Eternal True God Chapter 105

Lin Buxui scanned the entire deserted sand sea. He had already understood that the entire deserted sand sea was actually the sphere of influence of the sand scorpion clan.

Moreover, the sand scorpion family is extremely exclusive.

People who break into it rashly will become their food.

However, it is very strange that once out of the bounds of the deserted sand sea, the sand scorpion clan will stop attacking.

The entire sand scorpion family seems to be under some restrictions, and they cannot leave the deserted sand sea.

Perhaps, if he can find out this secret, it will be easy to solve the problem of the sand scorpion family here.

Ordinary people can’t see the special features of this deserted sea of ​​sand, but Lin Buxui has Heavenly Dao magic eyes.

With the power of Heavenly Dao magic eyes, some clues can be seen.

The entire deserted sea of ​​sand was sealed by a powerful restriction and Formation. Under the deserted sea of ​​sand that day, there seemed to be something mysterious.

Perhaps, if you can penetrate this prohibition and Formation, you can easily solve the sand scorpion clan.

Of course, the most important thing is, under the desolate sand and sea, what existence is hidden in the end.

In the eyes of his own Heavenly Dao magic, they are all vague and indistinct at all.

Is this sealing the Peerless Demon?

Or is it horrible and evil?


For Lin Buxui, with his current strength, it is not suitable to provoke some terrifying existence.

“Junior Brother, we are looking for a guide now, otherwise, we will be besieged before we enter the deserted sea of ​​sand.” He Kangqi said at this time.

“No need to be so troublesome.” Lin Buxui shook the head.

Most people who want to enter this deserted sea of ​​sand are indeed looking for someone who is familiar with the environment here, otherwise it is easy to be exposed and besieged by the sand scorpion family.

But Lin Buxui is different.

“I have a talisman here, and I can completely restrain aura. In this way, they will not perceive our existence unless they encounter it directly.” Lin Buxui took out some talisman, which is right It is talisman.

Then the three of them entered the deserted sea of ​​sand.

The entire sky and sandy sea is actually a vast desert.

There is almost no end in sight.

Go deep all the way.

This sand sea is very hot during the day.

The temperature is extremely high.

If you put a piece of meat on the gravel, it can be cooked directly.

However, for Lin Buxui and the others, this can’t be considered.

After all, it is Martial Artist.

“It is not easy to find the spiritual fire in this vast sea of ​​sand.” Lin Tianxiao said at this time, “If it is so aimless, finding the spiritual fire is like finding a needle in a haystack. It is too difficult. “

“It’s just that there are rumors that there is spiritual fire in the deserted sea of ​​sand this day. As for whether there is spiritual fire, it is not known.” He Kangqi said.

“If not, shall we grab a sand scorpion man and ask about it?” Lin Tianxiao said.

“This is a good way, but the sand scorpion clan is very vigilant, and a little carelessness will cause the entire sand scorpion clan to be besieged.” He Kangqi said, “Among the sand scorpion clan, yes There are powerhouses with seven-stage divine ability. If you provoke those Old Antiques, I am afraid it will be in big trouble.”

He Kangqi’s worries are not unreasonable.

However, for Lin Buxui, finding the fire is more important.

If there is a spiritual fire in this deserted sea of ​​sand, if you want to seize the spiritual fire, you must be against the sand scorpion clan.

“Sooner or later.” Lin Buxui said cold light flashed in his eyes, “If those old bastard really do, then don’t blame me for being impolite.”

Lin Tianxiao and He Kangqi were hearing this for a moment, but they didn’t understand why Lin Buxui said such words.

But the two did not ask much.

Lin Buxui has his own idea.

He speaks and does things until now, all purposefully and organized.

Not only Lin Tianxiao, but He Kangqi is also very clear about this.

“Senior Brother He, you go to catch a sand scorpion, don’t expose your breath, I will set up a Formation first.” Lin Buxui looked towards the two and said.


He Kangqi and Lin Tianxiao both started to act.

And Lin Buxui also began to arrange Formation.

This time, the array that Lin Buxui wants to arrange is not simple.

This is just a small Formation, but it has to arrange the same array everywhere. Once activated, it becomes a Supreme array.

This large formation must be enough to contend against the entire Sand Scorpion clan.

This is why Lin Buxui has the confidence to fight against the sand scorpion clan.

In this man, there is a spiritual fire in the deserted sand and sea.

Lin Buxui faintly felt the breath of spiritual fire.

It’s just, where is this spiritual fire?

Lin Buxui doesn’t know yet, because the spiritual fire seems to be sealed.

As for the person who sealed the spirit fire?

Naturally predictable.

Nine out of ten people are from the sand scorpion clan.

However, this surprised Lin Buxui. Although the spirit fire is precious, in fact, it is of little use to the sand scorpion family.

On the contrary, if the news leaks out, it will be a lot of trouble for the sand scorpion family.

Soon, this Formation has been set up.

In the distance, He Kangqi and Lin Tianxiao also came with one person.

This is the person of the sand scorpion clan.

The sand scorpion family is very easy to identify.

They have a scorpion mark on the center of their eyebrows, and a scorpion tail on their back.

This scorpion tail is highly venomous. Once stabbed by a sting, it can be almost fatal.

The venom of the scorpion tail sting of the sand scorpion family is related to their cultivation realm. The stronger the cultivation realm, the more horrible the scorpion tail sting is.

The strength of the Sand Scorpion in Grade 5, their stings are enough to poison to death a Grade 6 Demon and Celestial Realm’s Human Race Martial Artist.

It can be seen how terrifying is the scorpion tail stinger of this sand scorpion family?

“Junior Brother Lin, we have already arrested you.” He Kangqi threw the sand scorpion man on the ground and said to Lin Buxui, “How to interrogate, it depends on you Junior Brother Lin.”

“Are you who? dare to rush into our deserted sea, dare to catch me, this is courting death, do you know?” This sand scorpion man was ripped off and stuck in his mouth. After the release, they stared at Lin Buxui and shouted, “Hurry up and let me go, otherwise, you will die without a burial site.”

“Bah!” He Kangqi kicked. Scolded on the sand scorpion man, scolded, “You fellow, don’t you know the situation? Now you are a prisoner of the ranks, life and death are controlled by us, now you dare to be so arrogant?”

“You humble, damn human beings, dare to catch me and kick me with your feet. It is unforgivable!” At this time, the sand scorpion man was furious.

The eyes stared at the three of them, as if to eat people.

His scorpion tail was raised high, above the scorpion tail, that sting, flashing cold light.

“What is arrogant? It’s just a small sand scorpion. I still dare to impudent and want to sting people with a sting?” He Kangqi raised his hand and directly cut off the scorpion tail of the sand scorpion. Up.

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