Eternal True God Chapter 109

Lin Buxui is not afraid of the prohibition in this forbidden place.

Lin Buxui is also not worried about the flames here.

It’s just that these are a huge burden for He Kangqi and Lin Tianxiao.

Although there is Lin Buxui’s protection, it is also very expensive.

After all, Lin Buxui only resisted the erosion of the forbidden power here for them, but did not stop the terrifying hot power.

For Lin Buxui, these scorching powers can also be refining and become his own power.

The Eternal Divine Furnace in his dantian requires spirit fire, and spirit fire needs the energy of Fire Attribute. Not only can this energy not cause damage to Lin Buxui, it will Improve his cultivation base.

“Let’s do this, Senior Brother He, Dazulao, you two will be waiting for me outside.” Lin Buxui said, the two people’s cultivation realm is indeed possible, but in this place In a special place, the strength of the two is severely restricted, and it is impossible to fully play out, but it may become a burden.

In that case, I have to be distracted to care about them.

In this case, it will be really troublesome.

“This…no, you are alone, we are not at ease.” He Kangqi shook his head.

If Lin Buxui had any accident, he couldn’t afford it.

Lin Tianxiao also shook his head and said: “One more person, one more care.”

“If you continue to move forward, the loss to you will be too great. The temperature here is extremely high. It takes a lot of strength to resist this terrifying heat. If you enter the palace, I am afraid that you must resist this terrifying strength of Raging Flames with all your strength. When the time comes, there is no room to help me. “Lin Buxui said.

The two looked at each other.

Looking at the palace in the distance, in the fire sea.

Indeed, what Lin Buxui said is not false.

If the palace is really as hot as expected, if the two of them enter it, they will not have enough energy to help Lin Buxui, I am afraid it will become a burden for him.

If so, it would be better to wait outside for Lin Buxui’s return.

In the end, the two made a decision.

“Okay, but, patriarch, you have to be very careful. If there is any problem, withdraw immediately.” Lin Tianxiao said.

Although he is very confident of Lin Buxui’s strength, there is a terrifying restriction in this palace, which isolates him from Divine Consciousness.

And it caused him a great backlash.

Letting his Divine Consciousness damaged.

It can be seen that this palace is by no means that simple.

If you want to enter it, you will definitely encounter danger.

So, he is still very worried.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be fine, don’t you believe in my strength?” Lin Buxui indifferently smiled and said confidently, “If I’m not sure, I will quit immediately. Don’t worry about this at all.”

Speaking, Lin Buxui jumped up, directly speeding up.

The whole person seemed to be a big bird flying in the sky, and quickly swept over.

After a few mentions, he has already arrived in front of that palace.

The powerful prohibition and resistance on that road seemed to be in vain in front of Lin Buxui.

At this time, He Kangqi and Lin Tianxiao really knew how powerful Lin Buxui was.

Although the cultivation realm is only in the Martial Dao Golden Core realm, his strength has far surpassed this level, and I don’t know where it has reached.

It is far from what the two can compare.

If it weren’t for the two of them, Lin Buxui would have already entered the palace.

Why is it so slow?

The reason why he said it now, I am afraid it is to take care of his two faces.


And, at this moment, Lin Buxui opened the eyes of Heavenly Dao magic.

Fell on the palace gate.

On the gate of this palace, there are ancient mysterious runes. These runes have the power of ancient runes.

Once touched, it may attract a terrifying natural phenomenon.

Lin Buxui frowned slightly.

On the gate of this palace, there is also ancient and mysterious power.

If it is not handled properly, it will be impacted by powerful forces.

As for what power it is, Lin Buxui himself does not know.

His current cultivation realm, after all, is not enough. The Heavenly Dao magic eye level has not yet been improved.

So, it is still impossible to really see through the rune in this daoist sect.

Lin Buxui thought to himself that he can’t control that many, so try it first.

extend the hand and fall on the door.

At this moment.

The rune above the gate lights up.

The mysterious power above the gate has awakened.

This force condenses into a silhouette in front of him.

This silhouette shocked Lin Buxui.

The door god.

This look really surprised Lin Buxui.

It turned out to be a daoist sect god.

“Who are you?” The god is burly and tall, but his face is very hideous and hideous.

“I want to enter it.” Lin Buxui said.

“Can there be a pass seal? Without a pass seal, you can’t enter the palace.” The door god said.

“No.” Lin Buxui said coldly, “But, I must go in.”

“Forcibly, then you have to die.” The horrible imposing manner of the door god burst out, Directly above Lin Buxui’s front door, the scorching power seemed to scorch this space.

Next, he raised his hands and held a pair of sledgehammers in his hands.

Like a mountain, it smashed directly down.

Lin Buxui’s face is calm.

The figure flashes.

In an instant, this overbearing blow was avoided, and a huge crack was smashed into the ground in an instant.

On this ground, there is a powerful restriction, which is very hard.

It’s the powerhouse of Martial Dao Paradise Realm. If you try your best, you may not be able to draw a trace on it.

However, this blow created such a terrifying crack on the scene.

How powerful and overbearing is such a force?

If you are going to be hit, I am afraid it will immediately become a meat sauce.


The door god roared frantically.

The speed of a pair of giant hammers is getting faster and faster.

Lin Buxui quickly dodges.

I instantly came behind this god.

“It’s not a way to go on like this. That daoist sect seems to be the source of this guy’s power. This door is not broken, and this guy’s power will never dry up continuously.” Lin Buxui continued. Dodged, with a high concentration of energy, thinking in my mind, “Although my strength is powerful, it is cultivated Eternal Inextinguishable Body several times, and my resilience is amazing, but such a consumption is really too huge. If I continue, first It’s definitely me who is exhausting my strength.”

“Can’t sit and wait for death.” Lin Buxui’s brain is running at high speed at this moment.

Suddenly a bright light flashed in my mind.

“Yes, with my power, unless I use Qiankun Xiantu, it is impossible to defeat this guy, and I can’t open the door. Since this door is the source of this door god’s power, let him attack himself, Strikes the door, isn’t it the best choice?”

Thinking of this, Lin Buxui flashed.

Hidden behind the gate in an instant.

The door god attacked again.

Lin Buxui kept dodging.

It has almost been posted on the door.

When the giant hammer strikes violently, Lin Buxui smiles at the corner of his mouth.

He dodges in an instant.

next moment, the sledgehammer of the gate god, strikes heavily on the palace gate.

“hong long!”

There was a loud noise, and the gate was hit.

The vast power burst out.

The entire great hall seems to be shaking.

And the door god, at this time, also seems to be as if was struck by lightning.

At this time, the whole person started to slowly dissipate.

The rune and prohibition above the gate have been destroyed.

However, he can see clearly under Lin Buxui’s Heavenly Dao magic.

The rune on this gate, although it has been damaged at this moment, it is still slowly recovering.

There is an invisible force in repairing these runes.

It means that the runes above the gate can be repaired. It won’t be long before these runes are completely restored, and there will be no way to open the gates of the palace and enter them.

Really awesome.

Lin Buxui has to admit this.

“It’s just a trifling palace gate. It’s really idiotic to stop me.” Lin Buxui snorted, and when he raised his hand, a Divine Furnace appeared in the void.

It is Eternal Divine Furnace.

This gate is absorbing the power of the gate god’s disintegration, trying to recover the rune above the gate, so as to gather a gate god once again to stop him.

If this makes him successful.

Isn’t I wasting my efforts?

Furthermore, although this god, although seemingly stupid, he has made a mistake and may not give himself a second chance.

So, it must be solved all at once.

Lin Buxui takes the power of Eternal Divine Furnace to its extreme.

It seems to have formed a huge swallowing black hole.

Crazy devouring the power of this rune.

As these powers are refining, Lin Buxui’s strength is slowly improving, and his own strength is gradually restored.

With the passage of time, the rune above the gate gradually lost its luster.

Most of the power in it has been swallowed by Lin Buxui.

Next moment, Lin Buxui has completely refining this force.

As soon as he raised his hand, rune above the gate actually fell on his hand and merged into his body.

The rune above the gate has been completely refining by him.

At this time, Lin Buxui was overjoyed.

This is something he didn’t expect at all.

Not only is it refining the power above the gate, but also getting such a rune.

If these runes are portrayed on top of Mechanical Puppet, wouldn’t it be wonderful?

However, something needs to be changed.

Of course, after Lin Buxui mastered it thoroughly, he also found that it is not difficult to portray these runes, but it is not easy to make them extremely powerful.

Took a deep breath, Lin Buxui put these things aside.

Now the rune above the gate has been resolved.

It means that he can already enter this palace.

In the palace, there is the power of spiritual fire.

There is also a powerhouse breath.

When Lin Buxui extended the hand and wanted to open the gate of this palace.

Countless Fire Spirit monsters gathered together in an instant, and moved towards Lin Buxui launched an attack frantically.

“These beasts.”

Lin Buxui complexion changed, and did not expect that when he approached this palace, he did not encounter the attacks of these Fire Spirit monsters, but Now, these Fire Spirit monsters are so crazy.

Lin Buxui was a little confused.

What the hell is going on here?

However, now he does not have that many time to find out the problem, only a crazy attack to kill these Fire Spirit monsters.

The strength of these Fire Spirit monsters can be strong or weak.

Moreover, the number is extremely large.

Lin Buxui was overwhelmed by such crazy attacks.

“Cangyuan Great Seal!”

Lin Buxui yelled, flipping his right hand, and a big seal glowed in the palm of his hand.

In an instant, this Fang Dayin exploded with terrifying power.


Lin Buxui’s loudly shouted.

The Great Seal of Cangyuan burst out with the power of heaven-shaking, earth-shattering.

Like an ancient sacred mountain, it emerged from the ancient Divine Realm.

Suppress it.

Countless Fire Spirit monsters, under this terrifying power, have been suppressed and turned into pure energy.

“Eternal Divine Furnace, refining!”

Next, Lin Buxui turned on Eternal Divine Furnace.

Refining these Fire Spirit monsters.

At this time, Lin Buxui felt that the Heavenly Profound Spiritual Fire he had received had actually been improved.

The power of Eternal Divine Furnace has also been improved.

In this way, Lin Buxui was pleasantly surprised.

Unexpectedly, there are such benefits.

Although it consumes a lot of money, if you can completely kill these Fire Spirit and refining, your own strength will have a chance to bring it up a level.

If you can directly break through the bottleneck of the Martial Dao Golden Core realm and enter the Martial Dao Spirit Refinement Realm, then it will naturally be better.

Thinking of this, Lin Buxui did not hesitate.

Full firepower.

Crazy killing these desperate animals, moved towards the Fire Spirit alien beasts that they gathered surgingly.

One, two.

A thousand, ten thousand.

Crazy killing.

Time is passing by little by little.

Lin Buxui doesn’t know how many Fire Spirit monsters he has killed or how much he has refined.

His cultivation base has reached a limit.

The limits of the Martial Dao Golden Core environment.

But there is still no improvement.

“break for me!”

I don’t know how long it has passed before these Fire Spirit monsters finally disappeared.

No longer moved towards Lin Buxui. At this moment, Lin Buxui loudly shouted, and his imposing manner began to increase frantically.

Heaven-shaking, earth-shattering changes have begun.

One after another natural phenomenon appeared behind him.

An ancient and powerful emperor.

In the left hand, there is an ancient big seal with Supreme majesty.

On the right hand, that is a fairy picture.

It is the immortal picture of the universe, full of Supreme immortal machines.

It seems that the fairyland is in it.

There are auspicious clouds under your feet, which seems to contain the breath of Supreme Great Dao.

“hong long!”

He has a breakthrough.

spirit refinement.

At this moment, Lin Buxui broke the limit of Martial Dao Golden Core.

Condense Divine Soul.

Spirit Refinement Realm.

I finally arrived at Martial Dao Spirit Refinement Realm.

Divine Soul appeared, constantly improving.

At this moment, his cultivation base has changed from Heaven and Earth turning upside down.

Compared with the previous one, the strength of the whole body has increased dozens of times, even a hundred times.

This kind of speed improvement is really too terrifying.

The boundless power is condense on him.

At this moment, Lin Buxui feels that he can punch through a world with one punch.

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