Eternal Sacred King Chapter 2922

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on the law enforcement station.

Yang ruoxu stands up, it seems that you can’t feel the pain on your body, and you will speak out what you see these years.

The population is gradually moving.

“Shut up!”

Zhang Hua, shouted YANG Ruoxu, while raising the law enforcement whip, continuously smashed in Yang Ruoxu.

Every whip is deep and deep!

Yang ruoxu’s body will also tremble.

but he still refuses to succumb, just cold and looks cold, Loudly Said: “I worship Junior Brother Su, because I know he is innocent!”

“He is not wrong, he has no sorry, no Sect Master! It is Sect Master to sorry him, it is a SECT MASTER I want to put his Good Fortune Azure Lotus, you want his life, he COMPELLED BY CIRCUMSTANCES to resist! “

“At the beginning, I will take Junior Brother Su to the Academy. If it is not me, it will not be difficult by this Tribulation. Today, I will die, I have to be a clear!”


“Don’t let him say!”

A group of True Immortal is loud.

If you don’t believe it, you can please contact SECT MASTER, I am face with him! “Yang Ruoxu smiled.

Zhang Hua once again rising whip, loudly: “You are a traitor, also match the SECT MASTER,”

Yang ruoxu’s body, near Zhanghua’s law enforcement whip is smashed, the foot is a bloody, scattered the flesh and blood on the body.

Even so, YANG Ruoxu has no retardation with a little obsession in his heart, and it is not retreatful.

Princess Chi Hong crying.

If the mo Qing is dead, she will rush, and she will suffer such suffering with Yang Ruoxu.

The part of the school Dísciple below looks at this scene, and the look is complicated.

Many of them don’t understand.


Is it so important?

Why do you still have?

Is it not good to have a mistake? Why should this stubborn?

even some college dísciple slightly laughs, I am disdainful: “It’s a stupid.”

Zhang Hua’s eyes flashed, suddenly before, in Yang Ruoxu’s eyebrows, a grabbing!

Yang Ruoxu’s Dao Fruit, has already fallen in Zhanghua’s palm!

“is still hard, see I waste your Dao Fruit!”

Zhang Huardian Stregth Emission, True Essence condenses, ka-cha, crushing Yang Ruoxu’s Dao Fruit, countless Dao Law dissipated in Between Heaven and Earth, Dao Fruit fragments scattered.

Between Heaven and Earth, suddenly falling into a short stagnation.

Mo qing slightly tight, her Didn’t Expect, Zhang Hua really will solemn, directly abolished Yang Ruoxu’s Dao Fruit!

Abolition of Yang Ruoxu’s Cultivation Base, it is more cruel than killing him.

Even if you can keep your life, you will be out of the Academy, and it is difficult to survive in the CultiVation World.

“If you really!”

Princess Chi Hong’s grief call, breaking away Mo Qing’s palm, rushing to YANG Ruoxu.

Lost Dao Fruit, YANG Ruoxu’s breath is even more weak.

Originally, he was seriously injured, but after all, there is a Dao Fruit in Sea of ​​Consciousness, which can hang a filament.

and now, this tone is scattered.

“chi hong … I can’t help you.”

Yang ruoxu lowlang, looking at the princess chi hong of the feet, the eyes have a deep embarrassment and disregard.

Zhanghua can of course kill Yang Ruoxu, but not hate.

Only let him be in the public, let him give him his own means to ask himself.

Zhanghua, I haven’t mentioned Yang Ruoxu, but I saw Princess Chi Hong, and the eyes were falling on her lower abdomen. He moved in his heart, and his mouth was slightly raised.

“Yang Ruoxu, so difficult you to recognize a sin?”

Zhanghua sudden Opened the mouth and said: “Even if you don’t think about yourself, don’t think about your child?”

Yang ruoxion change, exhausted with the last positive, biting the teeth, hate: “Zhang Hua, what do you want to do! This is my business, I have nothing to do with others, you don’t imply innocent!”


Zhanghua saw Yang Ruoxu’s response, the heart is more proud, Lightly Said with a smile: “Princess Chi Hong and the child in her belly, not innocent.”

Zhanghua realized that he has grasped Yang Ruoxu’s weakness, and she said: “This Child is a life, it is a sinner, will be blocked, it is bullying, what should I do? Otherwise, I will income him, and I personally pass his Dao LAW? “

“I will also tell him, his Father is a sinner of Deceiving Masters Extinguishing AncesTors, is a traitor, telling him that don’t like his Father in the future …”

Zhang Hua, you dare … “


yang ruoxu emotional excitement, Qi and blood attack, spurt a mouthful of blood.

“, plead guilty!”

Zhanghua face with a smile, refers to a few words before, faintly say a few words.


Mo qing really can’t see it, stand out, Loudly Said: “Zhang Hua, do not say that Junior Brother Yang said true and false, you should threate him, is it personal!” /P>

Zhanghua looked at Mo Qing, Slightly Frowned.

Mo qing is one of the Four Great Fairies, not only in Universe Academy, even in Nine Firmamens Immortal Territory, there is a great name.

“I heard that Mo Qing Senior Sister and traitor Su Zimo are dyed …”

At this time, in the crowd, I won’t know where a voice came.

“It seems to have this, before mo Qing Senior Sister and the Su Zimo relationship is good, how many times helped him,”

“Mo Qing Senior Sister so maintained Yang Ruoxu, is it Possible That also believes Su Zimo, suspects SECT MASTER?”

“Painting Immortal? Doubt SECT MASTER is not!”

In the population, gradually spread out of it.

mo Qing takes care of all arrounds.

Many Cultivator looks at her eyes and has begun.

When this group just looks like Yang Ruoxu, this is this eye.

is like a group of red-eyed hungry wolves, want to rush to tear her into pieces!

Zhanghua looked at Mo Qing Laughd, said: “Mo Qing Senior Sister, you also see, everyone is skeptical to you, or explain to everyone?”

“As long as you admit that Su Zimo is a traitor, with him, today, everyone will not be difficult for you.”

Mo QING EXTREMELY ANGRY, asked: “I don’t admit it, what do you want!”

“then you are also traitors!”

“I tied her, torn her face!”

There are two fairy evil Fiercely.

Over the years, the fairy in the book is accounted for one by the Painting Immortal.

Mo qing forever Aloof and remote, even how they work hard, they will always be better than Painting Immortal Mo Qing, they can only look up.

and now they finally see a chance, can pull Mo Qing down the altar!


Mo qing palm shot on Storage Bag, TOOK OUT’s own album, Said Solemnly: “Today, I am standing with Junior Brother Yang!”

“I won’t be Obediently Surrender, who dares to touch Junior Brother Yang, don’t blame I don’t read Same Sect!”

“Mo Qing, you are a betting alleged!”

Zhang Hua is drinking.

Mo qing Took a Deep Breath, saying a saying that her Cultivation, the biggest reverse, and the most brave!

“Universe Academy turns this, I am a rebellion, how is it!”