Eternal Sacred King Chapter 2837

When he saw someone in trouble, he offered to help, but was dragged down the abyss.

He saw a group of weak people kneeling on the ground tied with chains, enslaved by the flogging, and wanted to stand up and unchain them.

Unexpectedly, he just stepped forward, and the crowd of people’s originally numb faces suddenly showed one’s ferocious appearance, and their eyes were red light.

One by one, the seemingly weak bodies suddenly exploded with great strength, and they rushed up, pressed him to the ground, shattered his knees, and yelled: “We are all kneeling, why are you standing!”

Martial Dao main body does not fit in here.

He struggled to survive in this world, hitting walls everywhere, bruised all over, but never succumbed.

He vaguely remembered that he saved a homeless little girl named Axie who was wandering around.

In that world, he saved many people, but only the little girl didn’t harm him in the end.

He and the little girl depended on each other and seemed to live together for a long, long time, until he finally got old…

He cannot cultivation, and his life essence is only a hundred years.

In his memory, when he was gray-haired and dying, the little girl seemed to be by his side.

I don’t know whether his memory was wrong or what caused it.

In his impression, the little girl never grew up.

Or rather, never changed.

As when they first met, they were thin, skinny, and wore a shabby, worn-out clothes.

In a hundred years of life, he has done many things that are incompatible with that world.

Even though he paid a huge price, when he got old, he was frank and honest and had a clear conscience.

Every time she sees him trying to save someone, the little girl will watch silently from the side, not helping or hindering, and staying out of the situation.

The two sometimes talk a little bit.

One day.

Axie said: “Someone is in trouble, isn’t it okay to stand on the sidelines?”

Martial Dao main body was silent for a long time before saying: “If I stand by and wait for me to be in trouble, don’t expect someone to help me.”

“I am saving people, but I am also saving myself.”

Axie clapped his hands to say with a smile: “This is a very simple truth, but unfortunately they don’t understand.”

Another day.

Axie suddenly asked: “Did you say they are human? If they are human, why are they inhumane?”

Martial Dao main body is silent.

Axie said again: “When they see others suffering and suffering, they either ridicule, or hit a person when he’s down, or choose to be silent, why don’t they understand that one day they will also endure these pains?”

“They always have a fluke, thinking that they will be spared, but karma, Heavenly Dao Samsara, who can escape?”

Axie said to himself.

I don’t know how long it took, Axie suddenly said bitterly, “They are just a bunch of beasts!”

The endless starry sky.

Martial Dao’s main body suddenly felt a headache, and his body shook slightly.

He took a deep breath, stopped remembering, and gradually relieved.

I learned from Azure Lotus True Body that it was only one day since he entered the world.

In that world, he spent a whole hundred years and lived a lifetime!

This kind of time error made him a little confused.

The one hundred years of life in that world is like a bizarre, seemingly illusion dream.

Martial Dao main body looked around, and his location has not changed.

He never seems to leave here.

It’s just that the Celestial Court emperor who originally chased him disappeared.

Martial Dao main body thought about it carefully. It seemed that in that world, he was in a crowd, as if he had seen the silhouette of the emperor of Celestial Court.

It’s just that the Celestial Court emperor is also a mortal like him.

As for other things, Martial Dao main body can’t remember it anymore.

Everything around hasn’t changed.

Martial Dao main body makes a fist slightly, and softly muttered: “Is it really just a dream?”

At this moment, he suddenly felt something foreign in his palm, and he only noticed it when he made a fist.

Martial Dao main body looked down.

I don’t know when, there is a white jade pendant in his palm.

This seems to be something of Axie.

Seeing this jade pendant, he vaguely remembered something about Axie.

To be precise, this jade pendant is Axie’s father and is the last gift left to her.

Axie father died young. She has no clear memory of father.

The only memory is the jade pendant that father left for her.

Axie attaches great importance to the jade pendant and always wears it personally.

When the two met for the first time, Axie was seriously injured and seemed to have died soon.

She asked Martial Dao main body to take her to meet her mother.

Axie originally planned to give this jade pendant to her mother, and told her that your daughter was seriously injured and I am afraid that she would not be able to make it through. If she died, she would sell the jade pendant for some money to help me bury it. , There will be a lot left.

Didn’t expect Axie just spoke and said that your daughter was sick, and her mother looked disgusted and waved and interrupted: “I don’t have money, I don’t have money to heal your injuries. I’ll leave. , Don’t die with me!”

“How can there be such a cruel mother under the Heavens!”

Martial Dao main body was furious, looking at the sick Axie in her arms, it felt distressed again. He turned around holding Axie and said to Axie loudly: “Don’t worry, whether you live or die in the future, I will be with you!”