martial Dao purgatory, there are Red Lotus Karmic Fire, Fire of Martial Soul, Tribulation Fire, Dragon-Phoenix’s flame, and Fire of Hell.

Five kinds of strong flames interweave, and finally form this terrifying field.

Every inch of space in this area contains law of martial dao, will of martial dao!

The four great perfection paradise are shrouded by this Martial Dao purgatory burning, just hold on for a while, it can’t support it!

ka ka ka!

The four great perfection paradise were burnt red, the coldness in the paradise had long been disappeared, and even one after another flame burst out of it.

paradise large cracks appeared inside and outside the paradise, and countless crimson fires burst out!

bang bang bang bang!

Four loud noises in a row, the four great perfection paradise all collapsed!

“si si!”

The prisoner of Xiaquan broke into two halves, constantly rolling in the Martial Dao purgatory, the wound was full of flames, and there was a scream in his mouth.

He was hit hard by Martial Dao’s main body just now, stepping on his body.

Now, I was burned by Martial Dao in purgatory again, and lost the protection of the great perfection paradise. I couldn’t resist it at all. In a blink of an eye, there was no sound and I lay motionless on the ground.

The originally dark and cold carapace has been burnt red.

After a dozen breaths, it gradually melted.

The end of the dignified Xiaquan Prisoner was so miserable that in the end the body and soul entirely exterminated, skeleton doesn’t exist!

The remaining three prisoners are not comfortable either.

The main body of the prisoner of Yinquan was originally hidden in the dark, ready to wait for an opportunity to move, looking for opportunities to take action.

But didn’t expect, the realm of Martial Dao’s main body was released, and was burned by countless flames, and he could not hide!

Among the four prisoners, his bloodline fleshly body is relatively weak.

Even the prisoner of Xiaquan couldn’t resist Martial Dao Purgatory, and he was even worse.

In less than ten breaths, I was burned as scattered ashes and dispersed smoke by Martial Dao Purgatory!

Youquan Prisoner incarnation is a ghostly leopard, looking invincible, taking advantage of his paradise has not collapsed, and wants to escape immediately.

It’s just that the Dao law rules of the domain lie in this domain, not that you come and go if you want!

The Prisoner of Youquan wanted to escape from Martial Dao Purgatory, but he ran into the barrier that led to the Foreign Domain and was stopped.

The Prisoner of Youquan kept rushing, releasing all his hole cards, trying to break the barrier.

But as time passed, his great perfection paradise collapsed, and his power quickly decayed.

In the end, the prison lord of Youquan was burned to death on the edge of Martial Dao Purgatory. Before he died, his eyes were wide and he looked outside the altar, full of fear and unwillingness.

yellow springs The prisoner transformed into a dragon body, wandering on the almost dry yellow springs, and lasted the longest.

Seeing that there is no way to go back, the yellow springs prisoner burst out with a high-pitched dragon’s roar, moved towards Martial Dao main body and rushed over!

Since there is no way to go back, we have to fight to the end!

yellow springs The prison lord braved the flames and rushed to the front, the huge dragon head lowered slightly, erected a pair of hard dragon horns, moved towards Martial Dao main body fiercely and crashed into it!

Dragon horn is the hardest part of the dragon body.

This time, it was the yellow springs prison master’s desperate fight, even the paradise magical treasure would be crushed to pieces.

Under the gaze of many hell creatures, the Martial Dao main body standing on the altar is as small as an ant compared to the huge dragon head of the yellow springs prisoner!

But when the two collided, the whole world seemed to be quiet.

Everyone stared at the scene in disbelief.

There is no heaven-shaking, earth-shattering collision.

yellow springs, the prisoner rushed over, and saw Martial Dao main body slowly raising his hand, extending the hand palm, and grabbing the invulnerable, indestructible and impregnable dragon horn in the palm of everyone’s eyes!

yellow springs The prisoner’s huge body stopped in midair like this, unable to advance half an inch!

With the body of flesh and blood, with bare hands, you can resist the terrifying collision of the Yellow Springs prison master. What kind of terrifying power is this?

Many hell creatures expression are shocked.

Before everyone could react, I saw Martial Dao’s main body raise his hand again, clenched his fist, and smashed it fiercely!


yellow springs, the prisoner’s head, was beaten by Martial Dao’s main body all split up and in pieces, the primordial spirit died, and he died on the spot!

In a blink of an eye, all the four prisoners fell!

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