Eternal True God Chapter 100

Lin Buxui’s power exploded.

Looking at the big hand extended by Emperor Yellow Springs.

He punched out.

“Eternal Divine Fist, collapse!”

This fist directly smashed the big hand of Emperor Yellow Springs, and broke his figure apart.

“Damn it.”

Yellow Springs felt that an incarnation was cut off, and the complexion was greatly changed.

He is just a projection incarnation now.

In the end, the strength will not be displayed.

At this moment, the breath of the emperor he perceives is far inferior to that of the emperor in ancient times, but it is also extremely powerful.

Sure enough, this kid has the power of reincarnation and transcendence. He controls the meaning of Supreme reincarnation, trying to transcend the way of destiny.

A Supreme powerhouse, reincarnate and recultivate.

The road of the ancient emperor has long been cut off, and he is also standing at Peak, although he is not as good as the ancient emperor, but it is not too bad.

Moreover, there seem to be several Samsara Seal notes on him.

Lin Buxui should not only have a reincarnation.

Let it continue, I’m afraid it will really break all the shackles, wield reincarnation, break fate, breakthrough the Supreme realm.


At this time, Emperor Yellow Springs did not hesitate.

This projection is ready to break the space and escape.

However, Lin Buxui will not let him do what he wants.

He has now spent a huge price, sacrificing nearly half of his life essence, summon has released his previous life Eternal Law body, allowing his own cultivation base, at this moment, to restore the moment of Peak Great.

He is the eternal emperor.

The eternal emperor of Supreme.

The majesty of the emperor is inviolable.

Even if the other party is also the emperor.

The same is true.

Majesty cannot be violated.

Only is a projection, you must suppress and kill.

Lin Buxui’s big hand moved again.

His five fingers spread out, and the surging mana burst out instantly.

Next, tear the void into pieces and grab onto the projection incarnation of Emperor Yellow Springs.

next moment, this incarnation, was instantly imprisoned.

It is fundamentally impossible to move.

Can only be condensed into a pill under the powerful power of Lin Buxui.

The Great Emperor Bi An saw this scene and was deeply shocked by it.

His cultivation realm, in fact, is fundamentally impossible to compare with Yellow Springs.

After all, Emperor Yellow Springs has cultivated countless years, his strength has reached the limit, and there is no other possibility of increasing cultivation base.

But now, Lin Buxui was directly suppressed and sealed.

Although it is only a projection incarnation, the strength of this projection incarnation is comparable to that of a general emperor.

But it was so easily suppressed and sealed.

The strength of this young man is terrifying.

Could it be the owner of the ancient Samsara Power and the power of detachment?


Ancient void, the land of the Nether Yellow Springs.

A silhouette opened his eyes.

“My projection incarnation was actually killed. Who is it?” This is the land of the Nether Yellow Springs, the Yellow Springs emperor.

He was killed in a projection incarnation in the eternal continent.

The opponent’s strength may not be weak.

Moreover, there is a faint breath of the Great Emperor Beyond.

There is another Supreme Divine Emperor, Cang Primordial Spirit Emperor.

Could these two people join forces to kill their own incarnation?

If this is the case, you can’t make them feel better.

The cold light flickered in the eyes of Emperor Yellow Springs.

At this moment, the Great Emperor Bi An doesn’t even know, she has already taken care of Lin Buxui.

However, she doesn’t care, even if she knows it, she doesn’t care.

Lin Buxui swallowed the projection incarnation of Emperor Yellow Springs and sealed it in the Eternal Divine Furnace.

And the current power has not dissipated yet.

This kind of power is enough to kill the Great Emperor from the other side.

If you can kill the Great Emperor from the other side and devour it by refining, maybe you can greatly improve your cultivation base.

If you want to restore Peak, this is far from being done.

Furthermore, this great emperor is not the real body, what appears now is just a reincarnate and recultivated soul will of the great emperor.

She has already stepped out before Yellow Springs.

At this time, she perceives Lin Buxui’s killing intent.

“You want to see me, I’m here.” The Great Emperor Bi’an said to Lin Buxui, “Do you think you can kill me?”

“Master of Bi’an Inn?” Lin Buxui’s killing intent disappeared instantly. He looked at the Great Emperor Bi An and said, “Are you the Great Emperor, are you here for me?”

The Great Emperor Bi An indifferently smiled and raised the jade umbrella in his hand, blocking it. Lin Buxui’s imposing manner oppresses.

“Not so.” She shook her head and said, “Although I want to be detached, I am looking for something that belongs to me.”

“If I want to kill you, I didn’t help out before, so don’t worry. Of course, if you want to suppress and kill me like the Emperor Yellow Springs, you can’t do it yet.”

Emperor Bian, look. Looking at Lin Buxui, his eyes were calm.

There is no ripple.

She seems to have penetrated everything about Lin Buxui.

This shocked Lin Buxui.

This one, the ancient emperor, is really terrifying.

In her hands, I don’t know what powerful means is hidden.

However, Lin Buxui has a hunch that if he does it, he will not be able to kill this incarnation of Emperor Bi An.

Since this is the case, then give up.

“Killing a great emperor, I ask myself if I can’t do it.” Lin Buxui shook his head, “Even if you wait for just a projection, it’s not something I can deal with. As for the projection incarnation of the Yellow Springs Great Emperor, It’s luck to be killed by me.”

“Lin Buxui, you are too self-conceited. Your current cultivation realm is just a trifling Martial Dao Golden Core realm, but you can use secret techniques. In a short period of time, it’s very terrifying to bring one’s own cultivation progress to the Great Emperor.” The Great Emperor Bi’an said, “I’m very interested in this divine ability secret technique. I wonder if you can tell me, of course. , I won’t let you suffer.”

This is indeed a Supreme Divine Ability, a cultivation realm that summons out of one’s own past Dharma bodies, integrates into oneself, and improves oneself in a short time.

However, this is at the expense of life essence.

Now when you use it once, half of the life essence has been consumed.

Even if he completely refined the power of the projection incarnation of Emperor Yellow Springs, he could not make up for the consumption of his life essence.

Only increasing cultivation base can solve this fundamental problem.

“The great emperor wants my secret technique divine ability, but it’s not impossible.” Lin Buxui looked at the emperor of the other side after pondering and said.

“What do you need?” The Great Emperor said.

For Emperor Bian, this secret technique divine ability, once the cultivation success is achieved, his strength will be greatly improved.

Even if it is not as scary as Lin Buxui, it is enough to raise her strength to a level.

“A promise.” Lin Buxui said, “I only want you to make a promise. As long as you agree, this secret technique divine ability, I will offer it with both hands.”

“What promise?” For powerhouses like the Great Emperor Bian, they would rather choose some Heaven and Earth Spirit Treasure than a promise.

I don’t want to owe someone a promise.

“It’s also very simple, as long as you take the shot to help me at the right time.” Lin Buxui said.

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