Eternal Sacred King Chapter 2921

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“You will tied Junior Brother Yang on this law enforcement, under the public, accept your punishment and humiliation!”

I can’t help but feel angry with Mo Qing’s sex, I can’t help but anger, and I asked: “Is this a chance you give Junior Brother Yang?”

“Of course.”

Zhanghua Road: “As long as he is willing to hold a crime in front of the people SAME SECT, the book is going to the love, naturally will spare him a dog’s life, will be from the college, let him die!” /P>

On the law enforcement station, another True Immortal Loudly Said: “SECT MASTER Chuan him Dao Law, teach him Cultivation, he dares to doubt Sect Master, such sinners, do not own Academy’s Dao Law Inheritance!”

“Even if he pleads, he also has to abolish his CultiVation Base!”

“Yes, let his Dao Fruit break!”

The group is ignorant.

Not only is a law enforcement, even in the population below, there are also many Cultivator waving their arms, shouting loudly, very excited.

Of course, most of the Cultivator is silent.

Some are some unclear conditions for a matter of no concerner.

Some people are sympathizing with Yang Ruoxu, but the heart is afraid, worrying about yourself.

One True Disciple can’t see it, and frown said: “Sehang Senior Brother, according to SECT Rules, it is good, it is not necessary to get so much insult Junior Brother Yang, after all, he is with us Same SECT … ‘

“Xu Ying, what do you say!”

This True Disciple is not finished, it is interrupted by Zhanghua.

Zhang Hua Weiwei, Harboring Malicious Intentions watched the True Disciple of ‘Xu Ye’, said: “I have long guess, Yang Ruoxu deceiving masters extinguishing network, must be set in Same SECT With the party helper, Didn’t Expect, you jump out! “

chapter Senior Brother, what do you say, I … “

Xu Ye’s heart is sinking.

“gave him!”

Zhang Hua’s hands, pointing to Xu Yingdao: “Dare to resist, Kill without mercy!”

On the law enforcement station, there are several True Disciple, and the Xu Ye stopped.

“What do you do!”

Xu Ye’s old angry, struggling, while Shouted: “Zhang Hua, want to add the sin, why, you have no words! You are just helping Junior Brother Yang, you have to set my sin, you Why! “

“shut up!”

A group of True Immortal will tie Xu Ye to the other side of the copper column, and the face is a poison, and Xu Ying is already full of blood, Speechless.

chapter Senior Brother, he is unable to defend, and it has been pleaded. “

a True Immortal to pleased the LOOKED TOWARDS, a smile.

Zhanghua satisfied nodded.

See this scene, there are still some heartless Cultivator, which is also low, becoming more silent.

“Several Elder, do you look this?”

Mo Qing Looked Toward’s seven-bit elder.

seven Elder silence.

even said that I just not known, I’m doing the penalty, I didn’t send it, but I just looked at this scene.

Zhang Hua is another True Disciple for the Academy Sect Master.

Everything to do, is actually the will of the Academy SECT MASTER.

he does not dare to oppose.

Great Elder has worked in the year, and the chapter of the chapter, and went to the Qiankun Palace and the Academy Sect Master, and what?

is that Yangshi is exhausted, Died during meditation leaves, but who knows.

mo Qing takes care of all arrounds.

These Cultivator are Academy’s Same Sect, familiar with face.

But these Same SECT’s excitement, 狰狞, 狰狞, 眸 眼, let Mo Qing feel strange, cold and chestnut.

How to become this?

Universe Academy should not this …


The same emotion with Mo Qing, there is another old man hiding in the school secret realm.


lin xuanji looked at the scene on the law enforcement, the lungs were bombed, and they couldn’t help but say: “Universe Academy is a group of these dogs? What a shit inheritance, Laozi is not rare, old xuan head, you find other People! “

lin xuanji looks at the old man around you, while turning around.

Old xuan looks at the scene that happened on the law enforcement platform, it seems to become more old, the heart is sad, and the eyes are full of tears, and the look is sad.

“The Academy is not like this, it shouldn’t be this …”

Old xuan sorrow.

Lin Xuanji is going to turn around, but seeing Old Xuan, you can’t bear it again, and sigh.

universe academy, it is not the case.

Only, in about ten thousand years, under the guidance of the subordinates of the SECT MASTER, the Academy Same SECT is full of hostility, even hatred, malicious battle.

Su Zimo Just went to the beginning of the Academy, it was observed, and he was also subject to such aim.

There is a good thing between Same SECT, like Sword Cultivator in Sword World, there is a discretion between Same SECT, but also value Same SECT friendship.

But since the Academy SECT MASTER is in charge of the Academy, such as a raising, this competition is pushed to the ultimate.

If there is a conflict of conflict, it is necessary to set the law to the opposite party!

The two are hiding in Secret Realm, which is incompetent.

Old Xuan Injury Has NOT Recovered, Lin Dynasty is just just stepped into True Oneness Realm.

Once the two have exposed, don’t say that it is saving people, according to this situation, their end, it will not be much better than Yang Ruoxu.

did not notice.

On the sky, above the cloud, there is a figure hidden.

This figure is wearing a tip, looking down on the college, cold-cold look at everything happening on the law enforcement platform.

No one knows how long he has come.

However, with time, the chill in the eyes is getting more and more prosperous, killing intent!


“Yang Ruoxu, you still don’t plead!”

Zhang Huaqi’s law enforcement whip, once again pumping it on Yang Ruoxu.

This whip Stregth Emission, play Torn Skin and Gaping Flesh, and even expose the white bones in the inside!

“I have a sin!”

Yang ruoxu is standing upright and has not yet yet.

Zhang Hua Coldly Said: “You questioned the Sect Master, it is big, it is the reverse, that is, the deceiving masters extinguishing networking, is the crime!”

“Is the SECT MASTER did something wrong, did you question?”

yang ruoxu.


“fart! How to be wrong!”

“Doubt SECT MASTER, it is really big!”

Huahua opened, there is a group of True Disciple loudly.

yang ruoxu laugh, said: “For these years, I have been looking for the truth of the year, walking through the nine, and I have also touched some of the year surrounded by this Cultivator, the whole thing of the whole sequence of events, and it is also clear. “

For more than two thousand years, Yang Ruoxu has gave up Cultivation and tried to find an answer.

He has been to Azure Firmament Immortal Territory, see the Warring States Lin Zhan couple, know the truth of the year.

But he still has not given up and wants to find more evidence.

Take the Immortal Territory, spend hundreds of years, with the True Immortal under King Yun You, is in the mouth of this person, get some secret details.

In fact, in Lin Zhan couples release the news of Good Fortune Azure Lotus, King Yun You and other kings, I have realized that I have been taken by the Academy Sect Master Plot Against.

Good Fortune Azure Lotus has been buried in Emperor Tomb, and these kings will naturally hide this secret for the Academy SECT MASTER.

Yang Ruoxu spent more than 2,000 years, slamming Nine Firmaments Immortal Territory, taking the matter of the year, and comparing with Lin Zhan couples, it truly determines the matter.

This move is in the view, it is a bit stubborn, even some stupid.

but he wants to be known for Junior Brother Su!

This is his morality!

He believes that Lang Langqikun, it has a good righteousness, even if you turn to the cloud, the suborder of the homework is also can’t press!