Eternal True God Chapter 106

“You…you…” The sand scorpion man’s scorpion tail was cut off, and his breath suddenly became much more wilted. He stared at He Kangqi and said angrily, “How dare you cut Broke my scorpion tail, you…”

“What are you?” He Kangqi coldly said, “If you don’t cooperate anymore, it will not be your scorpion tail, but your head. Now.”

Looking at the cold light flashing in He Kangqi’s eyes.

Killing intent makes no secret of it.

This sand scorpion man, at this time, really realized how dangerous his situation is.

“It seems that your status in the Sand Scorpion clan is not low.” At this moment, Lin Buxui said, “I will ask you a few questions. If I am satisfied, I can let you go. Survival.”

I just wanted to catch a sand scorpion casually, and inquired to see if I could find the news of the Spirit Fire. I didn’t expect that He Kangqi and Lin Tianxiao actually caught a character.

Lin Buxui was quite surprised.

This guy knows things, probably a lot more than ordinary sand scorpions.

“What do you want to ask?”

“What is your name? What is your status and status among the sand scorpion clan?” Lin Buxui said, “Don’t try It’s useless to deceive me. I can perceive your soul fluctuation. If you lie, I can perceive it. When the time comes, I will let you understand what is the real difference between life and death.”

Lin Buxui said, oppressing him with a strong spirit.

The sand scorpion man feels like a flat boat in the vast ocean, swaying constantly in the huge waves, it seems that he may be overturned at any time and be buried in the vast ocean.

He looked pale in fright.

Nodded again and again.

“No, I will never lie.” He said, “My name is Xie Lewu, and I am the son of the patriarch of the sand and scorpion family.”

“So, you It’s actually Young Patriarch of the sand scorpion family?” He Kangqi was surprised when he heard it, and said, “I didn’t expect that I caught a big fish today. Is it really surprising?”

” , I am not Young Patriarch.” Xie Lewu shook his head quickly, “My cultivation base is not high, my strength is low, and I am not welcome in the clan. I shouldn’t be Young Patriarch. Young Patriarch of our Sand Scorpion clan is my younger brother. Xie Leyong.”

“It seems that you are not very satisfied with your current status, your younger brother, and even your father.” Lin Buxui hearing this, his eyes narrowed. , This is a good opportunity.

A chance to break into the sand scorpion clan.

The sand scorpion clan is not weak.

Especially in this deserted sea of ​​sand, their strength is even stronger.

Far beyond the average Martial Artist.

Here, they occupy a natural advantage.

You can escape into the sand, invisible.

You don’t know when there will be countless sand scorpions around you.

So, most people don’t dare to enter this deserted sea of ​​sand.

Those Martial Artists who rush into the deserted sea of ​​sand, and even Martial Artists in the realm of Martial Dao divine ability, may not be able to retreat in their entirety.

Because of this, the entire deserted sand sea has become one of the forbidden places of Human Race in the eternal continent.

For Lin Buxui, this barren sandy sea may become a good base for developing his own power.

“Yes.” Xie Le Martial Dao.

“Okay, very good, cooperate with me, I can help you become the patriarch of the sand scorpion clan and control the entire sand scorpion clan.” Lin Buxui said.

Scorpion Lewu looking at Lin Buxui in surprise, he said: “Do you want to control the sand scorpion clan?”

Then he shook his head and said: “Impossible, you do No, there are many Old Antiques in the sand scorpion clan, powerhouse as clouds. My father, as the patriarch, does not control the entire sand scorpion clan. He is only the nominal patriarch, the real sand scorpion clan. Power, in fact, is in the hands of the Heavenly Desolate Sand King. He is the real controller of our entire sand scorpion clan.”

When these words came out, Lin Buxui, He Kangqi and the others were shocked.

Heavenly Desolate Sand King, is this a who thing?

Being able to truly control the sand scorpion clan is probably not simple.

“Heavenly Desolate Sand King, is that a who thing? How strong is it? Is it your sand scorpion clan?” Lin Buxui asked.

“Heavenly Desolate Sand King, I have never seen it.” Xie Lewu shook his head and said, “However, he controls the life and death of our entire sand scorpion clan, and every one of our sand scorpion clansman is affected by him. Control, if you want to violate him, it is dead end. Do you know why our sand scorpion family never leave the deserted sand sea? That is that we are cursed, the curse of the deserted sand king, for generations to come Dai will be here to serve him as a slave, serve him, serve him, and not leave. If he leaves, the bloodline will burst and die.”

Everyone was shocked when he heard this.

Before this, there were indeed some people who caught the sand scorpion family and brought them out of the deserted sand sea, but after the deserted sand sea, the sand scorpion clansman directly burst and died.

It turned out that this was not a suicide, but a curse that broke out and died.

Who was the deserted sand king that day?

So terrifying?

Lin Buxui opened the eyes of Heavenly Dao magic, scanned the scorpion Lewu, and found a curse on him.

It’s deep in his bloodline.

This curse is very strange.

It was actually since he was born.

The bloodline curse is really amazing.

Is it possible that a powerful cursing teacher is not the king of deserted sand in this day?

Ordinary people, even if they are cursed, even at the cost of their lives, are impossible to have such a terrifying formidable power, cursing the bloodline of the entire race.

Unless it is the powerhouse of this clan, curse the entire bloodline race with his own life and bloodline.

In other words, only you can curse your bloodline descendants.

On that day, the deserted sand king was either also the sand scorpion clan and the supreme powerhouse of the sand scorpion clan, or he was a terrifying curse master.

Lin Buxui does not know which one of these two possibilities is.

But he prefers second possibility.

No one would curse his bloodline descendant like this.

“Too vicious, good terrifying curse power.” He Kangqi and Lin Tianxiao were also shocked.

“The bloodline curse, these methods are simply appalling.”

Using the bloodline curse to enslave the entire race without leaving, how cruel is this?

Generations will be slaves.

Let it be killed.

What kind of person is it that can do such a thing?

What is it for?

Is it hatred, or something else?

Several people are very curious.

“The bloodline curse on you, I can lift it.” Lin Buxui looked at Xie Lewu and said, “Your sand scorpion family actually has great potential, but because of your bloodline curse, it limits you If I’m not wrong, the supreme powerhouse of your sand scorpion clan is no more than seven products, equivalent to the Martial Dao divine ability of our Human Race Martial Artist.”

“Yes. , Indeed, the strongest Old Ancestor of our Sand Scorpion clan is only to the seventh stage. Once you reach the seventh stage, if you want to hit a higher level, the bloodline will burst and die.” Xie Lewu was shocked, especially Hearing Lin Buxui said that he could lift his bloodline curse, I couldn’t believe it.

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