Eternal Sacred King Chapter 2709


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Foquan City, where eight great hell’s experts gather, hell creatures are densely packed and spread out of the city, covering the mountains and plains, countless.

Now, the four prisoners died in front of many hell creatures.

This visual and spiritual impact is too great!

Many hell creatures didn’t react for a while, and they froze on the spot.

On the altar, in Martial Dao Purgatory, in addition to Martial Dao main body, there are Tang Kong and Concubine Yu.

In the same field, the four prisoners died tragically on the spot, but Tang Kong and Concubine Yu were unscathed. This is Martial Dao’s main body’s meticulous control over the field.

Tang Kong looked excited.

Although he thought that after the breakthrough of the Martial Dao main body, the battle strength would be greatly improved, but he didn’t expect to reach this level!

“What power is this?”

The prisoner of Fengquan slightly frowned, said: “This does not seem to be paradise, nor does it belong to the dao law of Zhongqian world.”

Prisoner Chongquan slowly got up, took off the giant axe behind him, and said with a smile at the Martial Dao main body with a grin: “No matter what the dao law, you must die here today. Give them a funeral! “

The prisoner of Kuquan sighed and said: “Old man, at his age, didn’t want to pay attention to this matter, but if you kill me in Hell, old man can’t just ignore it.”

“Do you think that the hell world is in Dharma End Era, you can kill at will, invincible?”

The prison lord Fengquan waved his hand and said: “You don’t have to say much to him, let him see the true power of me!”

tone barely fell, the three prisoners of Fengquan Prisoner, Chongquan Prisoner, and Kuquan Prisoner released paradise at the same time, and the realization of moving towards Martial Dao main body suppressed it.


As soon as the paradise of the three major prisoners was released, Martial Dao’s main body noticed something wrong.

In the paradise of these three people, there is obviously a more terrifying power that makes their paradise transformed to another level!

“This is…”

Tang Kong also felt the wave of power fluctuations contained in the paradise of the three prisoners, his expression changed drastically, and he exclaimed: “Quasi Emperor!”

In the paradise of the three major prisoners, a wisp of World Strength has been cultivated.

This also means that the three major prisoners have entered the Emperor Realm with half their feet, and they are already experts of the quasi-Emperor level!

“Not bad!”

Prisoner Chongquan grinned, somewhat proud.

The reason why the three major prisoners are so confident and calm is because they have strong enough support!

“The world is broken, Grand Dao is incomplete, and the rules are incomplete, how can you guys…”

Tang Kong still couldn’t believe it, his expression was shocked.

Emperor Realm is no longer able to be cultivated by relying on rich cultivation resources.

How many people can cultivation to Paradise Realm and conferred the King title, which subordinate does not have endless resources, but can finally step into the Emperor Realm?

Emperor Realm, the core is to control World Strength.

If you want paradise to transform into a world, you need to perceive the world you are in, feel the rules of the world, and understand many world laws.

Continuously integrate these insights into one’s paradise, and accumulate precipitation, then it is possible to transform and condense the world.

Like the Paradise Realm expert of Zhongqian world, what you need to understand and compare is Zhongqian world.

The reason why the Emperor Realm expert has never been born after the hell world entered the Dharma Era is because this world is broken, the Grand Dao is incomplete, and the rules are incomplete.

This world is all incomplete, how can we perceive the real world?

Therefore, even though as a major prison master, he almost controls endless cultivation resources, he still cannot step into the Emperor Realm.

Like Fengquan Prisoner, Chongquan Prisoner, and Yellow Springs Prisoner, relying on the broken world, the realization of a ray of World Strength is already the limit.

It is no exaggeration to say that if the three prisoners are thrown into the Zhongqian world, the three prisoners will soon step into the Emperor Realm and become the real emperor!

Martial Dao main body slightly frowned.

The expert of the three quasi-Emperor level really exceeded his expectations.

With his current field of small accomplishment, he is still unable to fight the paradise of Zhundi.

With the help of Hell Suppressing Cauldron, it should be able to compete with a quasi emperor.

But right now, there are three quasi emperors shooting at the same time, and Martial Dao’s main body is under pressure!

If you don’t know what happened to the Azure Lotus True Body, the Martial Dao main body has other options. You can avoid the edge and leave first with Tang Kong and Concubine Yu.

The three quasi-emperors are certainly powerful, but it is impossible to keep him!

Nowadays, Azure Lotus True Body is dead or alive.

The longer the time delay, the more dangerous the Azure Lotus True Body!

bang! bang! bang!

The three major prisoners did not give the Martial Dao main body too much breathing space. The three quasi-emperors paradise constantly attacked and launched an offensive against Martial Dao Purgatory.

Martial Dao flames in purgatory, mostly extinguished.

The scope of Martial Dao’s field is constantly shrinking.

Martial Dao’s main body divine consciousness moved, and a quaint Bronze Cauldron flew out from the center of his eyebrows, exuding palpitating pressure!

Hell Suppressing Cauldron has just arrived, and the paradise of the three prisoners has obviously been suppressed!



“Li! “


Immediately afterwards, the Four Great Saint Souls on Hell Suppressing Cauldron all awakened and fell off the Hell Suppressing Cauldron, moved towards the Hell Suppressing Cauldron and killed him!

At the same time, Martial Dao’s main body also focused on Prisoner Chongquan!

If you want to break the game, you must use all your power to kill a prisoner first!

Heavy Spring Prisoner is Su Zimo’s first goal!

“Want to kill me?”

Prisoner Chongquan also saw Su Zimo’s intentions, grinned, not afraid, but rushed over with the giant axe in an imposing manner!

Martial Dao main body body moved and greeted him.


Within the body of the three major prisoners, there was a sound of ocean tide at the same time.

The bloodline phenomenon of the three major prisoners also broke out!

The three quasi-emperor paradise, coupled with the bloodline phenomenon of the three quasi-Emperor level, came down at the same time, and the Martial Dao purgatory, which was originally on the verge of collapse, could not resist.


The flames in Martial Dao purgatory were washed away by the three great hell springs and extinguished instantly.

The figure of Martial Dao’s main body is exposed to the attacks of the three prisoners!

On the other side, Four Great Saint Souls has also come to Chongquan Prisoner.

Azure Dragon twists, White Tiger bites, Vermilion Bird burns, spirit tortoise collides.

Four Great Saint Souls did not dodge defensively. Under the urging of Martial Dao main body, the most violent offensive broke out. Hell Suppressing Cauldron opened the way ahead. Four Great Saint Souls sacrificed himself to reemerge the prisoner The quasi-di Paradise broke a gap.

Martial Dao main body gazes at greatly rises and rushes in along this gap.

But besides the prison lord of Chongquan, besides the guardian of the paradise, there is also the bloodline phenomenon of Chongquan!

Martial Dao main body ignores hell heavy spring’s erosion damage, relying on the powerful True Martial Dao Body, breaks into the spring and kills the heavy spring prisoner!

“Good job!”

Heavy Spring Prisoner eye shows the ominous light, with no meaning to dodge at all. He lifted the giant axe and moved towards the top of the head of the Martial Dao main body fiercely and cut it down!

At the same time, the prisoner Fengquan and the yellow springs prisoner carrying two paradise quasi emperors and two bloodline phenomena have also been killed behind the main body of Martial Dao!

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