Eternal Sacred King Chapter 2764


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Every time you understand a supreme divine ability, you will experience this process.

It’s just that, supreme divine ability is different, and the way to cultivator baptism is different.

If you comprehend the supreme divine ability of Time and Space Imprisonment, the damage to the cultivator is less, and the process of baptism fleshly body and bloodline and primordial spirit Dao Fruit is relatively gentle.

And Executing Immortal Sword embodies Supreme’s Slaughter Sword Intent, Power of Slaughter is the most important!

So, the impact damage to the cultivator is extremely terrifying.

If you want to release the supreme divine ability, you must first be able to bear it, and first get the approval of the supreme divine ability!

Lu Yun looked at Su Zhu below, and the more he looked at him, the more pleasing to the eye. At this time, he was already showing a trace of worry. He softly muttered and said: “In the celestial period, he realized the Executing Immortal Sword, supreme divine ability, and his The damage is too great, I don’t know if he can bear it.”

Four layers True Oneness Realm, naturally, the later you understand, the less risk you have to bear.

Like True Immortal in the insightful emptiness period, fleshly body, bloodline, primordial spirit, and Dao Fruit have all been cultivation approaching great perfection, and the state remains at Peak. At this time, understanding the supreme divine ability is not too dangerous.

But the eight Peak Masters stared for a while, all showing a trace of amazement.

The Sword Peak Peak Master was amazed: “This child’s fleshly body is really strong, and he suffered the execution of the Executing Immortal Sword’s sword qi, but was not hit hard, only a little blood.”

“Yes, this superficial wound is nothing to True Immortal.”

Five Elements Sword Peak Master is also nodded.

At this time, the eight Peak Masters have already begun to figure out how to invite Su Zimo to join his Sword Peak after he has accepted the baptism of Executing Immortal Sword.

“Brother Lu…”

At this moment, the Sword Peak Peak Master suddenly yelled. For some reason, his voice was still trembling.


Lu Yun asked casually without raising his head.

“You, look at it!”

Sword Peak Peak Master cried out in surprise.

Several Peak Masters heard that his tone was a little wrong, subconsciously following the reputation.

When the eight people saw everything in front of them, their eyes widened and their hearts were shocked, like seeing Ghost God!

“How is it possible!”

The eight Peak Masters were all gaffes, stunned and shocked.

On the top of the mountain behind them, the withered yellow lotus is gradually recovering at this time, giving birth to a little bit of green, returning to life!

These lotus flowers are recovering extremely fast. Under the gaze of the Eight Peak Masters, they fade away and become emerald green and full of vitality.

like a spring breeze blows, all the lotus flowers come to life!

A azure lotus swayed slightly on the top of the mountain, growing full buds, blooming slowly in front of the Eight Peak Masters!

The azure lotus on the top of Sword Peak not only came back to life, but it was in full bloom within dozens of breaths!

The eight Peak Masters looked at this scene as if they were witnessing a Gods Vestige.

These azure lotus were originally planted by the Immortal Emperor, who sprinkled lotus seeds on Good Fortune Azure Lotus here.

Since the death of the Immortal Emperor, Good Fortune Azure Lotus was broken and disappeared. The lotus on the top of the mountain has never bloomed.

Now, all the azure lotus on the top of the mountain have all recovered and bloomed. What does this mean?

“I, am I right?”

Sword Peak Peak Master is still unbelievable to this day, softly muttered.

“How could this be?”

Peerless Sword Peak Master frowned: “Is it related to Su Zhu?”

Demon Sword Peak Master said: “Su Zhu just comprehended the divine ability of Executing Immortal Sword, why did the azure lotus bloom on the mountain? Before that, there were also Sword World Seniors who realized Executing under Sword Peak. Immortal Sword, these azure lotus have no response.”

Lu Yun browses tightly knit, lost in thought.

There seems to be an extremely important clue that he ignored.


A flash of light flashed in Lu Yun’s mind.

Before this, there were a few azure lotus plants on the top of the mountain that had experienced abnormalities and suddenly recovered, and it was the time when Beiming Xue broke through.

Lu Yun subconsciously believes that it is because of Beiming Xue’s breakthrough that azure lotus mutation occurs.

But then, he called Beiming Xue to the top of the mountain, and the surrounding azure lotus did not respond.

This guess was also eliminated by him.

Afterwards, he did not continue to investigate the matter.

Now, Lu Yun thinks about it again and realizes that he has overlooked someone!

Su Zhu!

When Beiming Xue breakthrough, Su Zhu seemed to have just entered the celestial period.

If the recovery of azure lotus on the top of the mountain was not caused by Beiming Xue, it might be the mutation caused by Su Zhu!

Now, Su Zhu is below, and the azure lotus on the mountain is fully restored.

Both times are related to Su Zhu, this is unlikely to be a coincidence!

If there is something in this world that can make the azure lotus on the mountain resurrect and revive in dozens of breaths, there is probably only the Legendary Good Fortune Azure Lotus!

“What’s the name of the cultivator who owned Good Fortune Azure Lotus in Heavenly World before?”

Lu Yun looked at that silhouette below, suddenly thought of the key, and suddenly asked.

Fantasy Sword Peak Peak Master pondered then said: “It seems to be surnamed Su, but this person has been buried in the Emperor Tomb, you would not think…”

Heavenly World is here, surnamed Su!

Lu Yun looked down at Su Zimo’s blood-stained azure clothes, and said slightly nodded: “It can’t be wrong, he should be that person, a cultivator with the body of Good Fortune Azure Lotus!”

“Because the Executing Immortal Sword’s baptism on his fleshly body just now released the bloodline breath of Good Fortune Azure Lotus, these azure lotus on the mountain will wake up one after another when they feel this aura.”

Several other Peak Masters are also nodded.

Peerless Sword Peak Master said: “I am afraid that only Good Fortune Azure Lotus can make the yellow lotus on the mountain bloom in a short time.”

Zen Sword Peak Peak Master said: “In this way, there is an explanation for another thing.”

“Before Beiming Xue crossed 9-in-9 Heavenly Tribulations, life hanging by a thread, even I was helpless, but was rescued by this child, I am afraid I also used the bloodline of Good Fortune Azure Lotus.”

“Good Fortune Azure Lotus…”

In the eyes of Demon Sword Peak Master, a strange color flashed, saying: “didn’t expect, this life Good Fortune Azure Lotus comes to my Sword World again, maybe this is God’s will.”


The Peak Master of Demon Sword suddenly said: “The Immortal Emperor in the past failed to cultivate Good Fortune Azure Lotus to twelfth grade, and now, this Su Zhu is the body of the Good Fortune Azure Lotus of twelfth grade.” /p>

“If we can make good use of it, all eight of us hope to hit the Emperor Realm!”

Hearing this sentence, the remaining seven Peak Master expressions are different.

Some people frowned, some glared, some were surprised, some were expressionless…

Lu Yun stared at the Peak Master of Demon Sword, his eyes were cold, slowly said: “Brother Xue, what are you talking about?”

“I remind you, your cultivation is a demonic path, but don’t lose your humanity! Su Zhu is a living person, what do you want to do to him!”

Peerless Sword Peak Master also frowns saying: “Brother Xue, what you said just now is a bit lost in your mind.”

Demon Sword Peak Peak Master Xue Mo saw that the seven Peak Masters saw that his expressions were all wrong, and quickly explained: “I just said casually, flashed a single thought, and wouldn’t really take him seriously. “

Lu Yun said solemnly: “My generation has cultivated Sword Dao for many years, upholding the right path in my heart, acting but asking for a clear conscience, I shouldn’t even have such an idea!”


Several other Peak Masters also nodded.

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