Eternal True God Chapter 101

“Okay.” The Great Emperor Bi An agreed to Lin Buxui’s terms.

“I promise you.”

“It’s so good.” Lin Buxui was also very happy.

Since she has agreed to her terms, Lin Buxui did not hesitate.

The cultivation method of the’Past Dharmakaya’ was directly handed over to Emperor Bian.

“The cultivation method of the past dharmakaya is very special. However, for some people, after cultivated the dharmakaya and integrate into themselves, their strength will improve, but it may not be the greatest. However, for you For the people of the cultivation realm, the past cultivation method of the Dharmakaya will be of great help. It depends on you, whether you can comprehend the mysterious one.” Lin Buxui said to Emperor Bian,

” What a Supreme Divine Ability.” After getting the cultivation method of the past Dharma Body, the Great Emperor Bi An was very satisfied. She said, “What I promised you will definitely be done. When do you want me to help you, just crush it. One talisman, just send me a communication.”

She gave Lin Buxui a Communication Talisman seal.

“This talisman is not just a Communication Talisman. Once activated, it can also open a void channel and directly lead my deity to come. Therefore, such a talisman is very precious.” Said.

Lin Buxui nodded and said: “Thanks Senior.”

For Lin Buxui, he has many enemies in the future.

It’s not just one person.

Moreover, powerhouses at the emperor level are not rare.

Wait one day, I must break into the eternal Heavenly Domain and regain my own things.

At that time, it was the time when I asked the Great Emperor Bi An to help me.

After obtaining the cultivation method of the’Past Dharma Body’, Emperor Bi An turned around and left here.

Today’s Bitter Town is no longer what it was before.

It became devastated.

Incomparably desolate.

In the entire town of Bitter, I don’t know how many people died.

This time, most of the people who came to the town of Suffering and wanted to get the chance lost their lives.

However, one person is alive.

It is Shen Qinglang.

Although he communicated with Emperor Yellow Springs, he attracted the projection incarnation of Emperor Yellow Springs to come.

And the projection incarnation of Emperor Yellow Springs was completely suppressed by himself.

But Shen Qinglang was not dead.

At this time, Shen Qinglang has regained self-awareness.

He looked at Lin Buxui, his eyes were full of killing intent.

It was Lin Buxui who ruined everything.

His current cultivation base has fallen back to its previous level.

He did not enter the realm of undead daoist.

There is even a fall.

This also means that his life essence, his vitality, has reached its limit.

It won’t be long before he will die because his life essence is exhausted.

Therefore, he is extremely angry with Lin Buxui.

There are terrifying killing intents in the eyes.

“Why?” He shouted, “You ruined everything about me. You can leave, and you can ignore the nostalgia, but you have broken my good deeds and I want to kill you. “

Speaking, Shen Qinglang began to burn vitality and vitality, burning his last strength.

His cultivation base has once again been upgraded.

The whole person became terrifying.

The body seemed to swell.

“I want you to die!” Shen Qinglang shouted, “Netherworld ghosts, blend into my body!”

At this time, Shen Qinglang was shouting loudly.

His body changed instantly.

Another void channel is opened.

It is actually the channel of Ghost Domain.

An illusory shadow descended.

That is the ghost species.

Power of Netherworld.

The ghost species is one of the most powerful races in Demon.

These ghost species are just like the Spirit Physique of the dead human beings. They are very weird and can devour the flesh and blood of creatures to improve themselves.

At this moment, Shen Qinglang became crazy.

He opened the channel of Ghost Domain.

Incorporated into the ghost species.

“Demon enters the body, bringing about one’s own destruction.”

Seeing this scene, Lin Buxui coldly snorted, Shen Qinglang, this is simply courting death.

To dare to introduce the ghost species, that is equivalent to sacrificing his soul and body to the Netherworld Race.

Become a parasite of the ghost species.

Become the puppet of this ghost family, life and death, unless the soul dissipates, otherwise, it will always be controlled.

There were also many people who sold their bodies and souls for strength.

At the moment, Shen Qinglang has done it too.

At the moment the ghost of the ghost planted into the body, his breath increased crazily.

However, now, it is daylight.

The blazing sun is empty.

For the ghost tribe, this is their most annoying moment, especially at noon.

At this time, between Heaven and Earth, Yang Qi is the strongest.

Even so, the breath of Shen Qinglang at this time is still extremely terrifying and extremely powerful.


After receiving the ghost seed into Shen Qinglang’s body, the cultivation realm has once again been elevated to the realm of Martial Dao immortal daoist.

The powerful force has caused the change of Heaven and Earth turning upside down in the entire Bitter Town.

Originally, the hardship town where the sun was in the sky, the next moment became the gloomy Ghost Domain, and there was no sun anymore.

The entire sky was shrouded in dark clouds.

The whole town of Bitter Fate is dark.

A gust of overcast wind blows.

One after another illusory shadow appeared on the ground.

This is Power of Netherworld.

In the sky, the blazing sun is blocked.

In the underground space, countless ghosts were drawn by an invisible force and came out one after another.

Under this side, I don’t know how many dead people were buried.

All the people who died in this bitter town crawled out of the ground.

At this time, a strange mark appeared on Shen Qinglang’s eyebrows.

That is the mark of the ghost family.

He abandoned the human body, and now he has transformed into a ghost clan.

With his anger, a breath of terror swept through him.

It turned into a terrifying wind, and moved towards Lin Buxui assaulted.

“It’s really a courting death.” Lin Buxui’s cold light flashed in his eyes. At this time, his current past Dharmakaya has not completely dissipated.

The power of the eternal emperor in the past life is still under his control. Although there is only a small amount of time left, it is enough to kill Shen Qinglang.

Even if Shen Qinglang’s cultivation progress has reached a terrifying level, reaching a true immortal daoist level, for Lin Buxui, this is still not enough.

“Eternal Divine Fist! slaughter gods and extinguish demons!”

Lin Buxui furiously shouted, his fists gathered majestic mana, and burst out like a vast scorching sun Came out.

The immense power, hiding the sky and covering the earth, swept up.

Fisted out.

this fist contains the will of Eternal Inextinguishable.

Contains the boundless divine force.

This fist shot out, and the dark clouds covering the sky and the sun in the sky were completely broken up.

What demons and monsters, what demons ghosts, in this overbearing fist strength, all are scum.

Fisted out.

crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood, all obstacles will be swept away.


A loud noise, this fist, instantly knocked Shen Qinglang’s body away.

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