Eternal Sacred King Chapter 2919

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Back to Cave Mansion, Su Zimo is ready to turn off the Cultivation.

this Time, not just Azure Lotus True Body, Martial Dao Main Body also closes Cultivation!

Originally, after resolving this hidden danger of the Academy SECT MASTER, Martial Dao Main Body is planning to go to Great Desolation.

but this time, TW Great TRUE Bodies is too big!

Martial Dao Main Body, in the sin of Nine Nether, a dozen Paradise, who serves the Heavenly World King, and swallow the Dozens King Paradise in the Starry Sky.

More importantly, he also took “Three Purities Jade Book” from the Hand of the Academy Sect Master.

This Taboo Secret Scripture is now in the hands of Azure Lotus True Body.

Martial Dao Main Body does not need to carry a Taboo Secret Scripture at any time, as long as the Spiritual Consonance Art, he can also watch “Three Purity Jade Book”.

Complete these paradise, and Comprehend a “Taboo Secret Scripture”, Martial Dao Main Body even hopes to go further in CultiVation Base!

So, Martial Dao Main Body did not immediately move, but looking for a star, opening up a CAVE MANSION, a closed custom of Cultivation.

Azure Lotus True Body is more harvesting.

and don’t say “Three Purities Jade Book”, Sixth Sepa Secret Techniques, DOZENS King’s Storage Bag, the light of the Evil battlefield, the more than 20 no True Spirit, which is enough for him for a long time.

In the

Cave Mansion room, Su Zimo took “Three Purities Jade Book”.

Three volumes of Jade Slip floats in front of it, exudes three different micro lights in Purple, Azure, Scarlet.

This “Three Purities Jade Book” has been twisted, and finally returned to his hand.

In fact, before the starry sky, Lu Yun and the Others and Three Thousand World Many kings chased it, see the cold-eyed Wang and the Others, Su Zimo moved another A Single Thought.

is to marry this thing to the Academy SECT MASTER!

But he quickly, he vetoed this idea.

and not, the six super interfaces’ Expert will not believe.

If they believe, I can’t find the Sect Master.

Because of the caution of the Sect Master, this exposure will inevitably hide, will never show in a short time.

and the six super interfaces of Expert finds that you don’t get the Academy Sect Master, you will inevitably discharge anger to the head of Universe Academy!

Cultivator, which is a fierce and cold blood such as Heaven’s Eye Clan, I am afraid that there is no one.

Even if UNIVERSE Academy is destroy, the college Dísciple is dead, the entry of the Academy SECT MASTER WILL NOT appeared.

Su Zimo’s universe academy, does not feel much.

But some people in the Academy, like Yang Ruoxu, Mo Qing Senior Sister, they do not have been tired by this matter.

and he chooses this, telling the three people.

is because he is clear, even if the three old three people kill Universe Academy, they will not kill innocent.

Su Zimo gradually gathered, abandon her distraction, Divine Consciousness, three volumes of Jade Slip, opened.

At the same time, in the eyes of Su Zimo, gradually rising the two groups of Purple flame!

Two Great True Bodies, watch this Taboo Secret Scripture!

is just, Azure Lotus True Body selects Cultivation.

and Martial Dao really do not have CultiVation, but choose many Dao Law in “Three Purities Jade Book” to integrate into the martialiao domain!

actually, Immortals, BuddHAS AND Demons, including the Mandarin Cultivation Technique Secret Technique, or even Taboo Secret Scripture, Martial Dao Main Body has no real Cultivation.

He just uses the Martial Dao furnace to integrate the Dao Law Refining of these CultiVation Technique Secret Technique, integrate into the body DAO purgatory, and wear our own Dao Law.


Heavenly world.


Universe Academy, True Inheritance.

In the elegant cave mansion, a beautiful woman holding a picture, and gently depicting the rice paper in front of him.

On her shoulders, there is a Snow White’s butterfly to stop, the wings are slightly moving, and it seems that I am afraid to bother to bother to bother.

painting immortal, mo qing.

Since more than two thousand years ago, after the Junior Brother Su was buried in the Message of the Emperor Tomb, she recovered the past.

I have been in my own Cave Mansion all the year round, and I am so quiet.

looks, Mo Qing seems to have different times before.

but Ice Butterfly is with her side, or you can feel a lot of fine changes.

Over the years, Mo Qing never draws a portrait.

Some time, she will stop the brush, and somewhat absent-minded looks at some of Cave Mansion, quietly, I don’t know what I am thinking.

Only AT this Time, her face will reveal a little emotion.

Sometimes, it will be unheneited.

Sometimes, it will reveal a sadness.

Over these years, Mo Qing has become more silent.

Those years, she often talks to Ice Butterfly, even some people, some things, the pairs of Beautiful Eyes, will also make a sparking.

In the eyes of Ice Butterfly, those years of Mo Qing, more like a fairy with an angered, fresh and vivid.

these years of Mo Qing, it seems to be less than a matter.

The eyes are still beautiful, but it is moving, but there is no gods.

At this time, the cave mansion came to a rushing knockout, accompanied by a while.

“Mo Qing Senior Sister, I am, I am chi hong.”

“If you have something wrong, the group is to kill him! No one dare to help him in the book, I can’t find people …”

“Mo Qing Senior Sister, please help me, ask you …”

Mo qing doesn’t know what to think, suddenly appear, as if he can’t hear the cry.

Ice butterfly is sigh.

Mo Qing often appear in this year.

is not that she deliberately can’t hear, but she can’t extricate someone else, and all don’t know everything outside.

Ice butterfly slightly tightly, released a cold.

Mo Qing figure Slightly TREMBED, gradually Came Back to His Senses, the cry of the ear, is also far closer, gradually become clear!


I heard the sound of Princess Chi Hong, Mo Qing quickly got up, came to Cave Mansion, see the princess chi hong fallen on the ground.

“Mo Qing Senior Sister, please …”

princess chi hong grasps the Mo Qing’s arms, full face tears, emotionally excited, voiced, can’t say.

Mo Qing’s eyes on the lower abdomen of Princess Chi Hong, there is slightly, it is obviously a pregnancy.

“Chi Hong Junior Sister, you first get up, don’t move the tire gas, slowly say, what is going on?”

Mo qing is busy to help PRINCESS Chi Hong.

princess chi hong seems to also think of BLOODLINE in the abdomen, as calorie, sobbing: “If you have never believes that Junior Brother Su will have no rebel college, have been looking for for more than two thousand years. the truth.”

“but Junior Brother Su has been determined by Sect Master, no one dares to question. If you are in the emotion, you are questioning the SECT MASTER, so many college Same SECT will depend on his eyes, often join hands to suppress him. Bullying him. “

Mo qing is silent.

At the beginning of the Qiankun Palace, she still remember.

Even in front of the school sect master, Yang Ruoxu still dares to confront with its confrontation with his mouth, put forward his doubts!

Mo Qing is always silent.

Although she doesn’t believe in her heart, she didn’t have this courage and doubted the Academy SECT MASTER.

Compared with Yang Ruoxu, she is awkward.

starts from that moment, she knows that Yang Ruoxu will be unable to move a sales in the book in the case!

Over the years, some of the non-blocking pressure of Yang Ruoxu, she also said.

can be in powerless.

Because she knows, if these things do not have the acquisition of the Sect Master, the following Cultivator dares to be so unscrupulous?