Eternal True God Chapter 110

next moment, Lin Buxui opened the gate of the palace.

Stepping into it, I feel a vast coercion.

I looked up and saw a person sitting in a red dress with picturesque eyebrows.

However, Lin Buxui can easily see that she is not human with the eyes of Heavenly Dao magic.

It’s a spiritual cremation form.

“This spiritual fire has turned into a human being. It is extremely powerful. If you want to subdue this spiritual fire, I am afraid it will not be an easy task.” Looking at this spiritually cremated woman, Lin Buxui thought Not calm, he opened the eyes of Heavenly Dao magic and saw that the woman’s body was actually the Spirit Fire of Ranked 1st, the Heavenly Fire of the Holy Fire.

This Halloween Heavenly Fire is the Supreme Spiritual Fire in the world, which can swallow all the Spiritual Fire of the world.

Even, it can be said that this Halloween Heavenly Fire is not weaker than the Holy Fire, and some low-level fires are not as powerful and terrifying as the Halloween Heavenly Fire.

Originally, Lin Buxui knew that in this palace, although there is a spiritual fire, it is also very powerful. It is stronger than the Profound Sky Spirit Fire, but it is only slightly stronger. .

But what he absolutely didn’t expect was that the spiritual fire in this palace turned out to be the Heavenly Fire.

Moreover, this Halloween Heavenly Fire still has the possibility of improvement.

If it reaches the extreme, this Halloween Heavenly Fire can also be promoted to the Halloween Divine Fire.

Therefore, I have to admit that the Heavenly Fire has endless potential.

Of course, if you can get this Halloween Heavenly Fire and refining it, then your Eternal Divine Furnace will be greatly improved.

“I’m very curious that Little Brat of a trifling Martial Dao Spirit Refinement Realm can actually open the door of my Myriad Gods Temple, which really surprised me.” Heavenly Fire looked at it. Lin Buxui said.

“Halloween Heavenly Fire? This palace, sealed, and imprisoned you, is still drawing your strength, drawing your cultivation base, I can save you.” To subdue this all sage Heavenly Fire is not without chance, because this palace, which looks like splendorous and majestic, is built like this Halloween Heavenly Fire.

But in fact, Lin Buxui has seen from the eyes of Heavenly Dao magic that this palace is an extremely gorgeous but indestructible prison.

In this prison, Halloween, Heavenly Fire, wanting to go out is basically impossible.

Halloween Heavenly Fire, in the Peak period, was extremely powerful, I am afraid it was beyond the level of Emperor Changsheng, or even higher, but now, the strength of Halloween Heavenly Fire is only at the eighth level, only But it’s equivalent to the True Master Realm world that’s all.

So, as far as Lin Buxui is concerned, his own cultivation realm is not strong enough to force the refining Heavenly Fire with military force, but he can know it with affection and move it with reason.

Obviously, Halloween Heavenly Fire now has a strong hatred.

I yearn for freedom very much.

After all, anyone who is sealed, imprisoned, for countless years, and has to be drawn from the cultivation base all the time, this kind of oppression, no one can bear.

Halloween Heavenly Fire is not a human being, but it already has its own spiritual wisdom, has transformed itself, and is naturally very angry.

Lin Buxui looked at her and waited for her response.

“Save me? Do you rely on you?” Halloween Heavenly Fire squinted his eyes when he heard it. On the beautiful face, there was a trace of contempt, “Little Brat, your cultivation realm Too low, strength can be said to be insignificant. Don’t think that you can save me by breaking the gate of the Palace of All Saints by luck. It’s too naive.”

“This is my business. “Lin Buxui said, “What’s more, for you, there is no loss.”

“Yes, there is no loss.” Halloween Heavenly Fire hearing this, nodded said, “I’m trapped in There are countless years here, but even in the Peak period, I couldn’t break the restrictions and seals here. Why do you? Of course, if you can help me get out of here, I will give you a great advantage.”

“Did you agree?” Lin Buxui heard it and said.

“What do you want?” Halloween Heavenly Fire looked at Lin Buxui. She was not stupid. It would cost a huge price to take herself out. Such a price is not something ordinary people can do. Can bear it, this Little Brat in front of him, dare to take such a risk, it must be conditional.

For any cultivator, looking for their spirit fire clan is nothing more than trying to conquer and borrow their power.

The young man in front of me is afraid of the same.

“Become my spirit fire.” Lin Buxui hearing this, the imposing manner all over his body erupted, the spirit fire on his body also burned, and an Eternal Divine Furnace appeared in the void.

“Do you want me to recognize you as the master?” This condition did not surprise Halloween Heavenly Fire. What really surprised her was that Lin Buxui already had spiritual fire on her body, and also Not weak, it was actually the legendary Profound Sky Spiritual Fire, but it was a pity that the Profound Sky Spiritual Fire was still very weak, it seemed that the strength was deprived and weakened.

It seems to be the same as her.

This is one of them. What surprised her the most, the most surprising was actually the Eternal Divine Furnace natural phenomenon from the condone of Lin Buxui.

Although this seems to be a natural phenomenon, it is not.

This young man is really not simple. He actually used his dantian to smelt into a Divine Furnace.

Moreover, this Divine Furnace seems to contain Supreme’s stalwart Law Power.

However, it is still very weak and has not grown up.

Halloween Heavenly Fire has a strong hunch. If she can enter this Divine Furnace for cultivation, with this Divine Furnace, her strength can not only be restored, but also evolve, and become a divine fire. , The sacred fire, even reaching a higher level, becomes more powerful.

Maybe, this teenager can really help himself get out of here.

His potential is endless.

“Yes.” Lin Buxui did not deny this, but directly admitted and said, “You have also seen that my cultivation technique is very special. My Divine Furnace is called ‘Eternal Divine Furnace’ is the Supreme Cultivation Art divine ability of my cultivation. I need spiritual fire, or even higher level spiritual fire, to help my cultivation. You are the world, Supreme’s Supreme spiritual fire, if I get With your help, my “Eternal Divine Furnace” will be raised to an incredible level, and you can also use my power to evolve into a divine fire and even reach a higher level.”

” Alluring.” Halloween Heavenly Fire said, “I agree.”

“Are you really agreeing?” Lin Buxui was a little surprised. The Halloween Heavenly Fire agreed so easily, and it was too much. Refreshing, is there any conspiracy to plot against?

In this regard, Lin Buxui does not care.

Once recognizing the Master, any plot against is impossible.

“Why? You still don’t believe me?” said Halloween Heavenly Fire.

“No, it’s not.” Lin Buxui shook his head, “It’s just a surprise. After all, for me, if you join me, my strength will be greatly improved, but there is one thing. I can tell you with certainty that once you recognize me as your Lord, there is no possibility of change.”

[The author has something to say]

A book friend asked about the realm of the book. , I’m here to introduce the current cultivation realm, roughly as follows: physical body 9th layer, Innate Martial Dao 9th layer, Martial Dao Golden Core 9th layer, Martial Dao Spirit Refinement Realm, Paradise Realm, Celestial Realm, division ability realm, immortal True Master Realm, the emperor of longevity.

This is the current cultivation realm. In addition, the Changsheng Great Emperor is not the same as the Title Great Emperor. Above the Changsheng Great Emperor, it is the immortal level. The Great Emperor Realm is the cultivation base level, and the emperor is a kind of title.

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