Eternal Sacred King Chapter 2809


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“Nine Heavenly Dragon Lotus!”

Su Zimo stopped in front of a treasure chest at the end of treasure tower 2nd floor, and looked at a lotus flower in the treasure chest, showing his heartbeat.

Even his azure lotus bloodline has some begin to stir.

When he was in the Azure Firmament Immortal Territory Warring States Period, Linglong Immortal King mentioned this lotus to him.

Nine Heavenly Dragon lotus is a lotus that grows in the Nine Heavens Era. According to many ancient books, the Nine Heavens Era may be the oldest era ever since.

The emperor of that life was the Nine Heavens Profound Lady who created “Shu Zang”.

At the beginning, Linglong Immortal King saw the record of nine Heavenly Dragon lotus in Nine Heavens Profound Lady Great Emperor Inheritance Land.

The Nine-Day Era has passed since the present day. I don’t know how many epochs and billions of years have passed. All living creatures of that life have already perished in countless eras, and there are few traces left.

Didn’t expect, on the 2nd floor of treasure tower, I saw a relatively complete nine Heavenly Dragon lotus!

Although this nine Heavenly Dragon lotus has withered, it is definitely an item of great nourishment for Azure Lotus True Body.

In the legend, when the nine alive Heavenly Dragon lotus is in full bloom, the center of the lotus will even give birth to a divine dragon!

Su Zimo’s gaze fell on the merit points exchanged by the treasure chest.

Two thousand points!

This nine Heavenly Dragon lotus can be regarded as one of the most precious and rare treasures in the treasure tower 2nd floor!

Su Zimo groaned a little and did not exchange it immediately, but continued to move towards the 3rd floor of the treasure tower.

The treasures of the 3rd floor still cover a wide range, whether it is spirit pills and marvelous medicines, or heavenly materials and earthly treasures.

Furthermore, on the 3rd floor of the treasure tower, Su Zimo saw more spiritual objects that were originally grown in past epochs and have now disappeared!

There is a Nine Nether orchid that only grew in the Nine Nether era, but it is still alive!

Of course, this kind of precious vegetation requires a lot of merit points.

Sword World everyone went all the way, and the crowd exclaimed from time to time.

Many of them came to the 3rd floor of treasure tower for the first time.

There are many treasures, even Lu Yun and Yu Lan, the four Peak Masters, have never heard of it!

Su Zimo went all the way, looking at each rare treasure.

It is no exaggeration to say that the treasures in it are extremely precious, and some of them even made him feel excited!

However, so far, he has not found what he needs.

After cultivation to True Oneness Realm, for cultivator, in addition to cultivation resources such as origin spirit stone, the most important thing is Insights Heaven and Earth and comprehend dao law.

Many True Spirits often have enough cultivation resources. The true essence within the body has already been accumulated to the apex, but cannot comprehend realm mysteries, so they can only stuck in the bottleneck and stop moving forward.

Especially the two realm behind the True Oneness Realm, abyssal void and insightful emptiness, have very high requirements for cultivator enlightenment!

Su Zimo has mastered two supreme divine abilities, Executing Immortal Sword and Baya divine force so far.

But in fact, he still has several divine abilities, all cultivated to the level of supreme divine ability.

Some supreme divine abilities, such as Momentary Magnificence and Six Paths of Reincarnation, include four heads and eight arms. With his innate talent and opportunities, he has a great chance of comprehending over time and accumulating.

But some supreme divine ability, and even some dao law, he still can’t do it.

Including the taboo secret scripture “Prajna Nirvana Scripture”, there are three dao secret techniques. So far, he has only comprehended the ‘impermanence of all actions’.

There are two ways behind, all dharmas have no self, and Nirvana is silent, and he still cannot comprehend.

If you can comprehend the buddhist technique to the extreme and integrate the Dragon Clan secret techniques and elephant clan secret techniques, you can upgrade the All Buddhas Dragon Elephant to the level of supreme divine ability!

Every time a supreme divine ability is realized, the cultivator will have a qualitative leap and improvement!

Comprehend supreme divine ability, but Supreme divine ability’s power will come, baptism tempering fleshly body, bloodline and primary spirit, so that cultivator can shed the mortal body and exchange the bones.

At the same time, after comprehending a supreme divine ability, Dao Law will be integrated into Dao Fruit, Dao Fruit of cultivator will become stronger, and the cultivation base will skyrocket!

The stronger the Dao Fruit, the stronger the paradise from the condense in the future!

Su Zimo watched and searched.

Finally, his eyes lit up, and he walked a few steps quickly and came to a treasure chest.

In this treasure chest, there is a baby fist sized stone, golden-bright and dazzling, round tuft, glittering and translucent, without a trace of impurities, exuding a touch of golden light.

Arhat buddhist relic!

Moreover, it is the buddhist relic of Supreme Arhat!

Among the buddha sects, the cultivator of True Oneness Realm is called Arhat, and Dao Fruit of Arhat is buddhist relic.

For Su Zimo, if you want to continue the comprehend buddha sect dao law, the most direct way is to find an Arhat buddhist relic.

By observing the buddhist relic, going to the buddha sect dao law in comprehend, and verifying each other with what you have learned, it is possible to have an insight.

Among all Arhat buddhist relics, Supreme Arhat’s buddhist relic is undoubtedly the most precious one!

Because, in Supreme Arhat’s buddhist relic, there must be a supreme divine ability!

If it is buddha sect supreme divine ability All Buddhas Dragon Elephant, this will help Su Zimo the most.

“Supreme Arhat buddhist relic.”

At this moment, Lu Yun came over and saw this buddhist relic softly muttered.

Su Zimo didn’t hesitate, put the Fengtian token in the groove on the treasure chest, spent three thousand points of combat merit, exchanged this Supreme Arhat buddhist relic.

“It’s a pity.”

Su Zimo slightly frowned.

Under closer inspection, he found that there were two tiny cracks on this buddhist relic.

A crack in Dao Fruit means that the dao law contained in it may be incomplete, which will affect the cultivator comprehend.

Lu Yun said: “Actually, on the 5th floor of the treasure tower, there are some Supreme True Spirit Dao Fruits that are well preserved and flawless.”

“It’s just that, for those Supreme True Spirit Dao Fruits that are well preserved, each of the battle exploits required for redemption requires five thousand points!”

“So much!”

Su Zimo is secretly speechless.

“In fact, the most important thing to exchange for Dao Fruit of Supreme True Spirit is the supreme divine ability in comprehend.”

Lu Yun said: “But in fact, even if you get a Dao Fruit of Supreme True Spirit, you may not be able to comprehend the supreme divine ability.”

Su Zimo clicked nodded.

Want to comprehend supreme divine ability, innate talent, chance, luck, time, accumulation, opportunity, cause and effect are important factors, and they are indispensable.

If you can comprehend supreme divine ability by relying on a Dao Fruit of Supreme True Spirit, then Supreme True Spirit has long been everywhere.

Lu Yun said again: “The reason why this Supreme Arhat Dao Fruit is placed on the 3rd floor of the treasure tower is because it has flaws.”

“Don’t look at just two small cracks, you will lose a full two thousand points!”

“On the 5th floor of the treasure tower, there is not only the Dao Fruit of Supreme True Spirit, but also the spiritual treasure of the Nine Tribulations.”

“Every piece of spiritual treasure of the Nine Tribulations requires five thousand points!”

Even the spiritual treasure of the Nine Tribulations!

Following the heritage of Heavenly World, indeed far surpasses the imagination!