Eternal Sacred King Chapter 2766


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Da Luo sword monument!

Su Zimo was surprised.

From Beiming Xue, I learned that the Sword World’s taboo secret scripture is engraved on the Da Luo sword monument.

Beiming Xue’s original talent, before he became a true disciple, he was not qualified to go to the Wanjian Palace to see the “Sword Manual”.

And he is just an outsider to Sword World.

So far, he has not expressed his intention to join Sword World.

Su Zimo turned his gaze and looked towards the other Peak Masters.

The expressions of several other Peak Masters are not unexpected, and they seem to have known this decision a long time ago.

Actually, after comprehending the Da Luo sword stele, with the eight Peak Master levels, you still can’t be the master.

Just after Lu Yun knew that Su Zimo owned Good Fortune Azure Lotus, he sent the matter to the Wanjian Palace and reported it to the Sword World emperor.

It didn’t take long for the Ten Thousand Sword Palace to report that Lu Yun and the others directly took Su Zimo to the Ten Thousand Sword Palace to learn about the Da Luo Sword Monument.

Sword World’s emperors have a very simple view of Su Zimo. If Su Zimo can join Sword World, naturally is the best.

If you can’t join, Sword World will do its best to protect him.

Allowing Su Zimo to understand the Da Luo sword stele is a good bond with Su Zimo.

What is the vision of many Sword World emperors?

They predict that in the future Upper Realm’s expert, Su Zimo will definitely be there!

Su Zimo groaned a little, and quickly agreed.

Da Luo sword monument, taboo secret scripture, no one will be unmoved!

even more how, when Good Fortune Azure Lotus was promoted to twelfth grade, it spawned a sharp sword of Qingping.

If he can comprehend something in front of the Daluo Sword Monument, and he holds the Qingping Sword, his battle strength will rise to a level!

Moreover, he is also the Master of Beiming Xue.

If you just teach Martial Dao, it’s not enough. If you can give Beiming Xue on Sword Dao, it will be of great benefit to Beiming Xue in the future.

The Eight Peak Masters took Su Zimo to the transmission formation of Sword Peak and sent them directly to the Palace of Ten Thousand Swords.


Just arrived here, Su Zimo felt the difference between this place and the Eight Sword Peaks.

The sword qi here is stronger and more violent.

If the cultivation realm does not reach True Immortal, it will be difficult to gain a foothold in the Palace of Ten Thousand Swords.

The territory of the Ten Thousand Swords Palace is much smaller than the continent where the Eight Great Sword Peak is located.

Here is composed of tens of thousands of huge palaces, covering several thousands li, five steps on the first floor, ten steps and one pavilion, looking down from a height, it is extremely spectacular.

In this huge cluster of palaces, there are new and old.

The oldest palace is already dilapidated. It is full of traces of war and years. I don’t know what I have experienced back then.

The reason why the sword qi in the Ten Thousand Sword Palace is so rich and complex is that every palace exudes a sword qi!

If you feel it carefully, the sword intents in each palace are completely different.

Noting the surprise in Su Zimo’s eyes, Lu Yun next to him explained: “The palace preserved here is every Sword World Immortal King in the history of Sword World, and even the cultivation Cave Mansion of the Sword World emperor. .”

“Some palaces have even existed for several epochs, which are even longer than the Emperor Luo Tian back then!”

“And the owners of these palaces, if they eventually died during meditation in Sword World, they would leave their dao law sword intent in their Cave Mansion, which is considered a kind of inheritance.”

Su Zimo nodded.

In buddha sect, there is a similar situation.

Some buddha sect monks will inherit their dao law through relic after died during meditation.

Peerless Sword Peak Master looked at the huge cluster of palaces below, expressing a bit of emotion, saying: “After the fall of Emperor Luotian, Sword World has also suffered an extinction and is almost destroyed.”

“Fortunately, these palaces survived in the end and gradually developed into their current scale.”

Su Zimo heard slightly frowned, and a trace of confusion flashed in his mind.

It stands to reason that in the era of Emperor Luo Tian, ​​Sword World was definitely the most powerful interface in Three Thousand World, not one of them.

Even if Emperor Luo Tian ran out of life essence and died, what force could threaten the foundation of Sword World, so that it would be destroyed?

Moreover, since flying upwards to Upper Realm, Su Zimo’s heart has always been confused.

Human Sovereign Lin Zhan once mentioned Three Thousand Worlds, which is divided into Smaller Thousand Worlds, Zhongqian world and Great Thousand Worlds.

The so-called Upper Realm, to be precise, refers to the Zhongqian world.

He has never heard of anyone ascending to Great Thousand Worlds until now.

Where is the Great Thousand Worlds and how should it soar?

Su Zimo once doubted whether Great Thousand Worlds existed.

Because, in Upper Realm, he has encountered the tombs of three emperors!

Is it impossible to ascend the Great Thousand Worlds even from cultivation to the realm of the Great?

If the big Imperial Capital cannot do it, who can do it?

Peerless Sword Peak Master’s sentence also confirms one thing from the side. The Emperor Luo Tian failed to ascend to Great Thousand Worlds.

Of course, Upper Realm is not without traces and clues of Great Thousand Worlds.

According to Linglong Immortal King’s speculation, Good Fortune Azure Lotus is most likely from Great Thousand Worlds!

The text on “Yin-Yang Talisman Scripture” is likely to come from the civilization of Great Thousand Worlds!

“Several seniors.”

Su Zimo was silent for a long time, and suddenly asked: “What kind of disaster did Sword World encounter back then? Who is the opponent?”

“Unclear, there is no record in Sword World.”

The eight Peak Masters all shook the head.

Lu Yun said: “Perhaps it is too long. After all, several epochs have passed.”

Su Zimo asked again: “Like the cultivation base of Emperor Luo Tian, ​​who is already standing in the pinnacle of Upper Realm, can’t it go to Great Thousand Worlds yet?”

Hearing this question, the Eight Peak Masters also showed a trace of confusion and fell silent.

After a while, Lu Yun shook his head slightly and said, “We don’t know about Great Thousand Worlds. We just heard some rumors. Going to Great Thousand Worlds requires a specific opportunity.”

“A specific opportunity?”

Su Zimo is even more confused.

Peerless Sword Peak Master said: “If there is no special opportunity, you may not have a chance to go to Great Thousand Worlds even after cultivation to the Great Emperor.”

Su Zimo stopped asking.

At present, it seems that with regard to Great Thousand Worlds, even the experts at the level of Immortal King are not accessible.


At this moment, the Eight Great Peak Masters and Su Zimo have come to a tall sword monument.

The shape of this sword monument is exactly like a fairy sword inserted on the ground.

The large sword is engraved with small vertical lines.

On the hilt of the sword, there are four characters written-Da Luo Sword Manual!

In front of the Daluo sword stele, there is another woman who closed her eyes and comprehended dao law. It was Beiming Xue.

Beiming Xue was in a state of concentration, concentrated, and did not even notice the arrival of Su Zimo and the others.

Su Zimo’s gaze swept across the Daluo sword monument, and suddenly his heart moved.


The handwriting on the Daluo sword stele looked familiar.

In the secret pavilion of Universe Academy, he accidentally saw a page of old and broken white paper with the word ‘Sword Manual’ on the top.

The writing on the Daluo Sword Tablet is almost the same as the writing on the Sword Manual!

“Is the record on that broken page part of Daluo’s Sword Manual?”

Su Zimo stood on the Da Luo sword monument, staring attentively.

Sure enough, he found a few lines of text on the Da Luo sword monument, exactly the same as the text on the broken page!

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