Eternal Sacred King Chapter 2806


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Thinking of this, Lin Xunzhen’s hearts became even more ashamed.

At the beginning, they regarded Su Zhu as a burden and sent it away, but they didn’t expect that they almost suffered from the consequences and made a big mistake!

“It’s getting late, I’ll go to treasure treasure tower to exchange for treasure.”

Su Zimo said as he went out.

This time, the ten people of Xiangmeng and his party were beheaded, and Lin Xunzhen’s 1,000 points of merit were added. Su Zimo’s Fengtian token has reached more than 5,300 points!

The exchange of the Taibai Profound Gold Stone is more than enough.

Su Zimo moved towards treasure tower, only Beiming Xue followed suit.

Everyone in Sword World was still immersed in the scene just now, with a lot of thoughts, and they couldn’t relax for a while.

Han Mu Wang and the crowd of Heaven’s Eye Clan, they all stared fiercely at Su Zimo, wishing to devour Su Zimo alive.

But here is Heavenly World after all, even Heaven’s Eye Clan dare not challenge the rules of Heavenly World.

Unless it’s life for life!

Moreover, only the King of Paradise Realm can replace Su Zimo’s life!

In Heavenly World, if you want to attack a True Spirit, you have only a moment of opportunity, and then it will be obliterated by the rules of Heavenly World.

Only the King of Paradise Realm has this ability!

Of course, Hanmuwang knows that this idea is too bold, which is equivalent to breaking a tacit understanding between the super world.

Immortal King expert, ignoring his identity to stifle Heaven Chosen in the other’s interfaces, the nature is too bad, and it is easy to attract more crazy revenge!

But Hanmuwang couldn’t swallow this breath.

He wants this Su Zhu to die in Heavenly World today!

King Hanmu looked at Su Zimo’s leaving back, and suddenly sounded transmission to an Elderly behind him: “Frostwood, your life essence is not much left.”

Although this Elderly is also Paradise Realm, he belongs to King Hanmu’s domestic slave and has followed King Hanmu for many years.

Elderly seemed to realize something, her eyes darkened, and replied: “My Lord, there are hundreds of years left.”

For the King of Paradise Realm, whose life essence has reached millions of years, although the hundred thousand years of life is not long, it is only just entering the twilight period.

Han Mu Wang said: “What Su Zhu from Sword World did today is not only killing Xiang Meng and the others, but more importantly, it made my face in Heavenly Eye world broken!”

Elderly guessed what Hanmuwang wanted, but just remained silent.

After all, he is the king of Paradise Realm. Once he is serving Heavenly World, it means he must die!

Unless compelled by circumstances, who wants to die here?

King Hanmu continued: “With this child’s innate talent, he will become the Immortal King in the future. If you kill him, you will kill Sword World’s hope in the future. You are not a loss if you change your life for your life.”

Elderly was silent, just feeling a chill.

King Hanmu said lightly, just because he was not the one who exchanged his life for his life.

Elderly has worked hard for hundreds of thousands of years, but in the end it just ended up like this.

King Hanmu continued: “You killed this child, and you have done a great job for my Heavenly Eye community. I can assure you that in the future your clansman will be given preferential treatment by my side.”

Elderly is not Heaven’s Eye Clan. When he heard the promise of King Hanmu, he finally let go: “Old slave obeys.”

Elderly has no choice or retreat.

Even if he refuses to take action, when he leaves Heavenly World, King Hanmu will still kill him for disobedience!

In the world of Heavenly Eye, only Heaven’s Eye Clan is the absolute Royal Family, and all other races are slaves!

Hanmu Wang said: “Remember, don’t have any fluke mentality, don’t keep your hands, directly burst out your primordial spirit secret technique and kill him!”

In Heavenly World, no matter what race the king, paradise will be restricted and cannot be released.

The safest way to kill a True Spirit is to use the primordial spirit secret technique that crushes a great realm, except to release the paradise, to kill the opponent!

“The old slave knows.”

Elderly replied, quietly hiding in the crowd, leaving Fengtian Square, and chasing in the direction moved towards Su Zimo.


After Su Zimo left Fengtian Square, he moved towards the treasure tower.

In the battlefield of evil spirits, he killed Xiangmeng and the others, simply cleared the battlefield, and returned to the cave where the female ape had stayed.

The female ape died, leaving a young cub. If left unattended, it would definitely not live long.

But after he returned to the cave, he did not see the baby monkey, nor did he see any blood.

Perhaps the female ape has already settled the cubs, or another blood Ape Race will take the cubs away…

Su Zimo thought about these things while walking, and gradually came to the treasure tower.


Su Zimo’s heart moved, and the long-lasting Spiritual Awareness frenzy warning!

A strong sense of crisis suddenly came down!

Su Zimo, who has walked on the edge of life and death countless times, did not look back at all, nor did he think about it, just relying on an almost instinctive reaction, with Beiming Xue the first Time Shifting!

After reappearing, Su Zimo did not stop, displaying the nine palace microsteps, as if crossing countless layers of space, instantly came to the door of treasure tower, and walked in.

After entering the treasure tower, the sense of crisis disappeared instantly.

Until this moment, Su Zimo turned around and looked.

I saw the divine consciousness of an Elderly in the distance that hadn’t dissipated. He was looking at the direction he was leaving, his eyes widened, his face was stunned, and he seemed to be a little bit unbelievable.

in midair, filled with terrifying primordial spirit’s power.

This is an Immortal King-level primordial spirit attack!

This primordial spirit attacked and pursued and killed Su Zimo in the direction where Su Zimo had left, but was resisted by Zhen treasure tower’s own prohibition, and disappeared.

If Su Zimo takes a step slower, he has already been killed by the Elderly primordial spirit secret technique!

Su Zimo entered the celestial period, the primordial spirit realm, in fact, has reached the level of insightful emptiness period.

But even if the Bafang divine force is released and the primordial spirit’s power skyrocketed, it will not be able to break through Paradise Realm, and will not be able to resist the killing from the Paradise Realm primordial spirit secret technique!

Actually, the killing of the primordial spirit secret technique is so fast that it is almost impossible to avoid.

Su Zimo can escape this tribulation completely because of the Spiritual Awareness warning in advance.

In other words, when Elderly was about to release the primordial spirit secret technique, but before it was released, Su Zimo had already teleported away!

Elderly wanted to stop, but it was too late.

Although the primordial spirit secret technique was still moved towards Su Zimo, it was a step slower and was resisted by the treasure tower’s prohibition.

Under normal circumstances, if an Immortal King expert wants to kill True Immortal, he will never fail.

As long as he releases the huge divine consciousness, locks Su Zimo in place, or uses other means to drag Su Zimo, the latter cannot escape, and cannot escape his primordial spirit secret technique.

But this is Heavenly World after all.

When he releases divine consciousness and locks Su Zimo, Feng Heavenly World will not give him a second chance.

Just like now, after he bursts out the primordial spirit secret technique, if he fails to kill Su Zimo, he will be ruthlessly obliterated by Heavenly World!

In an instant, it is life and death!

a ray of magnificent light suddenly descended at an astonishing speed, flashed past, and instantly submerged in Elderly’s top of the head!

Elderly within the body’s Life Aura plummeted, the primordial spirit died, and the body fell instantly.

Next moment, an invisible force lifted Elderly’s body slowly into the air, and finally disappeared.